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DA probes death of man being detained

February 19, 2013

JAMESTOWN — The Chautauqua County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the death of a Jamestown man who died hours after being detained by city police Saturday....

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Feb-19-13 6:40 AM

Despite doing something illegal, the guy never deserved to die. Hopefully his family has the where with all to sue the city and the police department over this.

You have to be disgusted every time you hear a piggy describe a stun gun as a non lethal weapon. These incidents happen all the time and they are totally avoidable.

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Feb-19-13 6:45 AM

I love how government entities get to investigate themselves. I'm sure the investigation will be fair and unbiased as police unions do contribute the campaigns of D.A's. They followed the book? What does the book say about how to handle someone who is experiencing duress in police custody? Let me save you the time and money in dealing with the DA probe, the DA will find the officers acted appropriately and his death was due to circumstances not caused by the officers, even though they failed to provide help when he needed it. I'm sure they just left him in a room restrained and unsupervised and no one responded to his death. No one deserves to die that way. I hope the family sues. I also hope the cops get fired but we all know that won't happen.

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Feb-19-13 12:17 PM

A independent party should investigate this ,and do the autopsy.

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Feb-19-13 1:12 PM

Let me get this straight.. He was acting crazy from he start, they found cocaine and thought it was a good idea to use a stun gun? Everyone knows coke increases your heart. Basic common sense should have been used. And why wasn't he handcuffed? Safety first. If he would have been cuffed, since he wasn't in a cell, they would have had control. Not impressed. Jamestown PD should be in some serious trouble

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Feb-19-13 4:20 PM

Interesting that some try and blame the police and not the drug-crazed addict who was out of control and who tried to distroy the evidence. No sympathy here.

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Feb-19-13 6:47 PM

Foley has a history of protecting fellow law enforcement when civilians die, or should I say killed, while in their custody.

Foley will ask the victim's family to keep quiet and stay away from the media while he "seeks justice" for their son.

If the cop is charged, Foley will help secure a no bill by the GJ.

I realize the victim's family is grieving right now, but I strongly suggest they hire their own ME to do an autopsy.

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Feb-20-13 7:01 AM

hello Cocaine people, its a fact coke can kill you, dont blame the cops,

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Feb-20-13 8:10 AM

Let me guess..the Cocaine had nothing to do with his death? No effort was made to "hide" large amounts of the illegal drug upon arrest by ingesting lethal amounts? No, no, of course not. With the benefit of hindsight, I'm sure some will be able to point the finger at the police for some technical deficiency, but this was a COKE dealer, found with packaged for sale bags of the stuff! I'm frankly amazed at the number of people defending someone whose behavior and lifestyle are the main causes of his death. I feel sorry for the families of drunks who run into trees and die, but I surely don't blame the police for chasing them, nor absolve the individuals for their drinking.

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Feb-20-13 9:05 AM

@ CHRISTOPHER: SHUT UP WITH YOUR REMARKS.I'M SO SICK N TIRED OF YOUR BLAH BLAH BS.YOU KNOCK EVERY SINGLE POST YOU COMMENT ON.YOU ARE NOT PERFECT NOR WILL U EVER BE.Bet you have skeletons in your own closet that you should look at before you continuously judge others!! I don't have a prob admitting when I have a similar situation as a article may be about- I have no prob admitting when I'm wrong.I'm sure ppl who post can verify I put my foot in my mouth a few times but I come back & apologize. Nowhere does it say HE INGESTED COKE!! Did you ever stop & think that if he was so combative after the 1st time they would of put cuffs on him to con't the process? Do you honestly think 1 cop took care of the situation? If he was picked up on another warrant WHY WASN'T HE CUFFED from the start especially if he has an extensive criminal history? Do you believe everything cops say? I surely don't!!

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Feb-20-13 9:11 AM

CON'T FROM @ CHRISTOPHER..His lifestyle put him at risk to be harmed by rival drug dealers or fiends or something along that nature.>NOT TO DIE IN THE HANDS OF THE LAW!!! AND I DON'T CARE WHO OR WHAT A PERSON DOES-THEY DON'T DESERVE TO DIE. I have a gut feeling of how things happened but I will keep that to myself but in the end I will say I believe while in the "jail chair" he could not breathe-vomited-and choked on his own vomit..<< that is my opinion BUT ONLY AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE TOOK PLACE!! I will await autopsy report & by all means if I'm out of line in any way I will be back to say so & APOLOGIZE.but not to you christopher>

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Feb-20-13 12:50 PM

One has to wonder about KeepinItReal4U's rant since its so over the top. He's quick to blame the police and everyone else but not the crack head.

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Feb-20-13 5:49 PM

@Cruisin...where did you come up with the idea he was a "crack head"? Just because he had "coke" on him does not make him a crack head!! I didn't lay blame on no-one.I said no one should die in the hands of the law!! That is not blaming anybody..AND MY RANT AS U CALL IT IS NOT OVER THE TOP..IT'S THE TRUTH TO CHRISTOPHER.HE ALWAYS HAS BAD REMARKS TO SAY IN EVERY POST HE COMMENTS ON LIKE HE IS SO PURE & INNOCENT & HAS DONE NO WRONG..HE THINKS 1 WAY & THATS HIS WAY.JUST SICK OF IT.

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Feb-20-13 6:05 PM

over the top tantrum...I rest my case.

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Feb-20-13 6:48 PM

Trust kepinitreal$u to always have a say in any incidents involving any lowlife in the area, she always has firsthand knowledge. Nope, not perfect, but when I was young and screwed up, I didn't blame everyone else. I never said he SHOULD have died, only that clearly his lifestyle put him in that position. If you could read, you'd understand that's what I said. But, as I've said before, anytime a lowlife dies in this entire area, from Dunkirk to jamestown, keepinitreal4U will have some inside scoop.

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Feb-20-13 6:49 PM

Yes, this guy was definitely a drug dealer. His combative behavior and stomping on the cop's hand no doubt angered the police. I'm also pretty certain that these cops could've subdued him W/O using a stun gun.

I'll let the autopsy conclude how/why he died, and if it proves that police brutality caused this man's death, then I hope that those who have no sympathy for dope dealers feel just as strong against rogue cops.

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Feb-20-13 6:50 PM

Plain and simple....he died in restraints...while in Police custody...which means cops had him in handcuffs, leg restraints and possibly a restraint vest and left in a room meds...just left one one listening...and one deserves to die that way....laws need to be changed to hold cops responsible for this type of action

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Feb-20-13 7:51 PM

@CHRISTOPHER: I don't have the inside scoop on everything as you say.I comment on many articles & not as you claim just about the low-life who die.But in this case I am commenting directly to 1 person who considers everybody low life.So what exactly are you insinuating by your remark>> that I'm a low life? HAHA WHAT A JOKE IF THATS WHAT YOU THINK..

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