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Federal budget: Senate didn’t do enough

April 4, 2013

Well, it wasn’t worth the wait. The budget approved last month by the U.S. Senate, that is. Under Democrat control, the Senate has not approved a budget in four years....

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Apr-06-13 9:02 PM

All we have to do is get the lazy liberals off welfare and the budget will straighten itself out. If they refuse to find work, deport them.

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Apr-04-13 10:17 PM

Dcronig-again you are confused. A budget resolution was never proposed during the four year hiatus! That can NOT be filibustered! Only a simple majority is required. The democrats NEVER could agree on a budget because they would be seen as the big spend and tax bunch that they are! If that what you say is factual then how did they pass the first one in four years by a 50-49 margin? What has changed? Again the Observer article was/is correct!

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Apr-04-13 12:08 PM

Dc, don't you ever get tired of the taste in your mouth? All you spew is the standard party b...s... and try and pass it off as truth. It isn't just Republicans nor just Democrats holding the budget up. It's the whole cesspool that is politicians in D.C. that are doing this. And dear leader and his transparent administration isn't doing anything to help.

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Apr-04-13 11:09 AM

joew --- I mean, really??? I use both "houses" instead of both "chambers", and this means I know nothing...?

Well, back at you -- the Democratic controlled Senate couldn't pass a budget because of a Senate rule called "cloture": the only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster.

The Senate needs 60 votes for cloture; the Democrats never had that "super majority" in recent years, meaning the GOP can stop everything in its tracks. It did -- even budgets. It was Minority Leader's McConnell's mission statement with Obama's first term. Remember? "Make him a one term president." MAJOR FAIL.

Its in the Congressional Record -- read it. The GOP refused to allow the budget bill(s) to come to the floor for a vote until this last one, because Obama won, again.

The Observer is intentionally incorrect.

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Apr-04-13 10:14 AM

Dcronig-you are somewhat confused so I'll help out here a bit. There are not two houses of Congress,there are two chambers,one the Senate,the other the House of Representatives. The budget process is begun by the President who submits a proposal to Congress.(Obama has been late each year)Congress(both chambers) then work up a budget,the Senate(controlled by the Democrats)in violation of the law have NOT done so for the past four years! The House HAS done so for the past four years! Once both chambers pass their individual budget,a committee is formed to reconcile the two. Saying there was no budget was the fault of the Republicans is FALSE! The Senate(controlled by the Democrats)did not pass a budget for the past four years as mentioned above and in the accurate Observer article.

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Apr-04-13 8:56 AM

Obama and his leftist cronies said "let us raise taxes and we will agree to spending cuts" but now that they GOP agreed and raised taxes the left has decided in place of spending cuts they want even more tax increases.

This is the same thing the left has done for decades, so why exactly should anyone believe a word out of their mouths?

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Apr-04-13 8:09 AM

There they go again...

It takes both houses to pass a budget, not one. The budget has NOT been passed because the GOP refuses to do so, not the Democrats. Besides, in November, the country voted for Obama economics and resoundly said "NO!" to the GOP plan.

Just remember, GOP VP Cheney said, "Deficits don't matter." Here are the budget deficits since 2001, the Bush-GOP budgets, w/GOP control of houses: 2002 $157.8 Billion - Deficit 2003 $377.6 Billion - Deficit 2004 $413 Billion - Deficit 2005 $318 Billion - Deficit 2006 $248 Billion - Deficit 2007 $161 Billion - Deficit 2008 $459 Billion - Deficit 2009 $1413 Billion - Deficit

That's 3.547 TRILLION of BUSH. Bush didnt have to manage the country through the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, causing Obama deficits.

It comes as no surprise the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER Board deliberately lies, distorts and misinforms with such clumsiness that would even make Nixon blu

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