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Cuomo proposes gun limits, minimum wage hike

January 10, 2013

ALBANY — New York Gov....

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Jan-10-13 6:00 AM

Liberal idiocy, with no use of common sense at all. Mr Andrew Hitler, how dare you stand up there and scream at us about how we need to take the lead in losing our rights? There are already laws on the books to prevent violence. Why don't you get your lawyer buddies to stop getting them off the hook. Pure BS is all this is.

Has anyone also told you that raising the minimum wage does not help the poor, because it RAISES THE COSTS OF EVERYTHING, VOIDING ALL REASON FOR THE INCREASE TO BEGIN WITH. Morons.

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Jan-10-13 6:01 AM

Sheldon Silver says "New York leads the nation","so lets lead on this" The only thing that NY leads the nation on is high taxes.

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Jan-10-13 7:23 AM

Cuomo and Barry, you need to take a good look at the US Constitution. The Liberals, under Barry's shifty eyes, want to take the US to 1938. I have news for them, they might end up taking us back to 1776 Part II...and it's not going to be pretty.

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Jan-10-13 7:24 AM

Oh, one more thing...from my cold dead hands...

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Jan-10-13 7:37 AM

Mr. Cuomo continues to misrepresent the people who support the second amendment and continues to fail to understand it. It has NOTHING to do with hunting deer. Its ONLY purpose is to protect our right to defend the free state from tyranny and oppression. To allow us to protect our other constitutional rights by force if necessary. It guarantees our right to form militias. You can't do that with pistols and shotguns.

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Jan-10-13 7:51 AM

It appears that Andrew wants to put the final nails into the coffin his father put NYS in.

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Jan-10-13 8:34 AM

Here we go again - another hike in the minimum wage to help the governor get re-elected. Maybe we should pass a law providing for a maximum wage - say $40,000. Of course it would only apply to non-government private sector workers. A person's salary should depend on his or her education, experience, level of rsponsibility, productivity and ambition. A minimum wage imposed by government makes about as much sense as a maximum wage imposed by government. Of course it might drive more smll businesses out of business and maybe that's what the governor wants.

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Jan-10-13 9:58 AM

You're correct Chadwick, 2A has NOTHING to do with hunting.I don't know why people think it does. Other than for some hunting rights granted to certain Native American tribes under treaty, the rest of us hunt at the pleasure of the state, and to a lesser extent, the federal government as a matter of simple public policy. There is NO Constitutional issue involved whatsoever. The question for the hunter who believes this isn't his fight too is, "What chance will you have if the Enumerated right(s) acknowledged under 2A are stripped from the Bill of Rights?"

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Jan-10-13 10:11 AM

The sellin of assult weapons may be discontiued but until that time the weaopns will continue to be made and sold. When and if a law is put into effect there will one*****of a blackmartket for these weapons. Which will find their way into the hands of people who want them. As a result the taxes that would be collecterd will stop. Now last time I checked a loss of tax revenue will impact the state but hey those with money could care less.

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Jan-10-13 10:15 AM

NY leads the Nation in Welfare and High taxes because of Welfare and high wages already for teachers!

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Jan-10-13 10:17 AM

Stop the madness cuomo screams ! i thought he would give us choice in our public schools ! No its more democratic drivel. Raise the minimum wage to 40 grand. Show that we care. then watch everything go downhill fast. What an explosion of lunacy from the libs we are seeing !

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Jan-10-13 10:19 AM

Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Exactly what part of that is too difficult for legislators to understand? ANY gun ban or law that seeks to limit a citizen's access to own a firearm is unconstitutional and null and void on it's face.

14th Amendment Section 1: "...No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States;..."

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate them." - Miranda vs Arizona 384 US 436

"All law (rules and practices) which are repugnant to the Constitution are VOID". - Marbury v. Madison

"No State shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and charge a fee therefore." - Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105

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Jan-10-13 12:08 PM

Infringe on our second amendment rights, we will be forced to infringe on your laws. This conversation is unconstitutional and therefore void.

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Jan-10-13 2:39 PM

It was commical to see AC up there hollering about NYS leading the nation. We already do when you consider things like the amount of taxes and fees, number of taxing entities or our Cadillac of Medicaid programs. This will be one of the contenders in 2016, he is already making noises and posturing in that manner.

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Jan-10-13 6:16 PM

Coumo,would now like to raise the minimum wage? All fine and good, but try lowering taxes so it will have some benificial effect. All that does is raise the cost of goods and increase the burden on small business to carry the load...brilliant! Any putz could have done this...but why? LOWER MY TAXES if you really want me to prosper, but you don't...can you say welfare state?

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Jan-10-13 7:26 PM

I find it simply amazing that people believe that by more regulation on guns all the bad will go away. The city of New York is concidering modifying it's subway platforms to prevent it's citizens from being pushed infront of moving trains. But no one has the guts to address the root problem of mental illness because we may hinder someones rights.

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Jan-10-13 8:01 PM

The Observer has it all wrong. I heard he was going to ban poor people and give raises to guns.

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Jan-11-13 9:47 AM

I agree with all of you... this will not end well for New York state if he pushes the issue and this is passed...

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Jan-12-13 8:06 PM

Raiding the minimum wage to $8.50/hr will give someone $18,200 per year. Far from the $40,000 Steiner is claiming. Who can lie on that, since that is what most of you think people should make?

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Jan-12-13 8:07 PM

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. If you want to join a militia, join the national guard. that is the modern version of it. We now have a military, we don't need civilians to defend our country.

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