Wind Towers: Small groups, large impacts

Small governments inside Chautauqua County have always been a thorn in the side of this corner. We believe efficiency, not just a couple voices, bring the greatest chance for change and prosperity for the future.

In other words, our county needs to speak in one voice.

Our county, however, has too many voices. Look no further than the wind projects in Arkwright and those eyed for Hanover and Villenova. Hanover has 7,000 residents while Arkwright and Villenova combined have 2,100. All told, that is 7 percent of the 129,000 county population. Taking only Arkwright and Villenova, that is 1.6 percent compared to the county.

These small towns, which often have trouble finding people to run for office, are driving the wind tower proliferation. In the Villenova case, the towers would be the largest in the U.S. at around 600 feet.

This after Chautauqua County’s Planning Board rejected those heights.

Should these small numbers be making major decisions that impact the whole county? As long as we have small governments, this trend will undoubtedly continue.