Lake Erie: Plenty of praise for DEC official

There was a well deserved round of applause for an icon when it comes to the area waters at the annual Lake Erie Experience VIP Day on Aug. 8. During the lunch portion of the event, Don Einhouse gave a presentation regarding the walleyes and their movement throughout the 200-mile waters.

It may have been one of his last presentations. After 37 years, Einhouse is retiring from the Department of Environmental Conservation where he worked at the Lake Erie Fisheries Unit in the city.

A gathering later this month at Point Gratiot will celebrate his career. Some have even referred to him as a “rock star” in the world of Lake Erie fishing.

We know first hand, in attending VIP Days and through his participation at our Lake Erie Outdoor & Fishing Show, he has a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding the environment and this watershed.

During that luncheon last week, he received an award from the Lake Erie Charterboat Association for his dedication to our region. We tip our hat to him as well.