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No simple answers to society’s woes

January 14, 2013

Last month, I woke up, after a worse than usual fitful sleep, and my home page was flooded with posts about guns (all anti-gun control) and about eight different posts about how allowing God in the......

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Jan-14-13 5:55 AM

Because when we grew up parents were parents. Now children are raising children. We came from a time when if you sassed a teacher the parents were notified and the PARENTS took action. Now the children that are rasing children doubt or dismiss the report from school or rationalize that the teacher deserved it. I could not imagine what lawsuits that would emerge from a whack on the knuckles from a yardstick wielding nun, today. Sometimes in there attempts to "protect" children our liberal leaning society prevents their innoculation of life. Everybody gets a medal. We don't keep score. There are no losers. That is baloney, and when reality finally strikes some, they can not handle it. By the same token I know parents that are petrified to swat their kids on the butt for an infraction lest someone alert CPS.

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Jan-14-13 6:17 AM

Well written Paul and so very true.

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Jan-14-13 8:13 AM

Bandit is correct. Corporal punishment is outlawed in schools and even by parents. Child abuse it is said. The libs are behind this and behold, they express suprise when the kids come out messed up. Like everything else, the cart is before the horse when a democrat takes over. I took pocket knives to school as a kid. never slashed anyone.Hatred Paul, both sides express hatred, bush is hitler, conservatives need their rights taken away, etc. All from leading democrats. We need to sue the idiots who made schools gun free zones. What were they thinking ? They were helpful liberal idiots !God answering back ? Some might take that as dreams or visions. Tesla and von Neumann had dreams or visions. were they nuts Paul ? It is the democrat who is nuts.

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Jan-14-13 8:16 AM


Agree with Bandit as well.

Things sure have changed. However, we can still instill in our children and grandchildren similar morals and values we were raised with. In our home, we refuse to permit any of the violent video games. We demand respect and politeness from our grandchildren. We try to teach them the golden rule..treat others the way you would like to be treated.

And yes, this old liberal still makes her grandchilren do their homework on the kitchen table, which afterwards we clear off so we can eat dinner together as a family, after saying prayers (which can be as little as a thank you for all we have) before eating. We even turn tv off often to play a board game or a card game on that old kitchen table. Imagine that, actually spending time with our grandchildren without the distractions of a tv or video game. Time when we can actually talk with them...and LISTEN to them. Something so simple but ever so important.

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Jan-14-13 8:51 AM

To me values are simply knowing what is good or bad, right or wrong. Good values uually come from church, school, teachers and parents. Bad values often come from movies, videos, television and music. I grew up in the 50's when we treated teachers, parents, clergy and leaders with respect. There were two parents in most homes - A MAN AND A WOMAN. We didn't depend on government to give us a free lunch - it came from our parents. We dressed for school every day in clean clothing and teachers wore a dress shirt, tie and jacket. We wouldn't think of wearing pants with a hole in the knees, wearing them below our waistline or t-shirts with filthy messages. Teachers, coaches and parents demanded reapect and they got it. There was no such thing as casual day in the office. Every day was a shirt and tie day. You didn't go to the grocery store with food stamps. You went with cash that you earned the hard way. As teenagers we didn't sit home playing vicious video games. Instead we got (CON'T

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Jan-14-13 9:01 AM

(con't) part time jobs or played sports. It seems to me government was much more deserving of our support in the 50's. At that time Eisenhower and Kennedy were leaders of perceived unquestionable character. The Viet Nam war changed everything when 58,000 young Americans lost their lives for a cause that many felt was not justifiable. The civil rights struggles of the late 60's coupled with Watergate caused many to simply lose confidence in their government and along with those issues developed the drug culture which provided further erosion to our value system. Will we ever return to the innocence of the 50's? I seriously doubt it. As humans we require strong leadership whether it comes from clergy, parents, teachers or governmnt. I see values as the missing link in our society and I don't see anyone willing to change it.

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Jan-14-13 9:56 AM

To quote Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us. Our society today is nothing but a result of our collective unilateral spiral of actions, decisions and choices -- both good and bad.

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Jan-14-13 10:27 AM

That author need so go back a lot more than 20 years if he wants to discuss hatred and anger in our elections. How about to Thomas Jefferson and John Adams? The hatred was so great that Adams started rumors that Jefferson was fathering children with slaves. Or, how about duel between VP Aaron Burr and former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton; Burr shot and killed Hamilton. What we’re seeing today is due to TV and the internet bringing it into our living rooms. It’s always been in American politics but now, it’s front and center.

But too, like the author, I’m also wondering when the next madman who chooses to outdo this last one and be sensationalized 24/7 by the news media. You know these sickos are actually cult figures to some?

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Jan-14-13 11:21 AM

Not just the ills in the news, stang. We used to have "Father Knows Best", Leave it to Beaver" and "My Three Sons". Today it's "The Simpsons" and a host of others where the parents are always protrayed as less intelligent than the eight year old child and/or the family dog. Not that there is anything wrong with entertainment. How many times did we watch the coyote drop off a cliff or blow himself up with Acme TNT, only to show up alive and well in the next scene? I think one difference is that there is not adult supervision reinforcing in the youth the immense difference between make believe (entertainment) and that which is real.

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Jan-14-13 11:52 AM

I agree that parents being ACTIVELY involved in raising their children is vital...and hanging the problems on liberals doesn't fit: Liberals are far likelier to deny their children violent games. But.... When Gabby Giffords was shot, a woman was able to subdue the attacker AS HE ATTEMPTED TO RELOAD. Restricting the sheer volume of bullets in one load kept that from being an even LARGER tragedy. There is a HUGE difference between reasonable limitations, and violations of the second amendment. This problem needs MANY solutions.

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Jan-14-13 3:05 PM

"Liberals are far likelier to deny their children violent games" Aren't the liberals the ones that say don't punish your kids, let them do what they want or you hurt their self esteem? The same ones that say if it feels good then do it. The same ones that explain to their kids it's ok to have 2 daddies or mommies, that it is bad to kill murderers but it's ok to kill the unborn? And yet these dipsticks want to take away our freedoms while giving them to "special interest" groups.

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Jan-14-13 4:31 PM

Back in the day we were taught respect for our elders they were Mr. or Mrs. Smith not Mr or Mrs A or P or whatever. Back in the day it was please and thank you. Today kids fear no one and respect for elders is nonexistent. They sass you and think they are your equal. The blame for this most definitely lack of parenting.

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Jan-14-13 4:53 PM

I can recall that community members had absolutely no problem in calling your mother (who was generally ALWAYS at home, unless shopping) to report your errant ways. You knew you were in trouble when you looked up to see your mother standing at the back door with her arms folded across her chest and that horrible scowl on her face! Commonly you never knew who "squealed", that of course served to make you ever paranoid that someone was always looking. Mom was ashamed to have receive such a call, as above all else, " You did not bring shame upon the family!". And then there was the worst thing, "Just wait until your father gets home!". And if mom had called him at work, he'd be "loaded for bear" when he drove in the driveway; "spare the rod" was NOT in his plans for you.

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Jan-14-13 5:37 PM

Obama has now vowed to use executive for new gun control. ht tp:// m/blogs/ticket/obama-hold-press-conference-11-15-m-141554262--politics.html

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Jan-14-13 7:28 PM

Well yeah American, didn't you know he was chosen dictator? If he was elected president he would keep the oath he swore (and will soon lie again that he will do it) to uphold and defend the Constitution, from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Instead he is issuing orders eroding the Constitution. When is it time to impeach for breaking the oath of office? And his cult of personality blindly follow him. I really cannot compare this guy to anyone in history other than Adolf Hitler. And the really scary part is that they don't see ANY similarities between the two.

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Jan-14-13 7:54 PM

Agree Mike 100%

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Jan-14-13 9:02 PM

American & MikeDavis -- Obama is Hitler analogy is sooooo tiredingly boring...YYYAAAWWWNNN! Like we never THAT one before...very original thinking. Oh, and the unconstitutional thing...Yawner! Obama's constitutional lawyer who used to teach constitutional law in one of the country's top law school (maybe why Obamacare is constitutional...?) and you guys

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Jan-14-13 9:32 PM

So Dcron you think it would be constitutional for him to use executive privilege to take your rights away? or any constitutional rights away?

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Jan-14-13 9:33 PM

Or do you just play the follow the fake hero game like most liberals?

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Jan-14-13 11:20 PM

Actually, American, as for taking rights away, some democrats were so worried about Obama disarming the public that they placed anti-anti-gun legislation in the ACA.

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Jan-15-13 2:00 AM

btw- I believe it has been proven that Jefferson did father children with his slaves,so I guess it wasn't rumour... just saying

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Jan-15-13 3:07 AM

" I believe it has been proven that Jefferson did father children with his slaves" Who really care this many years later. And in this day and age you are a racist for thinking it matters. Shame on you libs for that thinking.

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Jan-15-13 5:58 AM

cronig goofs it as usual, obama as hitler boring now . It was ok for the dems to compare bush to hitler, but now it is boring. Who runs the education system? democrats and union stooges. who is the enemy ?, the democrats and their stooges. Look at the rabid union response for school choice or right to work. democrats use an old tactic , blame the repubs when the dems have been in control for decades.The dems are caning us like that southern dem caned a northern rep for being against slavery. Libs, a gun free zone did not work and now you want a larger so called gun free zone ? You must be dolts to believe that. No your democrats. Obama should be laughed at, his kind fill cemeteries and prisons and he is going to tell us what to do ? Another dolt, a democrat

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Jan-15-13 6:19 AM

In my day, children were expected to be seen and not heard. we had chores. Homework was done mostly by ourselves.We were spanked at home and in school. Kids rights were unheard of. then came the liberals. Child abuse ! Kids have rights and the dems put the cart before the horse as they always do. Now decades later, people like christopher say they do not know what happened. Like I always say, democrats and unions dull the mind greatly.It is their job and they do it well. Look at our public schools and their democratic union leaders. Paul then condemns all gun owners as fanatics, else why ban certain guns ? His mind is losing critical skills, more proof of unions and libs and their ability to waste away your mind. Will you ban tannerite next libs ?

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Jan-15-13 7:42 AM very true. Every time I think this has gotten so bad, I look back on history, and see nothing really has changed much.

They used to even have fist fights in our Congress. Did anyone see secret lives of our forefathers on History? Good grief, they also were far from puritans.

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