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How we control our destiny

January 8, 2013

When I was a teenager I had a dream I have never forgotten. I was standing in a long, single-file line of people on a huge desert-like treeless plain....

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Mar-09-13 1:24 PM

Steiner Jan 10: sorry to be just keeping up with your mindless blather, but this kind of assault against common decency should be disallowed in these pages. You are obviously deranged and have come unglued with hatred and vile. I can't imagine sitting in Church next to you, or in a a village meeting deciding on what's in the communities' best interest. You'd spout your hatred and there would be no discussion of anything that you raised. You'd be ignored, as you should be. You're a threat to America. Why don't you come out from beneath your moniker so we can know who you really are? What's the beef?

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Jan-11-13 9:35 AM

Fairy tales, myths, legends. Let's argue about who is telling the story as it was originally intended. If an alien race ever did come here, they don't have to invade or attack. The different factions fighting for their interpretation will kill mankind off by suicide. All they have to do is stoke the zealots to action and the sheep will follow. Isn't religion a fantastic piece of psychological warfare?

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Jan-10-13 9:40 AM

Hey christopher,you missed haber again. he is considered the father of modern chemical warfare. Does not sound like a religios thing, but a political thing. Look what your unions did to education, christopher. Habers female friends were shocked, judeye take note here, for oneness , shocked at what haber came up with in chemical warfare, mass destruction. he is best remembered for ammonia from air and a student of von Linde, the liquid air maker. Coming together eh judeye ? that is why hitler thought he could win the war, the germans were leaders in techie stuff. This does not sound like religion does it christopher ? Libs, it is time for you to dismiss this stuff . Haber and lindes inventions are still used today, imagine that.

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Jan-10-13 9:20 AM

cronig, christopher and judeye have no idea of what they are talking about or what I am talking about. The energetic mediums I use are proof of energetic beings. they would be called gods. Killing people for millenia, The socialists are well on their way to catching up. Most of you posters here have little science knowledge or training. Hey croning, you have purchased my stuff in the store. Pretty good for a guy living in wacko land. So libs you dissed everything as i thought you would. years of dumbocrats have dulled your mind. everything I said, everything can be found in obscure scholar books. they dug it up or translated ancient rock carvings. The best you posters can do is mock it. shows a low level of intelligence.

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Jan-09-13 8:20 PM


Excellent post and right on the mark.

Even Dcronlg has it mostly right. The problem isn't religion, the problem is people who use religion to excuse their bad behavior." Pretty much my point in my second post.

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Jan-09-13 12:13 PM


Excellent post and right on the mark.

Even Dcronlg has it mostly right. The problem isn't religion, the problem is people who use religion to excuse their bad behavior.

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Jan-09-13 10:36 AM

Like myself, most folks don't have a problem with "God" or whatever higher life/energy there may be -- but we do have issues and problems with all of his fan clubs. These fan clubs have created almost all of the problems and issues vexing our species for millennia.

Just listen to the conversation in these comments -- its a nano-microcosm of the fan club problem.

Except in the case of Steinerdzzz -- a self-loathing closet liberal residing in Wacko-landia.

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Jan-09-13 9:15 AM

So everything I have said here makes christianity superior to all religions. It alone offers energetic mediums, contrary to darwin.Before christianity it was Zoroasterism and its energetic mediums. Zoroaster paved the way for christianity. All of this can be done without a govt program. This makes it hated by the libs. The grave can be conquered. That is what Christ came to do. The libs want to supplant him with their govt programs and especially, the public employee union. Paul Christopher where are you ? How is that oneness feeling doing libs ? It is time for you to diss this, libs !

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Jan-09-13 8:44 AM

Hey libs, you miss again and again my references to energetic fuel. It is based on the water into wine miracle, but adjusted for hydrocarbons, my great love ! All gleaned from ancient writings. I learned how to read them from bible scholars(they were taught by a democrat ,lol) For about a penny a gallon, maybe even less, you get a 20% increase in mileage. Nothing added but pure energy. Now if a human and machines can do this, think of what a virtual state being, (< than a click in a geiger counter can do ) . we would call these beings gods, as they are outside from the normal thing called spacetime. They are eternal. There is science in the ancient writings if you can figure what they are doing. Bible scholars have spent there entire lives in the mideast, only to be dissed by libs like chrsitopher. Christopher's attitude, under the guise of tolerance will make us dumber and dumber.Judeyes oneness stuff will do the same thing to women. judeye, no women apostles ? so much for onenes

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Jan-09-13 8:33 AM

Christopher and Judeye get it wrong as usual. weapons of mass destruction ? Invented in America, nukes to stop that pesky socialist Hitler. Chemical weapons , invented by Fritz haber, another German.Both copied the world over. So how does religion figure into this Paul Christopher? Judeye, oneness, you are having a coitus moment again. Christ did not come for that. You ignore the resurrection. He conquered death, the eternal curse on humanity. Something energetic came out of the grave. Modern people, stunted by years of dumbocratic schools, cant undersatnd this. All you posters do not understand this. A good electrician might, but not you posters.The rise of christ is related to the water into wine miracle. Incomprehensible to modern folk, but not a good bible scholar.So for sure christopher is lacking on knowledge, he missed Mathew 7: 12 and Judeye is just feeling good. Liberals at there best !

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Jan-09-13 8:04 AM

All religions basically say the same thing. I have a wonderful book called ONENESS in which you can look up different principals and see how each of the major religions says the exact same thing..using different words.

Such as Golden Rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, for this is the law and the prophets...CHRISTIANITY

What is hurtful to yourself do not to your fellow man. That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary. JUDAISM

Do unto all men as you would wish to have done unto you; and reject for others what you would reject for yourself. ISLAM


Too many wars have been fought for 'RELIGION' which is MUCH different than God who is only LOVE.

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