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Dunkirk mulls gun buyback program

January 30, 2013

A gun buyback program or voluntary surrender program could come to the city of Dunkirk and possibly the surrounding area....

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Feb-02-13 12:05 PM

Greg with a number, if that's your real name, I disagree a lot with Phil, because most of his opinions are wacked! He is very anti police and sees conspiracy around every corner! He has run for office many times and has lost, the people were smart enough not to buy into his thinking! I only disagree with the B.S. ! I could say my name is pet, Doug or Sam, nobody would really know! is 1965 your last name?

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Feb-01-13 11:40 AM

If however having a gun in the house is really bothering you, and you don't want to take the trouble of legally selling it, you can always turn it into the local police at any time. If you give them a call they'll commonly send a police car around to collect it as soon as they free up some time. There's curious legal thing however when it comes to the matter of surrendering handguns. NYS Penal Law article 265.20 requires that the ID of anyone turning in a handgun be recorded,"..that the same shall be surrendered ONLY after such person gives notice in writing....stating his name, address..". As far as I know, there there has been no legislation passed which allows for the anonymous collection of handguns, even at these gun "buy backs". I called the City of Buffalo mayor's office during one of their "buy backs" many years ago and, after my pressing the matter, I was told "so sue us!".

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Jan-31-13 9:54 PM

this is my real name I agree with most of what phil says usually. I'm no yes man and every so often he does say something i don't like. But you Mr. Baseball are by far the most disagreeable person I've seen in a while. you really need to step into reality here, Dunkirk needs to also.

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Jan-31-13 9:56 AM

Hope you don;t need the cops some day, and they are busy on another call, because there are not enough to go around! But you would complain that they took too long to respond, probably because they were doing something to pad their retirement! Too all those people who agreed with Phil's comment, do you all use your real name here also, probably not!

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Jan-31-13 9:52 AM

Phil, will you say that to everyone else on here who does not use their real name, even your supporters?? You need a recharge at Lake Shore Hospital!

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Jan-30-13 9:22 PM

a gun buy back program,with all the other pressing matters this city faces,can't see it high on the priority list,next think you know they will find a need to install bullet proof glass in city hall

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Jan-30-13 8:13 PM

Hey Baseball - I can handle the criticism but maybe you hit the all time low by lacking the guts to sign your name to your comments.

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Jan-30-13 3:31 PM

Lets be like our federal govt and sell guns to the Mexican Mofia. Oh we already did that. Hey Joe Biden put that in your proposed plan. NO SELLING GUNS TO CRIMINALS..we already tried that!!! But wait..the Hil Gal sez: What does it matter?

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Jan-30-13 2:54 PM

We are not Buffalo or other large places to even be thinking of this. Bigger places have a murder/shooting a day. Fortunately we have minor stuff. Besides Dunkirk doesn't have money for other needed items and this comes up!

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Jan-30-13 1:39 PM

I strongly agree with kcw007!!! Contact a Gun Shop, or a person that holds a Federal Firearms License. These men and women try to make a living by buying,selling and repairing Firearms.

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Jan-30-13 1:20 PM

As I said previously, most of the stuff turned in at these "buy backs" is of minimum value, but once in while something of great value shows up. Back, maybe 20 years ago?, probably at the 1st of these programs in the WNY region; an eldery woman showed up with a Model 1895 Winchester "saddle ring" carbine, cal. 30.06, in beautiful condition. To her it was "just a gun" that had belonged to a great uncle and was taking up space in the closet. I believe she received $35 for it but, fortunately, one of the people "administrating" that day swapped it out for a rusty, old single shot 22 that had been brought along for such an eventuality. In high demand the by collectors, that Winchester was worth in excess of $800 at that time; probably more than double that value now. Have someone check out what you have before you "give" it away at a buy back program, you might just get lucky!

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Jan-30-13 1:17 PM

The only good thing about gun buybacks is that a knowledgable person can show up with some cash, and MAYBE make out with some great deals on antiques. I know a guy did this in Buffalo, made over 8 grand on one double barrlled shotgun. It can happen. But I agree, most are old junk, some not even usable.

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Jan-30-13 11:57 AM

Awesome concept. Lets dump money into a program which diarms innocent civilians and ignore the fact that Chautauqua county still has DOZENS of unsolved murders in the area. No money to investigate cold cases, but we have the money to pay you so that you may become defenseless.

What kind of logic does that follow?

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Jan-30-13 10:47 AM

Come on Phil, a scheme for the cops to get overtime, you have hit an all time low. Phil anybody near you have some duct tape?

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Jan-30-13 9:32 AM

Is there any evidence that the buy back program in Buffalo has decreased crime? It seems to me there is a murder every day on the streets of Buffalo. Is this a program that the city can afford or is it just another scheme to create overtime pay for retiring cops? Is there any proof that Dunkirk has a significant proglem with gun violence - I doubt it? At last estimate there are about 300 million guns in the country. Taking them out of homes in Dunkirk will have the same effect as spitting in the ocean. We just might be safer by placing a gun in every home for a deterrent to crime and so people can defend themselves. Dunkirk is a dying city but it's not because of guns - it has more to do with stupidity!

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Jan-30-13 9:11 AM

Although I agree with Greg, I also feel that most law abiding people do not have guns, because they were not necessary back in the day. It is only of late that guns have become such a popular commodity, and a lisence and permit required to own one. Taking these so called tactical weapons off the market and all these high power things off the market is a good start. What does it take to get people to see the suffering, they incur by their stupidity? You can't fix stupid, and thats a fact.

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Jan-30-13 8:25 AM

The bulk of the guns turned in during these by back programs aren't worth much more than their weight in scrap metal, but if you truely want to get rid of a gun, why not first call a few of gun shops in the region and see if they might be interested in it before you dump it for $50. Of course a dealer is only going to offer a wholesale price, but that could be well over the value of the "buy back" offer.

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Jan-30-13 8:23 AM

On a positive note... What this will do is get the guns out of homes that these "bad people" could one day rob. When and if they do, the stolen guns will be used in future crimes.

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Jan-30-13 3:31 AM

Programs like this do not take guns from bad people because the bad people either would never give up their guns or would get a gun from some other place. A bad person will do bad things no matter what kind of weapon he has, whether it's it a gun, knife, fists, or a car.this will just disarm the law abiding people. We need stiffer penalties for armed crimes.

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