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City resident a wanted man

January 31, 2013

A Dunkirk man is on the run and is wanted by authorities in Niagara County. Police are looking for Paul Turley, 47, who is a convicted sex offender....

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Jan-31-13 2:17 AM

This Turley S.O.B. looks like a cocky jerk. Just look at his pic. I know they say looks are deceiving & not to judge a book by its cover & it is also said not to rush to judgement nor do not judge others--BUT --

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Jan-31-13 2:33 AM

BUT.look at the situation as a whole!He is already a registered sex offender,so he has already been charged & convicted of similar crime/s. He skipped out on 50,000 bail.Now whoever put collateral (property) up for his bail is responsible to cover that 50,000 if they went through a bondsman or if they went straight through the courts & put their property up as collateral- well they lost their home-business-worldly possessions due to his selfish act of running like a coward. He was a man when he had sexual contact with those young children- HE SHOULD OF BEEN A MAN TO DEAL WITH THE OUTCOME OF ACTIONS.Further more his wife is a low life scummy b-i-t-c-h. why? She has allowed him to manipulate her into standing by his side & now she is on the run with a wanted fugitive-a wanted man- that makes her harboring a criminal.She probably assisted him with his evil acts against those innocent young ones..They can't run forever!SICK DEMENTED S.O.B NEEDS SOMEONE TO SEXUALLY ABUSE HIM.

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Jan-31-13 6:11 AM

This man was like a second father to me & never did ANYTHING to me, EVER, in my whole life that i have known him. nor did he have a criminal background, of ANY kind. it is sad that he ran before having a chance to present his side in the trial. and all the evidence & witnesses, etc. he was not a registered sex offender until he was convicted because he didn't show up & the trial continued without him. or that's how i understand it anyway. regardless.....i can't imagine him doing any of these things. i know the victims, & i can say that they are extremely manipulative, & there is much more to this story than what the average reader realizes. still, i wish he will be found, because it is not right that he ran, as terrified as he is of jail. now, he has even MORE of that to face. what a sad case. :(

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Jan-31-13 6:16 AM

and his mother apparently posted bail for him. he is actually not cocky, & is a very helpful, kind person. not sure why the "victims" didn't mention any of this back when they knew me. or why it took til now for them to say something. if you want to send someone to jail for crimes like this, you say something RIGHT away. i don't care HOW embarrassing it may be or whatever they say out there for those who have been abused (i have been abused, but by past partners, & i never once kept that in, but i guess everyone is not the same). i don't know. i am very upset by this, & i just don't believe it. he still should not have ran though. Paul, please come back! i would've testified! now i feel like all the character letters in the world mean nothing. :(

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Jan-31-13 9:18 AM

As a sex offender he had to be registered with the local authorities as such. Was he? Most likely not. So who dropped the ball on this one? Chief.

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Jan-31-13 2:39 PM

Sad case for the children involved not for the coward who ran.As for the person sticking up for him,shame on you to berate innocent children for not coming forward sooner that is just sick.If he is so innocent why run and now his mother is stuck with $50K loss yeah real nice guy...according to "Buffalo News" his mother put up her property and refused to help law Enforcement to find him,thus guaranteeing she'll lose the property.Btw if this is his 1st conviction he wouldn't be on the register and its up to the offender to notify local law enforcement of his residence not the other way around...

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Feb-01-13 7:15 AM

unfortunately & sadly, most people don't know the full story. the "victims" are not "innocent children". they are extremely manipulative, & they hated Paul & did whatever they could to get back at him. they hated him because he "took them away from their friends" & for other reasons, like taking their Mom away from them. & then they dragged their Mom down with him. this started at a drinking party, interestingly enough (where the lies became fabricated). karma is going to come around soon enough though. i have known and BEEN a victim of abuse, so i am all for going to get the "bad guy" & am against abuse. but there has been a serious error made here. had this ACTUALLY been true, then of course, i would be on the "innocent girls' side. but it is not true. there is nothing -I- can say to convince anyone of anything. everyone is going to feel what they want to feel in this matter. but i'm sticking with what -i- feel and

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Feb-01-13 7:21 AM i'm sticking with what i feel & what i KNOW of Paul since 1989. that's a LONG time. i was a second daughter to him longggg before his stepdaughters were even in his LIFE. they made a SERIOUS mistake. hoping this will turn out like that one Harrison Ford movie, where after he ran, there was proof that turned up that showed he was innocent, all that time. everyone can think what they want. i respect that. but some things people are thinking are based on wrong information. do i think Casey Anthony was guilty? yes. do i think many men out there who are predators, are actually guilty. yes. but not this man. :'(

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Feb-06-13 3:40 PM

I knew this man when I was a teenager and he gave me the creeps. It is good the girls came forward, any victim of sexual abuse that does this is just to do so- let the court decide who is telling the truth. The fact that he ran implies guilt. I really hope they find him.

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