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An expression of self

May 4, 2014 Life is a rocky path at best; never graded, paved, or plowed. At times it is a little smoother, other times the gaping holes seem to appear out of nowhere, ready to swallow me whole. more »»

Walk fast, walk slow

April 27, 2014 You can walk the same trail at the same time with friends and family and still walk a completely different trail. Everyone brings something different with the. more »»


April 27, 2014 If you are staring at all of the seed packets spread out on your kitchen table and wondering which ones you should start indoors, your first thought should be which seeds are amenable to the... more »»

May Skies

April 27, 2014 Beginning in the third week of May, look for Mercury, low in the west-northwest during evening twilight. The smallest planet in our solar system, Mercury is only slightly larger than our moon. more »»

Costa Rica’s natural world

April 20, 2014 As the natural world transforms with the changing of the seasons, we recognize the common signs of spring: Tundra Swans passing through on their migration north, Skunk Cabbage poking out of the... more »»

Pick your garden spot

April 20, 2014 The perfect garden spot is always on the other side of the fence, no matter where you try to garde. more »»

A bird in the hand

April 13, 2014 When I was a child, I thought my family enjoyed playing cruel jokes on me every time we drove along Route 60 on the way to Grandma’s house. “Look at the deer,” they’d say. more »»

Consider building a rain garden

April 13, 2014 During the morning of the blizzard in mid-March, the temperature was close to 30 degrees. more »»

Fare thee well!

April 6, 2014 Dear Winter, Well, it was a good visit this year. I have to admit, your strong presence was both a joy and a pain. There were great days of skiing, snowshoeing and playing. more »»

April Skies

April 6, 2014 Mercury is behind the sun in relation to Earth and cannot be seen this month. Brilliant Venus appears as the morning “star” during April. It’s hard to miss, low in the east-southeast at dawn. more »»

Yesterday’s perfect garden just got better

April 6, 2014 Growing up, I clearly understood that vegetable gardens were for growing ... well, vegetables. The straight rows, aided by using a string, were signs of a good gardene. more »»

The rites of spring

March 30, 2014 We hear about the rites of spring. These rites are ephemeral, just as spring itself is. more »»

Outdoor garden activities you can do now

March 30, 2014 By: Lyn Chimera Special to the OBSERVER The glaciers are receding and it looks like spring will finally arrive. more »»

For the love of volunteers

March 9, 2014 Have you heard the CBS news story about the little boy who finds a $20 bill in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel? Like many of us, he first imagines what he could buy with it. more »»

Tips to make gardening easier

March 9, 2014 Getting Started – Many vegetables and flowers can be started directly in the garden by planting seeds. Others take too long to grow so it is necessary to start them indoors or to buy transplants. more »»

March Skies

March 2, 2014 Mercury hugs the eastern horizon during morning twilight during March. A telescope will enable you to follow its complete range of phases as it moves rapidly around its orbit relative to Eart. more »»

Starting seeds indoors

March 2, 2014 The REASONS — There are many benefits to the practice of starting seeds of both vegetables and ornamentals indoors, well ahead of their safe outdoor planting time. more »»

In the mind of the animals

March 2, 2014 I am the raccoon, hungry after sleeping as long as I could, searching frantically for protein to restore my starving body. more »»

The other side of winter

February 9, 2014 The tiny footprints followed a tiny stream up a rolling hillside. It was obvious from the tracks that there were frozen waterfalls that had been used as slides. more »»

Words of wisdom from a fellow gardener

February 9, 2014 Good day everyon. more »»



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