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Learn from the past to reach your golden years

April 4, 2013

Most of us want to be Methuselah. You know, Noah’s grandfather, the guy in Genesis who lived to the ripe old age of 969....

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Apr-04-13 8:08 AM

gracious me, we see the feminine intuition working in this article. There was no pain killer back then. A trip to the dentist or doctor for any reason would be torture. Women did what only they can do, make babies for labor as there were no and pregnant was the norm, no birth control. Boozing ? because the water could not be trusted.Epidemics were feared.Any serious injury could lead to death. Food packaging was the greatest thing invented after refrigeration. All this took electricity to run.The good old days were not good . She mentions a community of fit people ! it takes a village here. thanks Hillary. renee can write things like this because inventors lifted the burden off people and put it on machines. How silly it is to want to go back.

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Apr-04-13 8:17 AM

"Modern data aside, it's hard to pin down any era's life expectancy because of wildly varied genetics, lifestyles, environments, and causes of death. A walk through any cemetery is enough to further muddy this era's life expectancy claims."

A bold statement that is wholly unsupported by all available data. There have been more PhDs, MDs, etc., that have studied life expectancies and these very learned people would seriously counter your claim.

There's enough current knowledge already to help any of us reach our golden years. In fact, we'll be doing so in greater numbers than those before us would ever imagine.

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Apr-04-13 8:40 AM

Dcronig, Unsupported? That means you believe everything those PhDs and MDs have told you? We have all been duped. The diseases that took our lives back in the day are making a resurgence. The food we eat is poisoning us. Rather than a buggy accident we have cars, lots of cars.

I think Gravelle was trying to tell us that we might need to think more about this. The ground had more healthful minerals back then and there wasn't the exposure to chemicals that we have now. The chemicals that are used on our crops now can be found in us and are killing us.

The good old days did have some not-so-good and some better-than-now. Why can't we use what we know and make now better? Why don't you want to think about it?

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Apr-04-13 11:21 AM

"Isn't that just like us, to make life easier so we can make it harder?" I love that; excellent, and very funny I might add, thought process and written delivery. You are a very good writer, Ms. Gravelle, and what you say is so true. Thank-you for sharing your talents.

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Apr-05-13 8:31 AM

On this Dc has it right.The good old days were abandoned for a reason. there were feces in the streets, animals and human, even in NYC because of poor sewers. Chemicals on crops, well we could let the bugs get them and starve so we could feel good. Even plants make styrene and ethylene, two key chemicals in the industry.when styrene was found, I read where it was thought it could be used for food packaging ! The jelly and creamer cups that we see today in a restaurant , but in the 1800's ! there are poisonous plants too, aconite , poison ivy and more. The world could not be made without poisons. We have arsenic in us. There are plenty of things one can do , like dc says to improve our life. We have been freed from the drudgery of labor. . Find another way to kill bugs and you will be rich. We certainly do not want to go back to the olden days as they were a chore.

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Apr-05-13 8:44 AM

hey usmcvet, you do not understand how life works. diseases returning ? maybe TB, but not typhoid , cholera or other water borne diseases. The Phd 's dupe us , maybe some did , but as a whole they could not as the chemical plants would not work,would blow up or they would not have made all the money they are accused of "stealing" from us if the phd's were duping us . even our stomach is a marvel, it is lined with mucous, a neat copolymer of protein and sugar to repel the acid we need to break down food.Otherwise the stomach would kaput on the spot. what a marvel of chemistry there vet. without the dose and anti dose approach, life would be absolutely impossible.Many of you posters should read some science history . The chemists gave us marvelous things to feed us, like Fritz Haber and his ammonia process and they are slammed for it. How people bite the hand that feeds them.

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