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Guns make government responsible

January 21, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: The right to bear arms, also known as the Second Amendment, is not so much to protect us against each other or hunt but to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government....

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Jan-25-13 11:57 PM

smalltown,l I am sooooo happy you don't represent me.

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Jan-21-13 9:50 PM

Smalltown, in order for that astounding weaponry to be used, it takes people to maintain and operate it. Look up something called Oath Keepers. It has tens of thousands of military and law enforcement followers who ascribe to it. Military personnel will only obey lawful orders and all lawful orders must be in accordance with the UCMJ which is subordinate to the Constitution. There will be some military that will turn against their own people but they’ll quickly be put down by the others. For over 40 years the Strategic Air Command maintained vigilant alert with nuclear armed aircraft and missiles. The reason we never went to war with the Soviet Union isn’t because we disarmed, it was because we were armed to the teeth just in case it was necessary. That’s why we have the Second Amendment

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Jan-21-13 9:47 PM

I've said it a bunch of times, a government that fears its populace is honest. A government that does not fear its populace is tyranny.

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Jan-21-13 1:28 PM

If you want to see a prime example of how the founders invisioned the use of the people's militia under the 2nd Amendment, look up: Battle of Athens TN (1946) AKA: McKinn County War

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Jan-21-13 1:05 PM

Well, at least your moniker states what the problem is, small. The "might" of the American military has been stymied by Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan in the last few decades. Not by armies, but by regular citizens with small arms. By small I mean AK-47's and other assault weapons in private hands. So, take those away from private citizens and I can then agree with you, it would be impossible for the citizens to defend themselves against a government gone wrong. Why do you think so many of the people with these particular weapons are loath to give them up? Because then the government will NOT be afraid of the citizens.

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Jan-21-13 10:57 AM

SmallTown...There are no firearms in the hands of the public which can compare in firepower to the weapons the military and police possess. There is also a federal law called posse comitatus which says the government can't use military force against its citizens. I believe the founders were correct to include the 2nd Amendment as a protection so that the government would fear its citizens if they became a tyranny. We see many instances today of the rights in the Constitution being shredded by those who want to make it something different without going through the process. i.e. executive orders

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Jan-21-13 10:32 AM

You are correct, Mr. Talicki, we do have a reasonable government. What is amazing to me is the amount of people that think it is not reasonable and the way they are so adamant to have the latest in the most powerful weapons to do battle against the government when the time comes. What I don't understand at all is how they think they can wage war against the US Gov't and win. The weaponry that this country has is astounding and for anyone to think they can protect themselves against this is confounding, at least to me.

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