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What if this happened at Sandy Hook?

February 9, 2013

Breaking news: An auto traveling at high speed slams into children waiting to board school buses at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Multiple casualties are reporte....

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Feb-09-13 2:35 AM

E X C E L L E N T ! ! !

But with most of them it still won't sink in. And I believe some (including Cuomo and Obama) are, with the help of a complicit media, just exploiting the victim's, and their families, to further their agenda.

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Feb-09-13 4:15 AM

This may be the stupidest anology on the subject I've ever seen, and certainly the biggest failure in an attempt to be clever.

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Feb-09-13 6:09 AM

Totally disagree with you Christopher. The writer could not have done a better job. You only feel that it is stupid because it goes against your agenda of gun control.

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Feb-09-13 6:59 AM

Christopher just does not get it , that is what analogies are for ! It is called thinking. Something the libs do not accept as you did not build that or even think it up .The govt did. the car article would would naturally follow from the Sandy Hook situation. Why would one need a muscle car? It kills the planet! LOL. years of democrats and unions have dulled many minds. Hey libs, maybe global warming had something to do with it ? Funny how you never see the libs surrounding themselvbes with children for school choice. Only them union teachers ! Right libs? What did Biden say about gun control ? it would not work. dont let that stop you either libs.remember libs, the govt is your answer to everything. Just look how well the LAPD handled a rogue cop. shooting innocent people. Just wait till the drones take to the air ! The libs will be in heaven.

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Feb-09-13 7:51 AM

No, I think it's stupid because comparing accidents involving cars has nothing to do with thousands of murders a year in this country due to MURDER!!! ACCIDENTS are ACCIDENTS! Murder is on PURPOSE! There, did that help? And yep, murders are done with other implements, but mass murders, NO. Those require guns. Any other ridiculous arguments you want to make? How about this one? Did you know that most drug abusers drank milk as children!!? Oh my God, let's ban MILK!!! See what I mean? Some comparatives are just the one in this article.

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Feb-09-13 7:53 AM

By the way, when anyone posts something and Steiner agrees with you, that ought to be a definite clue you're in strange territory.

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Feb-09-13 8:01 AM

News Flash...Drunk Driver hits and kills a child. Groups such as MADD are formed, laws regarding alcohol levels are revised and lowered so that more people under the influence can be charged, police and courts start to take drunk driving seriously rather than just turning a blind eye, and most importantly....

Deaths due to drunk drivers GOES DOWN. imagine change in laws, attitudes and culture in a society can really have a good, positive impact.

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Feb-09-13 9:04 AM

Christopher did you actually read the article? I'm not attacking you but it doesn't mention an "accident". It say's a mentally ill person used a car to slam into kids. Doesn't elude to it being an accident. Very well written commentary.

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Feb-09-13 9:59 AM


What does the government cracking down on people who make the choice to break the law, and drive drunk, have to do with the government taking away the rights of law abiding citizens to own a firearm to protect them, and their families, from the people who choose to break the laws?

DO NOT try to change the arguement.

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Feb-09-13 10:03 AM

This has happened several times in the last decade, but the difference is that they happened at farmers' markets. Nobody except the driver was blamed, and the auto manufacturers were not implicated. No new laws created, and gas tanks were not further restricted.

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Feb-09-13 10:26 AM

The libs are confused again. Judeye wants to have a make over on us, changing attitudes. Did you notice, MADD, mothers again. the govt is their man so the gals can be mothers. The govt just condemned all legal gun owners, like the LAPD(unions christopher ) did with their blue truck attacks.With the number of guns in US, the number of deaths is low. . This eludes the libs completely. They never did think.Hey christopher, if I am so dumb, how is it you buy my stuff n the store and have had industry firsts. That is all you fall back on libs. You have no factual basis. Unions and mommies, that is what our govt has become. Hundreds of millions of guns and christopher and judeye still dont get. Why is taht libs ?

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Feb-09-13 10:59 AM

Simply put for the libs. the US has a high rate of gun ownership, near the highest in the world. we should all be dying by guns, we are not. The libs are using it as a tool to advance more govt control, pure and simple.

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Feb-09-13 11:40 AM

Finally some one who has hit the nail on the head. Way to go Greg R. :)

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Feb-09-13 11:53 AM

I can think of no better reponse than Christopher's: This may be the stupidest anology on the subject I've ever seen, and certainly the biggest failure in an attempt to be clever.

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Feb-09-13 12:30 PM

Judeye, you are comparing apples to oranges. Drunk vs. insane. And Christopher, if the weapon of choice of nutjobs was a car, what then? Do we punish all law abiding drivers for them? I think that is the point the article is trying to make. But you seem locked on the method used to kill, not the underlying cause.

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Feb-09-13 12:33 PM

And the name calling and insults have to start with the same tolerant group again. Would that be law abiding people that don't want the Constitutional rights impugned or the people saying all are welcome, as long as you have the same opinion that is? But the tolerant people have no idea what I'm talking about, do they.

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Feb-09-13 1:57 PM

does anyone think the nys gun law is going to stop this!people that follow the law,are not going out to shot others.all this is doing is make more money for gun runners,and taken away your rights. can anyone say hitler.

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Feb-09-13 1:59 PM

I liked the letter, but I do support gun control involving all automatic weapons, only b/c I don't see the need for them, and b/c too many criminals and mentally deranged ppl are acquiring them. However, I also don't like govt intrusions that "modify" constitutional rights.

Outlawing ammunition for automatic weapons will settle this isssue legally, w/o infringing on anyone's rights. Ammo for auto-weapons is NOT a constitutional right, and the reason pols haven't passed such a regulation yet is b/c they're afraid of the political influence the NRA carries.

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Feb-09-13 2:54 PM

Simply put, other than a slight twist on the average BS from the staunchest of 2nd amendment supporters, emphasis on SLIGHT, the cars vs guns anology is VER$Y old and VERY tired. I do think New York's law is stupid and won't work, and has more than a few things in it I don't like. No gun control law will work unless it's nationwide and includes confiscation and HUGE penalties for violations. But again, the gun vs car anology is tired, old and senseless. Look anywhere in this country with high murder rates, the weapon of choice is guns.

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Feb-09-13 3:36 PM

Captain, automatic weapons have been Banned since 1934 get the facts please. If there was a ban on ammo, that would ban several sporting,hunting and defense weapons. 30-06 for deer hunting,45acp for target and defense, and 223 for hunting and target...I think NOT!

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Feb-09-13 4:08 PM

Any one would who ever compare cars to guns -- seriously, one is a vehicle of transport while the other is a device exclusively to kill -- to try to make an argument is an amateurish simpleton. A 4 year old could tell you a gun is not a car and a car is not a gun.

And yet, we have adults going "OH YEAH BABY!! YOU TELL THEM!!" -- yes, tell them that a four year old knows more than you. What's next Einsteins -- switchblades are like bicycles??

And you take yourselves sooo seriously...

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Feb-09-13 4:47 PM


Speeking of simpletons, it would seem that you fail to grasp the premise of the anology. But, since you seem to think it is just about a car vs. a gun, let me try to help you out on your terms:

ALL my guns, and my wife's guns, COMBINED, have killed less people than TED KENNEDY'S CAR.

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Feb-09-13 4:49 PM

excuse me...semi-automatic weapon.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of reading Dc's sarcastic & condescending remarks. She exhibits a downright rotten & miserable personality. She must be a very lonely person.

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Feb-09-13 4:50 PM

Well aren't you something dc? The voice of reason and intelligence for the ages. As long as the opinion stated agrees with yours. Yep, you sound exactly like a good, goose stepping follower of the dear leader. And, to borrow your exclamation verbage. Your diatribes are sooo tired.

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Feb-09-13 5:00 PM

"Any one would who ever compare cars to an amateurish simpleton"

Opposed to what, a professional simpleton?

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