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Gun laws just the beginning

January 28, 2013

I write this in hopes to find other like minded individuals. I write this knowing I may be arrested and prosecuted for my freedom of speech, even with a family to support....

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Jan-28-13 12:17 AM

Great letter. 100% agree with it.

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Jan-28-13 1:45 AM

Sorry seth, there are no sacred cows. The sole purpose of a gun is to kill. Public safety is more important than your faux hysteria.

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Jan-28-13 6:27 AM

Geeze, another Gun letter? I guess the Observer got a slew of complaints previously over the anti-gun comments and felt the need to create more balance. And, once again, is this a "local issue"? Did this man "reach out" to anyone local? My, my.

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Jan-28-13 7:03 AM

I might, oncer again, that the writer of this letter is exactly the sort of person who should NOT own guns!! We're going to "form a Militia" to arrest "those responsible"? You say that's NOT armed insurecetion? You scare me worse than any government official and are exactly the type of nutcase who shouyldn't be allowed within 100 yards of ANY weapon!!! Do any pro-gun people understand the harm people like Mr. ingalls do to your image!!? Wow...

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Jan-28-13 7:04 AM

That's "I might add, once again.." my keyboard is not working well today.

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Jan-28-13 7:47 AM

I agree that adding more restrictions on guns is not the answer.

I believe that mental health is the issue. The bill Cuomo tried to pass only helps people with mental issues AFTER they are seeking help.

Low cost, no cost mental health for people on the verge of breaking needs to be readily available. If anything the money Cuomo is making off of imposing new taxes on guns, needs to be aimed at funding mental health.

Guns can't pull their own trigger.

Knives can't jump up and cut someones carotid.

Bombs don't find themselves in buildings full of people, and detonate themselves.

Planes don't fly themselves into buildings full of people.

Or even in the news today, Flares don't light themselves and fly into insulation foam and light an over populated building on fire and kill 233 people...

The larger picture is that our society has lost it's morality, and we will be lucky to get it back.

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Jan-28-13 8:36 AM

Christopher gets this wrong. The govt is not required to protect an individual citizen. Just the collective citizenry. You know we have trouble when schools suspend students for making gun signs with their hands. A public official from NYC said even though they had strict gun laws, the guns came from out of state.Sp any state effort like NY is already doomed as the guns will come from another state.It never dawns on the activists. So, the fed will have to confiscate guns as has been talked about locally to make any rule stick. Then for sure the drug dealers and govt types will be the only people with guns. That is where it is going folks.The libs will not tell you this for sure.

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Jan-28-13 9:04 AM

Spoken like a good Nazi would have said in 1938 cruisin. Christopher, when your freedom and/or family is threatened, what are you going to do? "Have a dialogue" with the guy and give him a hug? If you don't want to own a gun, then don't. But why is it I have to agree with you or I'm wrong? Oh, that's right, you believe in equality as long as it is exactly what you say....

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Jan-28-13 9:22 AM

3000 unborn children are sacrificed each day and this gets no news coverage. Massacres like those in Connecticut, Virginia and Colorado are horrendous, but we only seem to care about some lives that are lost.

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Jan-28-13 9:36 AM

All your comparisons to Hitler are lies. Fact checking would be helpful, you know. According to the Drudge report, hardly a liberal bastion: Gun rights activists who cite the dictator as a reason against gun control have their history dangerously wrong. In his 1994 book, NRA head Wayne LaPierre dwelled on the Hitler meme at length, writing: "In Germany, Jewish extermination began with the Nazi Weapon Law of 1938, signed by Adolf Hitler." And it makes a certain amount of intuitive sense: If you're going to impose a brutal authoritarian regime on your populace, better to disarm them first so they can't fight back. Unfortunately for LaPierre et al., the notion that Hitler confiscated everyone's guns is mostly bogus. drudge-dot-com/news/164619/hitler-gun-control-claim-bogus

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Jan-28-13 9:37 AM

Why were none of you concerend when the Bush administration passed the Patriot Act, which took away many constitutional rights. Oh right, it was a republican who did it.

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Jan-28-13 9:38 AM

This is rich -- yet another stand-up patriot "Wolverine" vigilante who saw "Red Dawn" one too many times...right to bear arms is protection against "tyranny" -- just what tyranny? Against the erosion of civil rights -- like you gys were protecting the blacks on the Freedom Bus rides to the South? Like you guys were protecting a women's right to choose? Like you guys are deterring cops from unlawful searches and seizures? Like SWAT/FBI/government bureaucrats teams are shaking in their boots because all of sudden you "Wolverines" are going to mass together and take them out?


Funny how Thomas Jefferson didn't apply his 2nd Amendment -- or any of the other amendments -- to all the slaves on his Monticello plantation.

Timothy McVeigh was one of you "anti-tyrannical" guys -- funny how he isn't a poster child martyr for your 2nd Amendment righteousness...

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Jan-28-13 10:53 AM

So Dcronlg you would rather we all just rollover for the lowlifes in Albany and DC that are removing rights piecemeal? You people scream that the killing of unborn is a woman's choice while at the same time you scream that guns, smoking, large sugary drinks etc. should be outlawed. Where is your consistency of choices for all in all things. The one thing I have noticed with the liberals is there is no consistency to their beliefs. Unless it is that they are right always and everyone else is wrong. You, judeye, bobby and Marcia are the poster children for the do it my way or no way thinking.

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Jan-28-13 12:13 PM

I find all of this almost hysterically funny. I would suggest that many of you reach into the same bag of salt as Steiner and Phil, and do what you have to do. It's pretty predictable what will bunch the panties of the regulars on here, lol.

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Jan-28-13 12:19 PM

No Marcia, I didn't like the patriot act and still don't. I'd like to know why there hasn't been prosecution for the whole fiasco of going into Iraq. War profiteering at it's finest.

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Jan-28-13 12:25 PM

Dcronlg apparently you don't understand the erosion of rights. You are to interested in talking about a fictional movie of a foreign attack on the country. Keep thinking the loss of rights is going to make you and your family safer. I (yet again) am not talking about fifty weeks, I am thinking of fifty years from now. Or is that to far forward for you to really care if your family enjoys the same rights and freedoms as you do now?

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Jan-28-13 1:23 PM

Christopher said "It's pretty predictable what will bunch the panties of the regulars on here, lol." Yes, on both sides of the discussion. Any attempt to have a discussion seems to be an invitation to be called stupid, paranoid, "Wolverines", or the best...racist, by the liberal "all-inclusive" left. As long as you agree with any thing uttered by a democrat all is well. But any questioning or other opinion is an open invitation to be mocked. Isn't it a little hypocritical that the liberal left is the party that wants bullying legislation to stop it from happening in schools? But I've heard any argument from a weak stand is best done by attacking the opposing view, not with discussion.

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Jan-28-13 1:30 PM

Christopher, Do any anti-gun people understand the concern with the erosion of Constitutional rights? Apparently the future for them is the next year or two...after that it appears they are hoping for a government that will have complete control of all facets of your life. They already control your finances, real property, and motor vehicles. Might as well just bow and be a good servant of the ruling class, right? Don't believe me? Don't pay your property tax, income tax, or license fees and see how long before you no longer have possession or use of those things.

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Jan-28-13 1:34 PM

If you're interested in showing support for your 2nd Amendment rights go to the SCOPE site.They have many tools for sending comments to our representitives.Send thank you notes to Cathy Young,Andy Goodel and Tom Reed locally.I think they may have a way to send thanks to all 18 brave souls that back the constitution.Also send your thoughts to all the others that sold you out.If you would like to try and change Sheriff Joseph A. Gerace's mind email him(and it's not as easy as it used to be)First put GERACE,SHERIFF in the address box,GUN LAWS in the subject box and then write your message.You'll get a reply pretty quickly that will tell you to hit reply,then send which will put you on the "trusted contacts list".I asked the Sheriff to join other Sheriffs who have refused to enforce the unconstitutional laws just past. You can also help by joining the NRA,SCOPE,SAF,CCFTRKBA,NEW YORK STATE RIFLE & PISTOL ASSN.which will take the lead in a suit against NY.You can also donate t

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Jan-28-13 1:34 PM

You right about the "non" patriot act. It is right on par with what Cuomo just "passed" in NYS. Both take away liberties and constitutional rights.

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Jan-28-13 1:37 PM

You can also donate to the NRA/ILA to help fund the lawsuits.

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Jan-28-13 1:57 PM

MikeDavis and American, the end is near. We agree on the Patriot Act. LOL

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Jan-28-13 1:57 PM

Dcronlg said "Like SWAT/FBI/government bureaucrats teams are shaking in their boots because all of sudden you "Wolverines" are going to mass together and take them out?" No that isn't what the people here are talking about at all. Where in your thinking did that idea magically appear from? No one is talking about taking over anything. What people who don't want their rights impugned are talking about is without the 2nd there is no reason for the government to worry about the people because they no longer have the means to do anything about a tyrannical government. And why do you seem to be of the opinion that all members of any of those agencies believe as you do? Now who is deluded? Some actually believe in the oath they took. I am pretty sure you aren't a veteran, you don't seem to care about anything as long as you have a nanny state to take care of you.

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Jan-28-13 2:19 PM

Mike Davis, my column today proved you right. I disagree with most of what you say on a regular basis, but not all. Your comments about how comments will be sure to elicit certain responses is dead on, with the exception of your limiting it to the left. Both sides are equally guilty. There is no compromise, no middle ground, no real chance of any decent discussion of anything. Dcronlg spits oput meaningless statistics and thinks he's made a point. But others on the right do the same. Example: what's the difference if "only" 25% of any school budget is locally funded, if that 25% is unaffordable to those paying it? You see? It's easy to APPEAR smart when there's no real give and take, and especially under assumed names.

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Jan-28-13 2:42 PM

Christopher, please read my statement again. I did say both sides. There seems to be a real dilemma in meeting in the middle for both sides. I have no answer to how to compromise on an issue that is this important to the future. Taking some guns away does nothing to make anyone any safer. The school massacre was done with handguns, even NBC has admitted this now. The assault weapon ban is so politically motivated it is borderline stupid. Banning anything has done nothing to stop ownership or procurement of that item. It is just driven from a legal to an illegal transaction.

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