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Legislator loses courage on cuts

February 17, 2013

In an effort to cut costs, Chautauqua County Legislator Fred Croscut voted to sell the Chautauqua County Home in Dunkirk....

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Feb-19-13 7:17 PM

Come to find out the brain's behind this opinion is non other then the Observer publisher.With all of the Garbage he through up makes us feel more informed?

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Feb-19-13 12:52 PM


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Feb-19-13 12:25 PM

Who ever wrote this post needs to get their head out of their backside!!!!Mr Crosscut is one of the few doing his job the way he should.Standing behind the people he represents and not his own agenda.Fight4right hit it right on the nose nice job! As for Sherman school one of the best in the county if not the best! Then we have to read an idiot's view on something they don't know nothing about Nice job who ever wrote this? They did not even put their name to it? You must be very proud of it?

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Feb-19-13 12:01 PM

Maybe you should do your research before you bash one of the best schools in the county.


Looks to me as the larger schools are not making the cut when it comes to their students achieving minimum proficiency according to NYS.

As for the County Home vs the County Shop, two completely different areas. Voting to SELL the County Home to another buyer does not shut down the facility. Shutting down the County Shop impacts many different aspects for that area. Yes, jobs are one, but so are the roads they maintain. Less plows on county roads equals higher danger levels for the people driving on those roads to get to and from work, school, home, etc. The Shop provides many services and was never meant to produce a profit.

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Feb-18-13 2:29 PM

Amazing -- a Sherman legislator was elected by Sherman townfolks to represent Sherman interests. So, when he does his elected job -- looking out for Shermanites -- the church ladies gaggle OBSERVER board calls him a coward???

But when he doesn't look out look out for elderly Shermanites, when he doesn't look out for the most vulnerable of the county -- the old folks in the Home -- and votes to sell the Home, why, Croscut is just courageous.

And the gaggle wonders aloud at Croscut's confusion? Really....

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Feb-18-13 10:36 AM

REALLY, EDITOR?? Have you even bothered to LOOK at the test scores the Sherman School gets?? Leave the school out of your complaints. Yes, it needs to merge and it surely is losing students. But, as for a poor education?? Check your stats! It is one the highest performing schools in WNY. Give credit where credit is due.

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Feb-17-13 10:20 PM just figured it out?

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Feb-17-13 9:50 PM

Just like any and all politicians they talk out of both sides of their mouth,Crosscut is no different.. He should retire,and get some young blood in there. Like John McAine and all the rest of the fuddie duddies in Congress,they don't want to retire cause they got all that power!! Not to mention all the perks etc!!!

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Feb-17-13 11:16 AM

We're talking apples and oranges here. The county home is going to be sold to a group that will maintain and expand services. The Sherman shop is poised to close and take those services away from the area.

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Feb-17-13 8:18 AM

Can you say HYPOCRITE?

This is the kind of bull that I think most of us are sick and tired of. thanks paper for publishing this editorial, bringing this to our attention.

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Feb-17-13 8:13 AM

The County govt is self serving not people serving. They all need to be thrown out. If an independent board doesn't come to this County nothing will be solved. Local and County govts will not change one single thing. They will continue to operate as they have until it goes belly up!!

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Feb-17-13 6:39 AM

You're assuming that courage had something to do with his previous stances on certain issues and not just partisan politics. That's a H E L L of an assumption in this county.

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