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A ‘stand’ for County Home

February 24, 2013

By LORI CORNELL The following was adapted from the speech I gave on the floor of the County Legislature last month....

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Feb-24-13 7:45 AM

First of all there's no crying in politics. Second you should not be making an emotional decision and from your remarks you do think the home should be sold just not to Avi. My suggestion to you is to go and visit the Rothner homes and see if what you read in a newspaper is the whole truth. We all know our newspaper is not exactly correct in its reporting.

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Feb-24-13 7:52 AM

just like you've gone to the county home instead of believing everything your read, right commentor?

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Feb-24-13 7:53 AM

A third of the article is mild conversion disorder. The common theme to libs is that whatever choice we have just made, it is the wrong one, we can do better. this keeps the status quo and allows for more emotional outbursts, to show that we care . Lori just reinforces the notion of emotions and not facts rule today. You see it also in energy discussions, we have to get off mideast oil they say. fracking comes along and , uhoh, the end of the planet is in sight. Its the same thing over and over with activists.

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Feb-24-13 8:14 AM

I believe Wm Coughlin raised a valid point when the CCLeg interviewed Mr Rothner. Coughlin pointed out that Marcus & Millichap, the Chicago-based marketing firm hired by County Exec Greg Edwards, only came back with one (1) bidder, and it was no coincidence it came from Chicago businessman Avi Rothner. Coughlin said: "this whole deal stinks."

The CCLeg apparently has enough support with MORE than 17 Legs willing to sell the CCH, just not to Rothner. And why the urgency to sell this facility at such a desperately low price. The CCH is worth 3 to 4 times MORE than the pending offer?

I agree with Coughlin!

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Feb-24-13 8:20 AM

Thank YOU!!

Please keep the fight going!! Many of us support the HOME for many reasons. I do not want it to be sold even if we could find the most reputable buyer out there. We have been MISLEAD about the cost of this HOME which I find appalling in itself.

We cannot get information on expenditures, like the gas well. We are not being told the entire story, truth, regarding the actual costs and the revenues. we just paid for a study, and yet have refused to review or implement any of the suggested recommendations to cut costs and increase revenues.

How many people who work at the HOME pay will be cut, hours will be cut or will lose their jobs entirely if it is sold? How many of them will turn then to Medicaid, food stamps, Heap, or other public assistance?

Our taxes are to be spent for the good of the people. Tell me, what could possibly be a better good than to care for our most vulnerable citizens in their time of need?

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Feb-24-13 8:25 AM

A elected official is suppose to vote based on what the people of that area want. If Cornell represents an area in Jamestown that wants the home sold then she should vote to sell the home. She should not come up with an easy out and say she doesn't want it sold to a certain person.

If you check the Jamestown Post Journal 90 percent of those that post on CCH stories want the home to be sold.

Ms Cornell you are not representing your area very well at all and I for one hope they vote you out of office because of it. You are a poor example of someone who is suppose to represent those that elected you.

And I won't even comment on the fake tears.

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Feb-24-13 8:38 AM

bulldog10 you're probably correct that 90% of those that POST want the Home sold but that DOES NOT mean that 90% of the people in Jamestown want the Home sold! It would probably be the same for these posts on the observers site as it's pretty much the same people who post over and over again but that doesn't mean that everybody or even a majority of the people in this area want the Home sold.

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Feb-24-13 10:49 AM

Mrs Cornell's "guilt by association" position is wrong. The facts about the Rothner family homes are questionable to begin with. Even if there are issues with other locations, they are not Avi Rothner-run facilities. All research shows he runs high quality nursing facilities and the officials and employees in AZ and NE that sold to him are all satisfied. Those are the facts that are ignored by those with a hidden agenda on the sale.

Also, for those that feel Rothner would violate the terms of the sale, he has no track record of that either. Dr. Donald Pryor from CGR said he has never heard of any buyer reneging on the terms of sale for any nursing home. So those are just more scare tactics that are not supported with facts.

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Feb-24-13 10:50 AM

commentor....Why dont you take a long walk off a short pier....Avi Rothner is a snake..As far as this newspaper goes, its no secret the Editor wants the Home sold,just like Todd Trannum of the Chamber of Commerce does....Pathetic!....

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Feb-24-13 10:58 AM

Georgeb67 if you're going to state what's in the CGR Report then how about also mentioning that CGR strongly stated that there were many questions still unanswered by Altitude and that the Legislators and county exec needed to visit these homes for themselves and speak to people that were not recommended by Rothner. Even CGR was questioning Altitudes ability to care for our elderly. Was that a scare tactic by CGR as well? And seeing as how you agree with selling the Home then was Edward's stand on the Home in 2009, where he considered it a threat to our seniors if the Home was sold a scare tactic too? a way to get votes perhaps? The scare tactic phrase that keeps getting thrown around by the legislators is laughable when you look at where the gov'ts stand was in 2009.

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Feb-24-13 10:59 AM

GeorgeB67....Avi Rothner has been working for his old man since he was 16 years old and still does....He holds interests and shares in many of his daddies and relatives facilities....Even though Avi does not own them,he is involved in them and making money from them....The Rothner name has the reputation of being pisss poor business people!.....

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Feb-24-13 11:52 AM

GeorgeB67 can explain all he wants on why HE feels selling the home is, in HIS opinion, the right thing to do. However, in MY opinion, he has lost all credibility after going on record as being in favor of rescinding the law that requires a super majority to sell off public assets. This is clearly an unethical maneuver to circumvent a law that was intended to protect the public against the very thing that HE (and others) are trying to do.

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Feb-24-13 1:28 PM

If legislators truely represented the wishes of the people in their districts, the vote to sell would be 19-6. The three south county legislators are playing politics in an effort to keep everyone happy.

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Feb-24-13 1:46 PM

bulldog10..oh glad to see then you support the new gun law in NY..and support a similar one on a national level...after all it is what the majority of people want.

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Feb-24-13 2:17 PM

Judeye, if you have read my posts I do support new gun laws and rules. You goofball

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Feb-24-13 2:18 PM

And I support closing the county home too.

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Feb-24-13 2:20 PM

Just because your a conservative on one side like the Bulldog doesn't mean you have to be conservative on all issue. That is just dumb.

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Feb-24-13 3:18 PM

Did you all know Todd Tranum started some BS last week that there was a sign posted at the County Home telling everyone not to shop at any business that supported Greg Edwards?....There was and is no such sign!....Mr.Tranum is a snake,just like Edwards and his band of banditos!.

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Feb-24-13 6:13 PM


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Feb-24-13 7:27 PM

Looks like Steiner;s evil twin has come to comment.

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Feb-24-13 8:28 PM

The County Home loses thousands of dollars a day and has low Medicare rankings. The current situation should be unacceptable to both the taxpayers and the County Home residents!

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Feb-25-13 7:45 AM

correct...where did you get that information that the County Home is losing thousands of dollars every day?

I may not be that great at math..but from all the budget reports that I have read...and most importantly the CGR report..the HOME has a SURPLUS of money each year. Not much..but I bet more than most of the other services we provide in this county.

I want to see where anyone is getting the figures at how much the home is losing every day. Please cite where you got that information.

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Feb-25-13 8:00 AM

Was not $500,000 in savings cuts just made to the Home? I believe that is the number that the director reported. Then we have the union concessions, how much will that save?

And then again..back to the old gas much did it cost? how much revenues could it generate?

If it cost us a lot of money to drill..and yet we are unable to use it or it is not cost effective to connect it...I want to know who authorized it and are they still working, making financial decisions in our county?

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Feb-25-13 8:03 AM

teacherteacher... "Judeye, if you have read my posts I do support new gun laws and rules. You goofball"

Sorry I did not realize you and bulldog were one and the same as my comments regarding the gun law were directed at them.

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Feb-25-13 12:01 PM

judeye...Dont forget about Cotton Drilling that is willing to finish the gas well hook up for nothing....$120,000!!!..

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