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Burglaries steal spotlight

February 24, 2013

By SAMANTHA MCDONNELL OBSERVER Staff Writer Within recent weeks, both the Fredonia and Dunkirk Police departments have made arrests for burglaries and the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office has......

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Feb-24-13 8:09 AM

Gee. I wonder what could be causing the increase in burglaries? Could it be there are no jobs? Nah. Could it be high gasoline prices? Never. Could it be the free government money ran out for the parents? Nope. Could it be that there are no jobs for students? Not in America. What then could it be? Well I will go out on a limb here and say that that greed in America is finally getting to the point where people are getting desperate. Desperate for food, gasoline, pay the utility bills. Perhaps the White House and the cities should read Maslovs heirachy of needs.

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Feb-24-13 9:46 AM

Many people, far too many, tend to blame crime on ethincity. In reality, nothing breeds crime like poverty. This is a fact, not an opinion.

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Feb-24-13 11:13 AM

"Greed in America is finally getting to the point where people are getting desperate."

Confused by this as greed does not lead to desperation. Desperation may lead to stealing to survive as Maslow (with a w not a v)puts forth in his theory of Hierachical Needs which states that people cannot have adequate self esteem, love, or self-actualization until their basic needs of food, shelter, and safety are met. This theory has many holes. Starving artists who create first and worry about food and shelter second and spiritual people who serve first and worry about food and shelter second are two such examples that contradict Maslow's theory. I agree that poverty leads to theft; however, today there are many crimes whose source is Opioids---doctor prescribed medicines that create severe addictions whose withdrawal leads to theft in order to overcome the pain of the withdrawal. Maybe it's just my profession, but in my world almost every burglary has addiction as its source.

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Feb-24-13 12:09 PM

Buy a gun and protect your home.

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Feb-24-13 12:56 PM

I agree with addiction beng a large part of..POVERTY! Most of the poorest sections of most large cities are inundated with drugs. The largest reason our prisons are overflowing is drug related.I have no doubt that drug abuse is at the core of a huge percentage of issues from single mothers to lack of education and/or job skills. Then again, poverty leads to drugs as a way out. The chicken or the egg?

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Feb-24-13 1:04 PM

Most burglaries happen when you're not home. Lot of good a gun will do you. Matter of fact, it's got great resale on the street!

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Feb-24-13 1:19 PM

Too lazy to work but must have drugs ! Get real I really doubt many are robbing to feed their families especially in GENEROUS NEW YORK

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Feb-24-13 4:39 PM

I can only speculate on what I think is the cause of the rise in burglaries.The younger generation nowadays don't wanna work for what they want.They want to take the easy way out.They are not desperate to buy food-gas-pay bills, or anything that is a necessity in life.It is their WANTS IN LIFE!! A lot of families are destitute & can't afford to buy the finer things in life for their loved ones & nowadays with peer pressure & bullying & self esteem issues & wanting to be with the "in crowd" they do whatever it takes to get whatever it is they want or get items & pawn them off or sell them to purchase the I-pads,the I-pods,cell phones-nice clothes-expensive video game devices with games,etc. Then there is the drug addicted ppl who can't afford their habit so they burglarize houses-steal from cars-take stuff from stores.They don't look at the end result>getting caught>they just need to feed that addiction right then.

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Feb-24-13 4:47 PM

All crimes-addictions-prisons-poverty does not discriminate.It happens to the best of the best.It happens in all races-all walks of life-all religions-every sexual preference whether male or female,straight-gay-transexual-bisexual-etc. 2 parent homes or broken is everywhere!! No one is exempt from it.It could be happening in your family somewhere along the line or may have already happened.Who knows? I know I have not been alive forever to know what took place in my family 100's of yrs ago..

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Feb-24-13 5:00 PM

I agree, Paul, poverty is the root cause of theft; however, Chief Ortolano said there seems to be an immense increase in car thefts, burglaries, and break-ins. Granted, that could be to the poverty rate going up, but I think that baseline stays somewhat consistent. I personally believe that too many citizens are experiencing the pitfalls of specifically opioid addiction and that is causing the increase in these types of crimes.

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Feb-24-13 7:20 PM

In poor neighborhoods, the only people with money are criminals. The criminals with money sell drugs. The other, minor league criminals, steal to get money for drugs. Drugs are everywhere, but the only place they really rule are the poor neighborhoods. The Mafia only sold ****** in poor neighborhoods, especially black neighborhoods. After a while, the blacks just took the trade over themselves. Now it's in Mexican and other ethnic neighborhoods, but still predominately in the poor est areas. That's life. Yes, LOTS of others buy and use drugs. But on average, it's easy enought to find where they are in any strange city, just ask where the poorest neighborhoods are.

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Feb-25-13 12:41 AM

Can't blame the addiction on opiate pills.I'm sure a large number are dependent on those sort of drugs.But I'm quite sure it would be much easier for them to get ahold of them by trying to buy them on the streets,& if they don't have the money I believe it would be more likely they would steal from a car or a store or if they are visiting a family or friends home as opposed to burglarizing a home. WHY? The cost to feed that addiction is far less expensive than if they were addicted to crack/which is a drug that gets you high for a little bit & then you crave the next hit>SO THAT IS A DRUG THAT IS OF CONSTANT USE & COSTLY.****** is either sniffed or injected & that is highly addictive & if they don't have they get really sick.(costly).Pills are less expensive unless they are so far gone into drugs that they need a fist full to feel the effects. Only the people who burglarize know the true reasons why they do what they do!! I can only guess as to what the issue m

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Feb-25-13 11:32 AM

Seems like a lot of people here are ignorant about who uses drugs and where. Before I moved away from Fredonia 5 years ago, I saw the addicts that town holds. It is not just Dunkirk, or Buffalo and it is not just minorities. There are hundreds of white kids addicted to opiates in Fredonia alone. Kids who came from good families, had good educations at the local schools and SUNY Fredonia. They start doing pills for fun, recreation, and before it's too late they are addicted. Contrary to popular belief pills are not cheap. Maybe when you first start and you only need a little to get high you are paying $2-3 per pill. Once it gets you in the stranglehold you will be paying up to $80 a pill for the strongest oxycontin-the kind cancer patients need. These addicted kids often break into homes and cars-in fact my own car was broken into 2 times on Center St. The cops actually found my stolen property a month later and it was stolen by a young white opiate-addicted man.

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