Change not always ‘bleak’

Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis provided readers of this page last week with a bit of a history lesson and plenty of background regarding her more than two years in office. Correctly noted, Landis came into the position facing a number of issues — many of which she did not know about until taking on the job.

She also is aware there is plenty of work still to be done — and the village has to try to put the chaos of recent years behind them and move forward. “Let me assure you that the future won’t be bleak just because (the former administrator) chose to leave the village, where he was ‘born and raised,’ unexpectedly, providing no transition time,” she wrote last week.

That makes sense. When new ownership takes over in the private sector, normally one of the first things to go is the previous management. The administrator, Richard St. George, who quit on the village at the end of last month had “hands-off” mayors previously until Landis was elected.

She and St. George apparently did not work well together. So be it. He’s now gone.

But all eyes remain on Fredonia and its current leadership. Chaos has been a consistency of the village. Will things now begin to change?