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Police are needed in Silver Creek

February 6, 2013

I would like to address the article in the OBSERVER of Jan. 27, “Eliminate village police department.” First, OBSERVER Publisher John D’Agostino and I have had several debates on this issu....

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Feb-09-13 1:59 PM

Silver creek police not needed. As I recently sat in the court house. (The size of a master bed room) And listened to the bogus appearance tickets that were issued it sickened me thinking about how high our tax, water, and trash cost are in this village. We do not need a cut your grass task force. We do not need a police force harassing the tourist who visit the wine trail. Major companies are closing our village needs the tourist to feel welcomed here not harassed. This perspective that I share is from an outsiders point of view since I have lived here just over a year but due to my military and law enforcement back round I have the experience to observe and give an educated opinion on true law enforcement. The Silver Creek police can be replaced by true law enforcement the Sheriffs who are trained right and have no hidden agenda, like paying their own salary through traffic stops. Sheriffs can respond to a real emergency call within 15 min. Thats a fact!( lower taxes) cut waist.

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Feb-09-13 1:42 PM

Police not needed in Silver Creek ! This state needs to down size government. The silver Creek police department do nothing but harass people driving through the village or respond to bogus calls. I have lived in Major cities and villages all over the country. I also work in law enforcement. I have examples of the non sense silver creek police calls responded to. These are all true calls. Dogs barking. Trash in yard. We have Rac***** out here correct? Fires in a controlled fire pit. Loud music. All calls the sheriff could respond to. Silver creek police are a joke and a mockery of a REAL police force. They hide with their black car on 20 or rt 5 and pull over and harass speeders. When I was new I was pulled over because the police claimed I was speeding then spiked my breaks( Radar detecter) when the police came to my window and seen the detector they started yelling at me, I said is it Illegal? The cop became irate and went 4 stun gun. I gave him my ID. Case closed. Sheriffs please!

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Feb-09-13 12:36 PM

eagleswings, there is more to the Police budget than base salaries. Look at what the total police budget is, it is more than what the Town pays for the Sheriff---FACT! Also FACT, if the Village contracted with the Sheriff for a car in the Village, there would be one in the Village as well as one for the Town because of the contract----Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Village PD has priced themselves out of business, the actions of the Chief, starting with a all wheel drive car that he HAD to have for officer safety, but nobody can drive it but him! Then his entire full time staff leaves--Big problem at SCPD!

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Feb-09-13 10:58 AM

When does the green F350 drive around and work. The only time I observe this truck is parked at the Municipal Building parked next to the mayor's vehicle.

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Feb-09-13 8:12 AM

Eaglewings..Fact: There's a reason they are called "working" foreman in the DPW, they work. Those F-350's they drive around in are used for work. Don't confuse them with the Chief who works in the office and drives a brand new car to get coffee in. If the chief was taking calls and backing up his own men, that would be another story but thats not what happens. Fact: 14,000 is padded with drive by house checks and V&T stops. As long as you want people to be honest and tell the real story, well there it is.

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Feb-09-13 3:30 AM

Payroll and benefits for the 19 village employees is $1.3 million dollars. Payroll for PD with the 4 officers who left included was 282,670 dollars in 2011. Employee benefits were not broken down by Department in the comptroller's trend report. Let's deal with actual numbers instead of snide remarks!

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Feb-09-13 3:21 AM

My my my. How quick you all are to critcize a person for not having the facts correct when you don't either. Instead of complaining behind peoples backs why don't the 17 of you show up at the board meetings where all this crap takes place and voice your opinions where it migh actually do some good. How refreshing it would be to see 17 people at meetings to show that they actually had concerns about what was going on rather than just having something to complain about. Fact: The town of Hanover pays the sheriff 320,000 a yr plus 25,000 for fuel plus 6,000 fro May 31, til after Labor Day for the extra officer in Sunset Bay. Fact: the sheriffs substation is actually within the village. Do you really think they would put an extra officier up here. They would simply add the village to the 22 sq. miles they patrol for 2 shifts. Fact: The working foremen for the DPW and the Water and Sewer each have new Ford 350's that they drive around the village for work and no one else drives.

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Feb-08-13 8:18 PM

14,000 calls for a tiny Village of 2500 people, give me a break. Calls are padded everyone does it, but the small places do it more to justify their existence. Hanover did have a day car, but cut it for the winter. On an emergency, any Police Dept. can be called out of their jurisdiction.

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Feb-08-13 4:32 PM

If these 14000 calls are all legitimate that means each and every day there is an average of 38 calls a day. that means an officer is running to almost 2 calls an hour without breaks or paperwork. Do you really believe ALL the calls are important or are they just logged into the system? I am not trying to discount what are police are doing but when I see the car on 5-20 for coffee or lunch,how did he have time? or if he is sitting doing radar,how could he with having to answer 2 calls an hour? Lets get real. I think we have a chief feeding information to a person who he knows will be his mouthpiece to keep his job secure.Just do a little math and you will see it's not possible

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Feb-08-13 3:30 PM

The SCPD mainly pulls over speeders. every-time a 911 call is placed, a sheriff is also dispatched to assist the SCPD. What a waste of money. I would much rather have my tax money go to the school to have an armed guard or two on school grounds, Instead of parking tickets, gardening, and garbage patrol! I want my kids to be safe, it is so easy to just walk in the school, at any time of the day! Scary!

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Feb-08-13 1:27 PM

Anna may have thrown losts of people under the bus yet she does make a few good points. There is money that could be save by the board without cutting the department. There are huge conglicts of interest involving the board members. And yes the 14,000 are all legitamite calls. Yes some were calls from the Sheriff that should have been answered by the Sheriff or NYSP but where were they? There is no Sheriff car in Hanover from 7am-3pm and if the Sheriff does get a contract with the village do you think that car will remain in the village? No that car will get pulled from the village at his pleasure to answer call in the area of Hanover and Sheridan. I think both sides should get there facts straight before they open there mouths and instead of arguing try and work together to come up with a solution to ammend the problem and provide the best service to the village residents at a reasonable price. And as for the officers they came back because the Sgt left and to help the department.

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Feb-08-13 2:35 AM

The Sheriff can do it cheaper and still keep a car inside the Village by contract! Yes also those calls are padded! House checks and area checks pump up the call number, the sheriff will still do those for a cheaper price. What I find really funny, is that the Chief cited officer safety for getting an all-wheel drive vehicle, then takes it for himself and his officers are forbidden to drive it---what a pack of lies!

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Feb-07-13 4:48 PM

OMG..unreal..let's talk about the 2009 flood. Where were you as a trustee then? Because you were no were to be seen helping out our community, that you claim to care so much for.Obviously Anna is fed misinformation or she lives in an unrealistic place. This is why you are no longer a trustee. You never obtain the facts before opening your mouth. You talk as you need a pat on the back for suggesting "sending the streets and court over to the Town of Hanover. You can't just "send" them anywhere!!! Lastly, you must of added a few 0's to your over inflated the number of calls the SCPD responded to to..REALLY????

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Feb-07-13 4:14 PM

Lets see Anna 14,000 calls in one year.That breaks down to a little more tha 38 calls per day in a village one square mile and 2600 inhabitants this borders on the ridiculous.No body answers the door at the police department during the day so please tell where are all these calls coming from.As far as the officers that left being unhappy perhaps you should check your facts before making statements that aren,t totally true

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Feb-06-13 10:03 PM

my gosh,where do you start on this? Again she has more than likely P--- off the village,half of the people,and the sheriff's dept. So,what you are saying is that because hardworking people in this village need to accept a free breakfast or lunch that they are now criminals? Also the sheriffs are not able to respond to a call? Where is your data for that?You also stated the calls have gone up over the last 4 years. Again where is the data that says most of the calls were serious or were they nuisance calls? how are calls logged?again no data. You have even managed to alienate yourself from the whole board with your horrible attitude. You have no proof that there is anything "inside" happening and also accusing people of not paying taxes.All I see is a very poor loser who should stop talking before it's too late. If you would have been an effective trustee,you would still be there.

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Feb-06-13 9:54 PM

14000 calls ....really how many were are house checks,street lights out, traffic tickets, or helping the sheriff..all the cops pad the numbers to make them look busy ..lets ask the Sheriff how many calls they gave SCPD. Dont you think its funny that those officers came back to work part time after another officer went to work for the sheriff.. its the same board that you claim had a "no vote of confidence by this board" YOU STATED THIS IN YOUR LETTER!!, its the same board that these three officers are coming back to work for. We all need law enforcement, keep what you have, contact w the sheriff and or NYSP or just not pay anything, some form of law enforcement will come either the sheriff or NYSP but some one will come !!

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Feb-06-13 9:35 PM

Anna, Lets do you really know whats really going on. I agree with you..We do need the some form of Law Enforcement. There are cheeper ways in doing this. Look back in Time when the Town of Hanover got out of the Police in the late 1980' you remember it also forced SCPD to close down dispatch and have the Sheriff's Dept do the dispatching for POLICE,FIRE & EMS. this was the first form of central dispatching, & I agree you want the POLICE immediately, but if SCPD has a subject under arrest you will wait until the sheriff or NYSP to come and help you and you may have to wait a few, for those units to respond. Do you expect the Police to come and bring the bad guy with them. come on wake up. Regional police,fire & ems are popular in the south and west, even including schools. Do you remember when NYS Electric & Gas had a garage in the village and local guys to handle it, that to is gone. Now Ripley school's are looking to merge with Chautauqua Lake all for cost savi

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Feb-06-13 8:15 PM

“When the flood hit in 2009 former trustee Andy Volk and I said send the streets department to the town.” Wasn’t it Anna and Andy who voted to purchase the Bentges building? And how’s that working out? We paid over half a million dollars and haven’t seen a dime in return.

This woman, who cries that the Village taxes are too high – and I’m not saying they aren’t – is actually rallying to save the department? Does this make sense? Must be she doesn’t think the sheriff will park in her driveway for hours on end like roach does.

Why wasn’t she this passionate about the state of the village when she was on the Board? Perhaps there is a reason she lost the last two elections. All talk and no action.

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Feb-06-13 12:55 PM

At least the police chief has a shiney new car!


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Feb-06-13 11:56 AM

Crud, wrong thread.

Sorry. lol!

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Feb-06-13 11:39 AM

"Officials in her school district have emphasized they do not tolerate bullying"

The problem is that often the way schools deal with the situation only makes things worse.

For example a few years back when my son was still in elementary school he was being bullied, and actually hit, during his lunch periods. This was witnessed by various staff and rather then dealing with the student doing the bullying (and risk their parent being upset) they decided to pulled my son out and have him eat seperate from the other students, so as to avoid the bullying student. This of course only caused him to feel even more singled out and isolated.


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Feb-06-13 9:17 AM

John D’Agostino isn't much of an original thinker, nor is he very adept at developing creative solutions to complex problems.

However, he's very consistent at parroting the very pedestrian economic and governing philosophy of Reaganism (who was senile and is dead btw...) supply-side economics (which doesn't work and never has in a macro application) and pseudo-conservatism, which while it sounds nice, is highly hypocritical when John D’Agostino's hands are at the trough as much as the other guy, and yet believes, his needs is more worthy than yours.

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Feb-06-13 9:05 AM

Anna Fredrickson has no idea of how communities should work together.Her main objective while she was on the village board was to get rid of the streets department.Why doesn't the village try to work out an agreement with the town for shared services with the sheriff.Iwould imagine the cost would not be $500,000 a year which is the cost of policing an area one square with 2600 inhabitants.As for the 14,000 calls for service I highly doubt that a village this small generated that many calls.Anna is a former village board member.If she had done her job she might still be on the board.

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Feb-06-13 8:56 AM

Anna, other communitiesacross the nation are facing the same dilemna. No money for so called vital services. Our govt will have to cut back and police are a big chunk of the budget. It was fun to see you educate the editor, raising his awareness and the glass house is the key, right Anna ? the population thing will slowly fix itself. The elder die and the young move away.I got the impression that you are in an emotional, love like relationship with govt in general.

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