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Dunkirk school board approves admin raises

January 11, 2013

Approving contracts and reviewing the budget were on the agenda at the Dunkirk Board of Education meeting Thursday....

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Jan-12-13 10:07 PM

Concerned, you're 100% correct. Really, the armchair government (all posters here) needs to get out and attend board meetings, council meetings, and do more than bellyache about what happened and make sure that what is about to happen is the right thing. Really, the complacency needs to stop, and individuals need to make their voices heard in public forums and not just some newspaper website comments section. Everyone, get out and go to these meetings. Make it your resolution for 2013. And Steiner, if you do, take a shower and lighten up on the anti-women a bit....

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Jan-12-13 5:42 PM

Everyone rants and raves here but no one shows up at boared meetings to have their objections recorded so nothing will change. This is the same with politicians they do as they please because the know there are no repercussions. At the very least put pressure on our state officials they have more pull over school boards then we do!

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Jan-12-13 9:00 AM

Let's get to the real source of the problem. IF YOU ARE ALIVE AND BREATHING YOU WILL MAKE A GOOD CANDIDATE FOR a SCHOOL BOARD AND THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL RUN UNOPPOSED BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS ThE JOB! The end result, I am sure they are all fine people but they don't know beans about economics and controlling a $40 million budget. I say create one school board for the entire county and pay them an attractive salary for their services. By doing that we will attract the very best business minded candidates and hopefully they will be people that understand the value of a dollar. I don't blame admministrators for accepting more money - that's human nature. I blame school boards who simply don't understand the damage they are doing.

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Jan-12-13 8:16 AM

Dcronig It's still our tax dollars. The more we pay in taxes to the State the more they will spend. Where do you think other schools get their state money from? Our tax dolars. Any money from the State or Fed is OUR TAX dollars. You keep thinking it's free if the State or Fed puts up the money-it's not free money. We pay for it. So wise-up.

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Jan-12-13 12:46 AM

Those are the repairs for the Fredonia school, you know, as part of that totally "necessary"-but-realistically-never-used-from-the-start additions. It would not surprise me to hear that to fix those screwups, it'll cost closer to a half-million than a quarter-million.

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Jan-12-13 12:42 AM

SHOCKER. Dcronig defending anything relating to increasing funding for a school, in this case management, even though not only is enrollment declining, but so is the state population, leaving less sources of revenue for overpaid, redundant, underworked, bloated management, and the other employees school budgets employ. As seen with the work done to (and the quarter-million dollar repairs now required for) the Building wall, and god only knows how much it'll cost to fix the pool, schools see residents as never-ending money trees, and as long as school boards/principals can keep up the payments on their BMW's, EFF the taxpayers, no matter where they live. Dcronig, which school board do you work for?

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Jan-11-13 11:36 PM

Anybody catch that they appointed another NEW (old) football coach again! The program will never get back to what it used to be with changing coaches every year or two!

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Jan-11-13 8:31 PM

It's that way all over the school districts. The Super smooches with the board of education,especially the president and gets what ever he wants,this is typical,but heaven forbid if the teachers ask for a raise,they have to beg for it. The Super shouldn't be given a blank check!! It's all politics!!!

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Jan-11-13 6:41 PM

Why do so many get upset when school or municipal staff get a 2-3% raise, yet last year when NY gave welfare recipients a 10% raise, no public outcry? Why is no one upset that the average welfare family in the US makes $23.55 per hour and doesn't work, yet the average working family makes $24.00 and hour? There should be outrage!

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Jan-11-13 5:43 PM

"It’s a “state of mind” - - NYS has become one of entitlement, while other states show have more fiscal sense."

Exactly. Career welfare families, some multi-generational, are the biggest downfall of New York State and Chautauqua County. We are being overwhelmed with people "on the system." And I'm talking Medicaid and food stamps, etc. The whole "gimme" package.

I'm willing to bet that DKexpat's state doesn't spend anywhere near what we do for social programs.

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Jan-11-13 5:40 PM

This will come as a big surprise..but I too have many questions and concerns about anyone getting a raise with taxpayer money when we are looking at major cuts in jobs for too many of our citizens.

I wish both the pay of the teachers and the administration was tied somehow to local incomes.

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Jan-11-13 5:37 PM is not in a union. are they??

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Jan-11-13 5:35 PM

Well folks now you know where the money the state gives to the school goes. we the people are afraid to voice our opinion. Why? Afraid your leaves won't get picked up or your sidewalk plowed.

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Jan-11-13 4:56 PM

It’s a “state of mind” - - NYS has become one of entitlement, while other states show have more fiscal sense.

I had a Dem-controlled county legislature for 8 years, and even during the wild run-up in property values here 10 years ago – 20%/year for 4 straight years – yes, 20% - and natural increase in assessments - - - the rate/thousand still went up!

With a Repub-controlled legislature since 2010, the rate/thousand went down in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


How school boards with a declining tax base and fewer students every year can blithely give out, say, 3% raises per year AND keep the same (or greater) levels of administrative overhead - - is mind-boggling.

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Jan-11-13 4:50 PM

Seems like if the plan is to bankrupt the city; taxes could be cut at the same time payrolls are increased so that everyone could enjoy the process.

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Jan-11-13 3:52 PM

I don't know how these people can sit there and give them selves Raises like that when pretty much the whole county is going down the crapper. Kinda reminds me of Nero playing his violin while Rome burns.

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Jan-11-13 3:50 PM

Wiseup: the facts and data are clear and straightforward -- whether you like it or not. If you're a Dunkirk resident, you don't pay for 55.3% of the Dunkirk public school budget. The rest of NYS state does, all 19 million or so residents, and businesses.

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Jan-11-13 2:40 PM

For those who don't understand why Dunkirk is near death, read the comments of DKexpat in this column. If you still don't understand - read the comments again! Excessive spending, taxes and fees are killing the city and the county - AMEN!!!!

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Jan-11-13 2:22 PM

Dcron suports these admin raises by concluding: "...US public education is a terrific deal. If we're not happy with the metrics of performance, then blame the parents, after all, they are ultimately responsible..."

...and he accuses others of being clueless??? HAH!

Sorry, but after reading ANY of his posts, all I can think of is: "what an obnoxious blowhard."

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Jan-11-13 1:50 PM

Darkstar - there are plenty of govt programs of which I don't approve and I believe are thoroughly meaningless. I also dont believe in our income tax system; its wrong to penalize oncome frm savings, investments, etc (we should have a national sales tax seeing that our economy is consumption based.

My point and my arithmetic are clear, linear and straightforward: whereas the principle of raises is outrageous, in truth and in reality, the actual cost is meaningless and as such, per student -- what it actually costs -- makes US public education a terrific deal. If we 're not happy with the metrics of performance, then blame the parents -- after all, they are ultimately responsible for their kids.

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Jan-11-13 11:58 AM

Hey Dcrong where do you think the State gets it's money from?? Us Taxes. Nothing is free . By saying the county, stste or Fed will pay the bills. No, it's our taxes!!!!!

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Jan-11-13 11:12 AM


Is there a single tax or government spending program you don't approve of?

Also your breakdown is meaningless, just as the ones always posted about the County Home costs are because it's not X amount, it's X amount in addition to all the other taxes.

Looking at my total tax bill, before all the federal taxes, state income tax, school and property taxes completely disgusts me, and of course that doesn't even factor in all the taxes and fees added on to gas bills, phone bills, etc...

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Jan-11-13 11:01 AM

P.S. Our district and schools are recognized nationally for excellence...yet the spend/pupil for 2013 is $11,595/yr.

That's part of what consolidation achieves...

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Jan-11-13 10:58 AM

To Phil’s point:

My consolidated school system – 70,000 students – has one superintendent of schools (and three asst. supers for curriculum, personnel and facilities). That’s a savings of over $3 million per year – every year – over what Chau Cty taxpayers spend for all their supers...for 70% fewer students.

My county-wide school board crafts a budget – but must take it to the legislature every year for approval and funding. If the legislature says “too much, would increase taxes,” it’s kicked back – as has happened the past 3 years.

We’re a growing, affluent area, yet froze county wages for two years (including teachers and administrators) to keep taxes flat. When I contrast that fiscal thinking with what happens in school districts in Chautauqua County, I just shake my head.

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Jan-11-13 10:55 AM

Hmmm...lets see...if you guys actually checked the budget, ou would have determined that we're talking about a $100K salary per admin head, so, a 2.8% raise is $2,800 per year. 56% of that amount ($1,600) is paid by the state (and not all by you guys, since this county is only 7/10ths of 1% of NY's population).

So, the all the taxpayers of Dunkirk, Towns of Dunkirk & Sheridan are directly on the hook for $3,600/yr in raises, which amounts to $0.21/taxpayer -- that's twenty-one cents per year per taxpayer.

You guys are in a lather because of twenty-one cents a year???

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