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Give me a mulligan as well

August 17, 2011 - John D'Agostino
Seems as though our politicians are usually given a second chance when a vote occurs.

On Tuesday, however, Dunkirk Councilman At-Large A.J. Dolce did not receive that courtesy. Two council members refused to allow for a second vote on the waterline borrowing project. Dolce voted yes instead of no, allowing the resolution to pass 4-0.

But why should politicians get a second chance to vote on an issue? Voters get only one chance on election day — and that vote counts even if citizen voter realizes six months later they were wrong.

Some votes — when not properly monitored — are even allowed to stand.

How is it that more than 1,300 people voted in the failed Brocton-Fredonia school merger in the Brocton district in 2009, but 1,800 voters turned out in Fredonia?

Are there really 1,300 people registered to vote in the Brocton school district? Besides, how many people voted twice? How many were under 18?

The whole town of Portland — population 5,000 — can barely get 400 people to vote in any election, but 1,300 "voters" show up for a merger vote in December a week before Christmas? There really must be a Santa Claus.

Yes, it's just spilled milk ... but that vote was chaos. No ID required. No questions asked.

Dolce made a mistake when casting his vote on Tuesday. Trust me, he's no different than many of us who vote on Election Day.

At least he had a shot at a possible re-vote. Citizen voter, however, usually has to wait four years.


ReasonableCitizen Aug-17-11 4:42 PM Would you rather have someone who admits his mistake and publicly asks for the chance to correct it or would you like the ones who make mistakes and hide it ?

JohnD1 Aug-17-11 4:15 PM One other note, Santora has begun a discussion on the blog this article references. Please move the discussion there as this article expires at 5 p.m. I will move these comments there as well.

JohnD1 Aug-17-11 3:50 PM I do not believe the poll is backfiring on us. We are not running for election, just looking for opinions. I do believe what happened to A.J. last night was not fair and totally political. As for what Frey has done, he has cleaned up the city and brought activity to the waterfront. But no one has brought jobs to Western New York in the last 30 years with our high taxes, not even Hillary Clinton.

Clowns Aug-17-11 3:31 PM Well I guess your poll to try and put Mr. Dolce down is pretty much backfiring on you Observer CLOWNS!!!!!

Clowns Aug-17-11 2:49 PM What exactly has Mayor Frey done for Dunkirk? The boardwalk is about all I can think of. John D why don't you fill me in on exactly what Mayor Frey has done? How is the unemployment in the Dunkirk area since Frey took office? He surely has not gotten any new companies to come to the Dunkirk area. I truly do not understand why the Observer is has endorsed Dick Frey. He has done nothing for the Dunkirk area, but make people leave the area for a more lucrative job market elsewhere.

JohnD1 Aug-17-11 12:32 PM John D'Agostino here ... This newspaper has supported Frey in endorsements three times. We have also been fairly critical of his last contract with city workers and his Memorial Park secrets. A.J. made a mistake. He made it fairly clear Monday he was going to vote no. Unfortunately ...

hoopsfan Aug-17-11 12:23 PM Don't recall polls when the streets dept. budget left the workers with worn out, broken down equipment. Must not be a priority for the pollster.

rumblefish Aug-17-11 12:19 PM glad to see some one else is on my wave length,the editor of this paper has made more blunder than any poll could count,and yet of this date Frey has yet to be polled,we can see who the newspaper supports

fourthwarder Aug-17-11 11:48 AM Honestly what pettiness on the council's part. It goes to show you that Muldowney is in the Mayor's pocket with Szukala squeezing in. If only you ran a poll with all the mistakes and mispoken words by Mayor Frey compared to Mr. Dolce than you would have a fair poll. This too shall pass - VOTE DOLCE!!!


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