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Our day to cherish

March 31, 2013

‘’I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.’’ This was, according to St. Matthew, the final message Jesus of Nazareth gave his disciples before he ascended into heaven....

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Mar-31-13 8:14 AM

This is the day the strong force body of Christ rose from the grave. The libs got their darwin and co2. The christians have strong force.strong force is a physics term, not mine. It was also called wind or spirit in the ancient writings as noone would have known what strong force is.we had to wait 2000 years for physics to reach where the ancients were all along. Now the libs call us foolish for this. It is the libs who are foolish.thats why they took over the schools, to make us as ignorant as they are, in the name of darwin, science and govt mandates of course. dont ya love libs for this ?

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Mar-31-13 8:52 AM

Steinerdzzz...such is your confusion. Liberalism doesn't equal atheism; most liberals have a solid faith. Liberals are, however, secular: they don't believe any faith is any greater than any other, AND they don't believe any govt has any business whatsoever elevating/endorsing/embracing any faith on anyone. This is a singular core belief in our Constitution.

The Founding Fathers deliberately didnt institutionalize any belief in its govt as a direct, deliberate difference to the British. Their KING is "defender of the Faith": the Church of England.

Its the GOP/RWingers who want to put the Protestant faith -- as a direct, deliberate attempt to prefer it over Catholicism and Judaism -- into all aspects& to legislate so.

You prove my point -- on a holiday that all folks, regardless of belief, respect for the sake of others' faith -- you degenerate into your obvious bigotry.

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Mar-31-13 8:56 AM

You are really quite a pathetic piece of work, Steinerdzzz.

And yet, on this day, two folks still believe you have redeeming value: on is Jesus and the other are liberals who defend, support and fund the entitlements that sustain you economically and medically.

And yet, you are intent on showcasing what really a pathetic piece of work you are.

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Mar-31-13 6:56 PM

Great Job Observer. Very well written and expressed. It takes a bold stand for the truth of the scriptures.

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Apr-01-13 8:43 AM

dc, you keep getting it wrong again and again. Liberals have faith, faith in govt. Witnesss how they fight school choice over and over. I am not talking institutionalizing faith, just choice. you know on the same level we have it for abortions for women. How is it you keep missing that ? Cognitive disorder ? You resort to nothing but name calling, a classic liberal trick. we all see the success of the democratic dole in history. great depression, inner cities, etc.

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Apr-01-13 8:49 AM

Dc, for the umpteenth time, i am not collecting any entitlement. why do you keep saying that ? is it because you know nothing else ? For centuries, the christians were mocked at the thought of ressurecting the dead. early soviets preserved lenins body in hope of an advanced science to bring the master back. Now the physicists talk of strong force to hold the nuclei together. How interesting for sure. here dc makes a fool of himself, thinking it is entitlements keeping the world together. wrong dc, it is strong force. Try and learn something. Now the libs just lost a voucher battle in Indiana, under the separation of church and state thing. The state benefits from educated people, not entitlements. How come entitlements dont entitle one to school choice dc ?dc , give us your best liberal answer you can !

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