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Fredonia: Vision of services, not the future

January 28, 2013

Though Fredonia Mayor Stephen Keefe believes the purpose of village government is to provide safety and security, there were those in the audience who politely disagreed....

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Jan-30-13 12:21 AM

As of 2010 census, population of Fredonia is 11230. But it does not mention college students or not. However, I doubt many students claim SUNY Fredonia their residence.

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Jan-29-13 3:54 PM

The last I knew, the permanent population of Fredonia is a little over 11,000. It's more like 15-16,000 WITH the college. I'm about 95% certain of those figures. I suppose I could look it up.!

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Jan-29-13 2:13 PM

When college is NOT in session, there are a lot more than 7,000 residents in Fredonia, the observers figures are wrong as usual! When college is in session, the population is probably around 15,000 or so. My kid goes away to college, but he does not take the census survey there, he is listed as a resident at my home, where his drivers license is also!

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Jan-29-13 1:36 PM

Christopher, that's "cluelest".


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Jan-29-13 7:54 AM

Well said Christopher.

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Jan-28-13 4:32 PM

By the way, Dcronlg, it would appear that everyone is clueless in your eyes unless they agree with you 100% of the time. I'm sorry, but life doesn't work that way.

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Jan-28-13 4:30 PM

Dcronlg, if SUNY continues it's attempts to become more like a Private university, continues to increase what they offer to those levels, continues to raise Tuition costs while assitance to students drops, it'll soon kill itself. You know, by doing things like building a $4.5 million Day Care on campus, that sort of thing. SUNY is becoming unaffordable. I do agree with you, if SUNY didn't exist, Fredonia would be just another dying upstate New York community. And, as others have pointed out, if things continue in the same direction, there won't be enough people here to pay for it anyway.

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Jan-28-13 10:37 AM


We know your a fan of huge government and tax and spend policies but do you realize that if you and those like you drive all the businesses out of NYS there will be no one left to pay for SUNY, JCC, public employees, or any of the dozens of wealth redistribution programs in the state?

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Jan-28-13 10:33 AM

" The question should be is there a way that we can do this better and cheaper?"

Phil is 100% correct, and this is a question the public sector never seems to ask, it's only tax money afterall.

The private section has gone through massive changes over the last 20+ years and now does far more work with far fewer people but talk about a $1 cut in a city/town/village's budget and they are going to have to cut every service to the bone and allow everyone to die.

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Jan-28-13 9:52 AM

Note to clueless OBSERVER board, and all you other clueless GOP-conservatives: SUNY-Fredonia. SUNY...State University of New York. Better known as a public education, state and federally funded public sector, public employee vortex -- without which the economy of Fredonia (and most of Northern Chautauqua) would tank...all of the businesses in Fredonia, all of the businesses on the Rt 60 strip, the Plaza... would all go bye-bye without SUN-Fredonia.

So unless you wise ones have some sort of magical private sector employer which would provide as much economic support as the taxpayer public sector employer of SUNY...riiiight....I'm hearing crickets chirping...thought so...


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Jan-28-13 9:41 AM

A true politician will always use "services" as justification for robbing the public. The question should be is there a way that we can do this better and cheaper? We have a very hostile business environment in our cunty due to excessive taxation.If it were not for the college Fredonia would not be on the map. At the root of the issue is leaders who don't understand the problem or simply don't want to "rock the boat" for political reasons.

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Jan-28-13 9:22 AM

Yes the population of Fredonia is shrinking and business is not flowing in. Unfortunately it doesn't matter if there are ten houses on the street or one. The entire street must be plowed and services must be provided to the entire street. Even though people are leaving the needed services remain the same. The solution probably not in the near future. Given the approximately 400 jobs just lost more will leave but the same needed services will remain.

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Jan-28-13 8:13 AM

I say yes to all Christopher listed. Yes..good use of my taxes all of them.

I was not at this meeting so can not comment on what was said or not said. I do know though as a fact that the mayor has gone out of his way to talk with business owners in the Village. He has asked them what they need and how the village might assist them to improve their business and increase customers. The mayor has a clear vision for the future..and it includes helping the local businesses in the Village.

As for the services, we need all of them. I know I count on them plowing the streets, maintaining the roads, etc.

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Jan-28-13 6:32 AM

Really? Nobody wants their sewer and waterlines maintained or repaired when broken? Nobody wants their leaves and brush picked up, or their roads and sidewalks plowed? Nobody wants a sewer plant or a water plant and the obvious benefits they provide? I'm amazed. Will the Library be privatized as well? Who'll take care of the parks and repair roads? No public services? Seriously? How about police and fire protection? Were specific services mentioned? This was actually said at this meeting? Again, I'm frankly amazed.

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