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Freedoms ‘trampled’ by criminals

March 19, 2013

In his commentary, “Gun law brings radical thoughts,” the writer from Forestville submitted a thought-provoking article about whom he referred to as “zealot....

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Mar-19-13 7:14 AM

The NRA doesn't care one wit about anyone or anything with the exception of gun ownership, period. They USED to be about hunting. That ended many, many years ago when Wayne Lapierre was calling for shooting Federal Agents if they "come for your guns" That was when George Bush Sr. tore up his NRA card on national TV.

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Mar-19-13 8:36 AM

Christopher gets it wrong again. The NRA cares for our rights and the need to stop a national registry of gun ownership. This would be a step in confiscation, just like done in australia. Our even Cyprus for the money. The hysteria by the anti gun crowd is huge. They forget we have 400 million guns and only small numbers of deaths. More people die from medical mistakes and there are less medical people than guns. Dont let that stop you christopher ! Why must we as law abiding citizens justify our desire for high capacity magazines ? because a liberal said so. Right christopher ? It is the spirit of compromise we always hear about. compromise and agree with a democrat !

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Mar-19-13 8:41 AM

"Most law-abiding gun owners only want to protect themselves from the government marching on them..."

I'm a law-abiding gun owner, but I'm not really anxious to take on the National Guard...

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Mar-19-13 8:50 AM

"Most law-abiding gun owners only want to protect themselves from the government marching on them in their desire to confiscate what the constitution has given them! "

Sir, we have something is our country to protect ourselves from the government. It is called a BALLOT BOX not any kind of weapon.

Now, I would agree we need to fight to keep the ballot box from being corrupted from the smell of money. Not with guns..but with votes...we should get the money out of our ballot boxes and back to the voices of the people.

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Mar-19-13 9:05 AM

As data indicates -- as if you weren't so pedestrian in your beliefs you'd look it up yourself -- you'd see this so-called criminal element has been steadily decreasing year over year since 1993 (when, (gasp!) a democrat was president...), even as our population has increased steadily.

It has zero to do with gun ownership, as again, the data shows gun owners by household have been decreasing while gun ownership by current gun owners has been increasing, concentrating guns in smaller and smaller number of households.

With only 4 million members, in a population of over 313 million, the NRA represents only a little over one percent -- 1% -- of Americans...

No criminal element, shrinking number of gun owners, a bit more than don't represent the US, you're not even marginal, you are a fringe. And seeing your belief in the imaginary, you're an unhinged fringe.

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Mar-19-13 9:25 AM

"Most law-abiding gun owners only want to protect themselves from the government..."

I try to understand this point of view, but I just don't get it. Was David Koresch and the Branch Davidians the source of this paranoia? Didn't McVeigh say that was the impetus for his attack? Regardless, I don't see any evidence that the government is coming for our guns. However, if they were, what chance would we have? Keeping our guns is nothing more than an emotional security blanket. In reality, it won't make a bit of difference. Agree with Christopher, DK, and Judeye, and loved DC"s "unhinged fringe."

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Mar-19-13 9:49 AM

Christopher, you don’t have a clue about the NRA. The NRA is who provides most of the hunter safety training in the United Sates. They also provide training for law enforcement and concealed carry instructors. Almost all firearms training instructors in America have to be NRA certified. Their Eddie Eagle gun safety program for children is being used by many schools to educate children on the inherent dangers of firearms and what to do if they come upon one.

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Mar-19-13 10:55 AM

In fact, the NRA has expanded so much into hunting issues that years ago it began offering members a choice of either the "The American Hunter" or "The American Rifleman" magazine with their basic membership (some members elect to receive both both for an additional fee). Both magazines have approximately equal political content, with the Rifleman dealing more with the traditional issues of marksmanship promotion and the technical aspects (ie. history, ammuntion and firearm developements, repair, ect) of firearms. There is simply no other organization in the country with the pro hunting political clout of the NRA. NRA certification is the recognized national "Gold Standard" for hunter and law enforcement instructors.

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Mar-19-13 11:05 AM

Maybe I'm not getting it, but to me it comes across that the writer's statement "Most law-abiding gun owners only want to protect themselves from the government marching on them..." is meant as a metaphor.

Judeye, would a ballot box have protected Mr. Teft? Honestly, those of us in NYS who don't live in the lower corner of the state are outnumbered 3-2 by those that do. If every voter this side of Rockland/Westchester voted unanimously, NYC would still trump us, so guess what, how's that for the people by the people?

And DCRon, are you saying minorities are irrelevant? There are only 51 million members of AAA, so does that mean that most Americans don't want cars? It's only 17% of the population after all.

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Mar-19-13 11:19 AM

Ripley: Hmmm...speaking of minority perceptions, what does it say when there are fewer registered GOPers (47 million) as there are AAA members (51 million)??

I will say this though, as the numbers speak volumes as to the unhinged fringes: the NRA and their brethren Tea Party certainly believe in imaginary people.

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Mar-19-13 12:26 PM

So DCRon is advocating that only the White Male Roman Catholic Democrats opinions matter, since statistically, that is the majority, at least the way he sees it.

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Mar-19-13 12:33 PM

Dcronig, what does the NRA only having 4 million members or 1% of the population have to do with anything? A 2011 Gallop pole indicates 47% of US households own firearms but only 1% of the population contribute to the organization defending their right to own firearms. Did you know that only 1% of the population are members of the Armed Forces; active, reserves, guard? Do you realize that every America enjoys the freedoms of this nation but only 1% are willing to defend those freedoms? I guess the numbers speak volumes, right?

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Mar-19-13 2:39 PM

Wow Paul, that took real guts on Bush Sr's part didn't it? 24/7/365 Armed security for the rest of his life as well as for his family. Give me that and I'll think about allowing the 2nd to be impugned.

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Mar-19-13 2:40 PM

Judeye, if you believe that a ballot box is anything more than a dog and pony show after the last four elections I can now understand your willingness to give up your rights.

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Mar-19-13 2:50 PM

And yet again Dc your drivel is meaningless. Gun ownership is estimated at 39% of all American families. Get your facts right before spewing more silly rants against the gun owners. If you are frightened of guns, don't own one. I'm sure the people you associate with are all just as incapable of controlling themselves around weapons also. It takes a certain self discipline to not shoot people for no apparent reason. Every maniac in the last ten published incidents were liberal democrats. Please continue to urge them to give up their personal arms, I know I feel a lot safer with you and your friends unarmed.

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Mar-19-13 3:01 PM

Small, Koresh was set up by the ATF. Read about what the local sheriff had to say about the thugs from the government and what they did before toeing the "big smile" party line. How sad you are frightened by the boogie man with an AR but not with the government taking your Constitutional rights a little at a time. You all remind me of frightened children, not thinking adults.

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Mar-19-13 3:11 PM

Mike, I sometimes agree with much you say and, if not, at least try to see your point of view.

But . . . "Every maniac in the last ten published incidents were liberal democrats?"

We know that how? Voter registration cards AND voting records in their wallets or something?

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Mar-19-13 3:11 PM

Liberal think tanks are empty vessels. How does that many aggregate (supposed?) IQ points come up with such ideas? Leave the criminals with their weapons and disarm the law abiding. That will cut down on the murders! Raise taxes on the working class, that will stimulate the economy! Free health care for all, as long as the over taxed working class pay for it. And the leech society grows in numbers and political clout. Rah, Rah team! A few more great ideas from you and your constituents Dc, and the country should be completely past saving in NO time.

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Mar-19-13 3:35 PM

Here’s a conundrum. Writing as a gun owner, mind you, what is best in a domestic dispute with a restraining order when someone fears for her/his life?

“Partner homicides” make up 1/2 of women killed every year; more than 1/2 of those are killed with a firearm. A Criminal Justice Review study of 10 large cites noted 1 in 5 slain women had restraining/protection orders against their partners.

The 1994 federal crime bill, under NRA pressure, excluded most under temporary orders on the grounds they’d yet had the chance to contest any allegations in court. (Now you have the 5th Amendment in play in addition to the 2nd.)

So what do you do? Wait until it’s a permanent order of protection? In many cases that’s too late. Do the 2nd and 5th Amendments trump others’ pursuit of life, liberty and happiness? Public safety?

I dunno, but many states are moving forward with legislation to let judges seize firearms for 10 days when issuing a temporary order.

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Mar-19-13 4:20 PM

DKexpat, actually they’re registered Democrats or are known supporters of Democrat/Liberal causes. Hissan (Fort Hood), Lanza, Cho (Virginia Tech), and Page (Sikh Temple) are all registered Democrats. Holmes is part of the Occupy movement and supporter of progressive causes. Dohner is an Obama supporter who supports strict gun control. Loughner was a registered Independent but was reported to have supported Liberal/Progressive causes by those who knew him. The information is out there.

Seems we don't need gun control, we need Liberal control.

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Mar-19-13 4:44 PM

Dex...voter registration for the shooter or the shooters family. That, sir, is how we know.

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Mar-19-13 5:06 PM

Given some of the shrill voices here the TP/unhinged fringe, it no small wonder that, indeed, the eunuch alto section of the chorus are in the 1% minority.

But then, when you get all the shrill eunuchs together, like the snicker picket on Albany, they sound like the Vienna Boys Choir.

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Mar-19-13 5:33 PM

Wouldn't you think the real eunuchs are those of the far liberal left with no b*lls for standing up for their rights and are willing to give up others rights so they can have a false feeling of security. Those of the far liberal left who cry because others stand up for everyone's rights while they cower and bow down to their leftist leaders. The ones that pretend to have masculinity while shivering in their boots and decrying those that have more because they earned it and instead of trying to do the same think that it should be shared freely with them? That does sound more fitting of the far left like dcronigggggg and a few others.

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Mar-19-13 5:54 PM

LOL, get over to Switzerland or Sweden or wherever you are going to have your change done Dc. Poor boy, never fully developed a spine or the anatomy of an adult male. Oh well, you think like a city dwelling 1800's helpless female. Just don't ever confuse yourself with a woman like Judeye, she's a strong female that deserves respect. Something you will never get no matter which way you're presented to the world.

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Mar-19-13 6:01 PM

Dexpat, you ask what to do? Give the lady a semi auto 9mm or 40 cal. and see how much her "brave" ex comes around anymore. That's the true "restraining order". Note any similarities to a criminal paying attention to a law and the abusive stalker paying attention to the piece of paper saying to stay x number of feet away?

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