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Getting a read on indicators

February 11, 2013

I’d like to begin this column with an apology to those who were happy I wasn’t going to write anymore. Sorry, I didn’t lie, but circumstances changed....

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Feb-14-13 11:33 AM

Big deal. Compare THE EMPIRE STATE to Alabama...Wow so New york is the cream of the crap andd open for business!! It came in secord in a one person race. I'd buy you a cookie but they left town,

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Feb-13-13 7:57 PM

one thing we could do to help would be buying American.Try- double u,double u,double u dot made in u s a forever dot com(they have alot of things you couldn't find usa made).Try the flannel-lined jeans made by Texas jeans.It's been 7 years ago that the last maker had a fire that destroyed the plant that had lined jeans.Been wearing thermals under regular jean that long rather than buy chinese.So far I've got 4 pair of Texas lined(great quality)Do your part to get some good jobs back.That means you big-talking liberal slugs too.

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Feb-12-13 3:08 PM

I'd support either a flat tax or a national sales tax.

But to really fix things it should be tied into a balanced budget amendment so if Congress and the President want to spend more then is coming in they would need to raise taxes on everyone to pay for it.

The only real issue I see with a national sales tax is that it would result in double taxation on any money you still have from before the sales tax went into effect.

As for the IRS, either way they will still be needed, but of course it would be a fraction of the size it is now.

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Feb-12-13 1:16 PM

Built into that federal sales tax would be funds for schools. Also a state sales tax that includes money for property taxes, doing away with school, village, town and county taxes. I could care less if the federal tax was 20 percent and another 15 percent for the state taxes. People that spend their money would have to pay the tax, a much more fair system then what we now have. What we have right now is an income tax that s c r e w s the middle class, because the rich can afford to pay and the poor pay nothing and in most cases get money back, unearned credit income.

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Feb-12-13 1:10 PM

I think a better way to go Mike is for a federal sales tax. Lets do away with the IRS. The more you make the more you will spend, so its a fair way for everyone.

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Feb-12-13 1:02 PM

Let me be the first to agree with you bull. In your mind I'm sure you are reeling and deciding how to spin that little fact into some thing derogatory for me. Have fun...I'd like to see a flat tax that every citizen pays, period. If you make a dollar, send in your ten cents.

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Feb-12-13 12:11 PM

America was built on risk. Someone who takes the risk and wins should reap the rewards not be punished with higher taxes. Some folks never learned what made America great! RISK/REWARD!

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Feb-12-13 11:32 AM

cronig , this is for you and all the libs and their so called intelligent decisions. Back in the 60's the libs were demonstrating against the vietnam war and a host of other social issues. All for justice , fairness and equity nonsense. Meanwhile, in santa Clara valley a revolution in electronics was about to begin, Silicon Valley is the better known term. While the libs were choosing incorrectly, about 8 men were launching devices that would change society forever. The libs, in all their intelligent wisdom missed that one.They did not build it ! Just like they missed other advances. You prove to me over and over that the social justice crowd is learning disabled and proud of it. Judeye, these men became very wealthy as did others in the trillion dollar market that would follow. was that wrong judeye? Do they need you and yours to tell them what to do with their money ? Let me know libs . Social justice is at stake !

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Feb-12-13 10:49 AM

"Just their fair share."

And what share do you think is fair?

Also what about people who have a negative tax liablity (get money back they never put in) what is their "fair share?"

You repeatedly says X pays a lower percentage then Y, but never answer if you would support a flat tax so everyone paid the exact same percentage so as to be fair.

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Feb-12-13 10:06 AM

Yes judeye I have read it and the more I read it and about it the less I like it. The pre existing part may be the only good thing in it. The rest of it is the biggest tax ever written on the poor and working poor. And it is not a fair tax by any means. And isn't that one of the things the left complains about? That the lower income pay to much tax while the higher tax brackets pay a lesser percent? You probably will have to pay a premium for this non healthcare bill while the elite like obama, pelosi, reid and anyone in Congress is exempt from this tax. Can you tell me where that's fair. Also why should anyone be forced to carry their adult children on their healthcare premium?

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Feb-12-13 9:32 AM

cronig , you are confused as usual. the 50's and 80's were boom years. How could you say they were failures ? How was the 30's cronig. all those failed govt programs.remember the great depression libs ? Dems solidly in control. Success says cronig. Stocks are just a little above where they were in 2000. hey cronig everything we got was developed first in private minds or enterprise. the govt had little to do with it. even the manhattan project was initiated by private minds. Thats the facts folks, no amount of belittling by cronig, judeye or christopher can change it. makes those unions look a little less impressive eh Paul ? Whose is unlearned Paul, the union leaders or the great minds of history ? Hint its the union stooges ! To belittle libs !

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Feb-12-13 9:15 AM

Christopher, unemployment is lower in right to work states. Why does choice other than an abortion elude libs. Unions are declining. Obama care was supposed to reduce costs. It has not. A single payer system is what the libs always wanted. when this was mentioned at first it was villified. Red states create more jobs. You should be elated that more people are on public assistance in red states. that is the liberals dream. so e have lower unemploynment and Texas has no income tax.Guess they are not taxing their way to prosperity. face it Paul, you hate choice other than abortions. Judeye proved in another post that the rich must pay more in taxes. hey christopher, auto , steel and schools unions wrecked them all. Who is unlearned now Paul ? Give us the union fable.

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Feb-12-13 8:21 AM

American...have you read the Act?

I love not having pre existing conditions prevent someone from being able to get health insurance....I love that our children can remain on our policies until they are 26....I love that the insurance companies must use 80% of the premiums on PATIENTS not just profits for the CEO...I love that preventative care is covered. Those are just a few of the things that I love about this Act.

What are the specifics that you do not like? Not just talking points from some talking head, but really the specific points of this Act that you disagree with.

My only complaint, is that it did not go far enough. I really would like to see a public option or a single payer system.

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Feb-12-13 8:16 AM

joew..Actually it worked VERY WELL. That is not my opinion by the way, it is a FACT.

Look it up.

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Feb-12-13 8:15 AM


Just their fair share.

Google income see just how far the gap between the very rich and the rest of us has grown...IN THE PAST TEN YEARS.

Of course there has always been a gap. But not since just before the Great Depression has the gap in incomes been this large. And it is growing!

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Feb-12-13 7:39 AM

""How much" and "how many" are entirely different discussions."

Actually they aren't since the issue most people have with the various welfare programs isn't that they exist but instead that they are so generous (as pointed out that NY spends more then double what CA does but with a million less people on Medicaid simply because our left wing govs have signed NY up for every medicaid program imaginable.)

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Feb-12-13 6:25 AM

Not to worry,the state of the union speech this evening will feature more "investment" which will fix everything. It worked so well in 09 why not do it again. Surely there must be a couple of solar panel and battery companies out there who could use OUR money right?

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Feb-11-13 8:35 PM

Well opinions are like acne. Everyone has some. I only know western NY and Dunkirk are losing population and taxes and fees are going up and up. That does not seem like a good situation at worst. Good cheerleading however "Rome is burning" Oh, the full impact of the medicare bill is yet to be felt. IMHO

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Feb-11-13 6:34 PM

Is this the same Christopher that has made such degrading remarks in other letters and editorials to other posters such as this one? "Now, if you REALLY want to appear to be a right wing idiot, bring up the Kennedy's"

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Feb-11-13 6:17 PM

Just when I thought we were in for a break he writes another column! I can handle his opinions even when we disagree. But when he gets insulting that's more than I can handle.

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Feb-11-13 3:47 PM

Obamacare is an atrocity that needs to be repealed. It was done completely wrong and there is nothing good about it. It is just a new tax on low income people. And there will be more coming soon. Like the one that hits smokers and extra up to approx. $5000 a year. But only the low income or working poor need to worry about it.

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Feb-11-13 3:28 PM

American: Obamacare is the transitional compromise to get us from the old system to single payer. The old system was unsustainable. Obamacare will make some proper fixes/improvements but will still fall short. Hence, the only viable fix, at that time. on the table will be single payer. And you're correct -- seeing how most of health care issues comes from our behavioral consumptive lifestyle, taxing such consumption, ie sales tax, is a correct method to pay for downstream healthcare.

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Feb-11-13 2:46 PM

There are only two ways that healthcare should operate and obamacare is not one of them. Either revert back to the way it was or go with a single payer system paid for by a national sales tax of 3 or 4%. obamacare has and will continue to increase costs on those who can least afford it while exempting some from paying for it. National sales tax and single payer will have everyone pay their fair share because everyone has to pay that tax. No exemptions from it.

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Feb-11-13 1:06 PM

Excellent article Paul. One thing we could do to help the medicare fund is have the government negotiate with the pharacuetical industry for cheaper prices because we buy so much. This was outlawed by the republicans, and should be reconsidered.

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Feb-11-13 12:54 PM

Welcome back, Paul -

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