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Residents ask Pomfret Town Board for fracking ban

February 19, 2013

A pair of visitors to a recent town of Pomfret council meeting brought a request along with some information....

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Feb-20-13 9:33 AM

To finish what I'm saying: I've lived here most of my life and the water is 1 reason I chose Chautauqua county... ruin the water and Chautauqua county loses anyone that believes that natural resources belong to ALL tax paying citizens, not to greedy capitalistic venture entities. Be smart, ban fracking , and wait it out. You'll see, fracking will ruin what we hold dear to us in OUR county. Just say No ! Sincerely, Wm. Stull

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Feb-20-13 9:23 AM

Hello, As a concerned tax paying citizen , and chair of a local "Think tank," I can speak for the other members of the group. We agree whole heartedly that fracking anywhere in NY state, and expressly Chautauqua county, needs to be banned for at least 10 years until the "hens" come home to roost " from the other places fracking is being perpetrated in the name and guise of making money for these communities. It's a sham and a lie straight from hell, it will do No one any good, it'll just make some self centered corporation's CEO big $$$'s. Something you might not be aware of is that all our agriculture, fisheries etc... will be at risk from fracking. Our water in Chautauqua county is some of the best in the country... so why waste that resource just so natural gas can be sold to overseas countries like China ! I've lived here most of my life and the water is 1 reason I chose Chautauqua county... ruin the water and Chautauqua county loses anyone that beli

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Feb-20-13 7:52 AM

All the studies show Fracking is safe and good for the economy. After 5 yrs. of studies NY hasn't found any negatives.

would you cite those studies please?

I have only read the negative studies..the ones where the water has been ruined...earthquakes have resulted..road damage done..noise levels increase...toxic water left over dumped...exemptions from clean water act pushed through ...and few good paying jobs created.

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Feb-19-13 7:52 PM

The fredonia filtration plant does not not have carbon fiters or anything that takes the chemicals out that come from the water shed--It takes the lumps out and its choridnated--sorry

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Feb-19-13 2:20 PM

Scare tactics! There is no proof of any of these claims, just a possibility that they "could" happen. Our treatment plants will not take materials that they can not handle, either because of content or quantity. These people are just trying to scare the uninformed.

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Feb-19-13 9:33 AM

007 - ok what do you think killed lake erie - millons of ton and gallon of crap and chemicals --007 have a glass of dunkirk water on ME-- yep helping big time the ecomey--the tank drivers stop at wendys to gets a burger

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Feb-19-13 8:57 AM

Wacko activists are hypocrites. They hate progress. Do they heat their homes or cook with natural gas? Do they drive autos or fly in airplanes? If they practiced what they preached they would all live on farms, grow all their own food, live without electric and use outhouses! All the studies show Fracking is safe and good for the economy. After 5 yrs. of studies NY hasn't found any negatives. Only ignorant people with to much time on their hands waving signs against progress!

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Feb-19-13 8:43 AM

Roberta is one smart cookie. reverse osmosis will work. it is a common industrial process to purify water.

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Feb-19-13 8:39 AM

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Feb-19-13 8:36 AM

And to think natural gas practically started in Fredonia. i can imagine Judeyes reponse if alive back then. Use wood, go green. drilling is bad. The fear from the enviro nuts borders on insanity. Gas is a great source of chemicals other than just heat. even in Europe, they are worried of american fracking. Europeans want american gas to wean off Russian. All the anti frackers will push us right back to colonial times, given the chance. we were supposed to run out of hydrocarbons lib as your message of doom predicted. What happened ? something you dont understand ? Doomocrats ?

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Feb-19-13 8:33 AM

OK--There will be no jobs made from fracking the people that drive the tankers are a part of a crew that goes from place to place--Dump it in the rural area --hey stupid people--take a walk or a ride some day and see were your water come from --it comes from 800 feet high than fredonia from cassadaga - stockton and the farms and septic tanks up there and now lets dump some frack water up there----OK but our water is pure in fredonia --wrong again--they take the lump out and put chlorine in to kill bad stuff that it --ask if they do a total water test --nope it costs to much $200.00 + all water is bad no were you go in the area--I filter mine and UV it and then put it threw Reverse Osmois to make it pure for my house --

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Feb-19-13 8:31 AM

the luddites and doomocrats are here ! How do you heat your house judeye ? If anything other than wood it came from a well. I vote we shut the gas off to all anti frackers.Hey libs, 80 million barrels of oil a day is pumped with very few accidents.The gulf came back. Better than our public schools. The litany of potential accidents is funny. Say antifrackers, does fracking adversely affect a womans right to choose ? cause asteroids, global warming? learned judeye is talking. , no way to get chemicals out of water ? are you sure of that ? Cold and starvation here we come, thanks doomocrats ! heavy metals, dont we put coal ash on the roads? Cancer, death, doom, did i miss anything dumbocrats ? I did GREED !

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Feb-19-13 8:07 AM

The best reason not to frack: Just one miscalculation... one error... can poison the water supply.... and is irreversable. No chance of error? Tell them in the gulf States that there's no chance of error....

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Feb-19-13 7:40 AM

"We need to keep our gas in the US, not sell it to other countries,"

This is something that greatly bothers me. We are selling our natural resources to foreign companies! I know of at least one gas company that is operating gas wells in our county that is from Australia. Even if we keep the gas, I have a problem with us outsourcing so to speak the profits from the sale of our resources to a foreign company.

Gosh I wised we were like Alaska where the natural resources belong to the PEOPLE of that state (hello socialism Sarah Palin) that every one in that state receives a royalty check every year.

Imagine instead of paying taxes we got a check for a few thousand dollars every year. That is what happens in Alaska!

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Feb-19-13 7:35 AM

Thank You Jim and Jonathan!!

Let us hope that the board agrees and bans horizontal fracking..No fracking with NY.

As for all the jobs and money that they "say" will come from fracking (which they have always fracked..this kind though is horizontal and the chemicals different..making it much more of of threat to our water supply and our very earth)...

when all the drilling was going on in the eighties...just WHERE ARE ALL THOSE JOBS?

They brought in folks from out of state to do the drilling..the highest paid positions. The companies that were left bought and sold each other all the time..Each time the workers would be pushed back into lower wages, and fewer benefits. They had nothing to fight it with as they were non union. Ask anyone who has worked in that industry in this area.

Horizontal fracking is extremely dangerous to the safety of our water, has been linked to earthquakes (look it up) and there is NO WAY to get the toxic chemicals OUT of the water if spilled.

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Feb-19-13 7:29 AM

There is too much unexplained with Fracking to even give it a chance.

Fracking can contaminate ground water, has a risk to air quality, surface contamination from spills, flowback, radiation, and who knows what else.

We need to keep our gas in the US, not sell it to other countries, and work on a green alternative.

We can send people to the freaking moon, but we haven't figured out how to turn corn into gas? gimmie a break!

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Feb-19-13 4:52 AM

Bravo to the Town Board. Rural areas will be targeted for waste disposal because of risk to higher population areas.

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Feb-19-13 4:39 AM

given the flourishing economy in this county, why would we possibly want to bring in the jobs and tax revenue associated with natural gas drilling? maybe we'll get a new Family Dollar instead...

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