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Activists lack heart in abortion debate

April 7, 2013

Since 2011, nine states have enacted bills that ban abortion 20 weeks after fertilization, based on the theory that the fetus can feel pain at that point (this notion is not accepted by mainstream......

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Apr-09-13 5:06 PM

stangv8..actually I think those are some really good questions. Along with why is there not a funeral service for a miscarriage...Why can't you take a dependent status deduction for a fetus..and many more.

I am Pro Choice..very pro choice. To me it is such a complicated, personal choice, that I could NEVER make that choice for anyone else. I could only try to support them as best I could with whatever choice they made.

As I said before..I have adopted two "unwanted" children. One of them is severely physically and mentally disabled. It has cost over $100,000 in medical treatments for some years of her life. I adore this person who now is 37, yet functions on the level of a six month old baby. Those who are against abortions..I truly hope you are advocating big time for care of all the "unwanted" and maybe severely disabled babies just as much as you work to prevent other women the choice to decide for them and their families what is best at the time.

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Apr-08-13 9:24 PM

I really think that most people are BOTH pro-life and pro-choice. I've talked to many women who say they are pro-choice but than follow that by saying that they would never abort the developing human being that is in their body. As Lawrence Tribe has said, it is the clash of absolutes. I've tried to get an op-ed published in the NY Times and Washington Post but have been told it is too long. In reality I want to make it longer so I'm still checking out different markets. Editors can be very difficult to work with.

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Apr-08-13 9:07 AM

hey dc and sarah, the govt mandates everyone buy health insurance . That is not an intrusion into private life ? sarah, just get your tubes tied and be done with the matter. Would you need govt funding for that ? I saw on Tv, pelosi and obama saying how great obama care would be ! two of the groups most addicted to govt, minorities and activist women.These two groups just want to be like white males. i remember what ellie roosevelt said, why is it men dont need all these laws and women, minorities etc do ? Special needs like in education I guess.

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Apr-08-13 9:01 AM

How come if you kill a woman who is pregnant, you'll be charged with two murders? How come when the mother kills it, it's not a living but only a fetus but if someone else kills it, it's suddenly a living being.

If a woman should have control over her body, how came she can't sell it for sex? Why aren't the left pushing for repeal of laws against prostitution?

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Apr-08-13 8:11 AM

hey dc, the numbers I got came from Tv and the Wall Street journal. men by far lead the business world. Hey, even books written by women say the same thing. It is called the boys club. All you do is call names, like a good liberal should.The women use a business model that does not work and still keep at it. wonderful gals !I am neanderthal for pointing this out ? No wonders libs only wreck stuff or make things that dont work. Facts elude them. A gal thinks she is liberated when she kills her own kind and then rants about guns ! feminine intuition at work.

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Apr-07-13 2:44 PM

Cmon Sarah -- these guys don't care about babies, and they certainly don't care about women.

They care about telling you when, where, how, what and why you can or should have s-e-x. Its nothing more -- its "small government" conservatives hypocritically wanting "Big Brother Big Government" probing your privates and your private two-consenting-adults-in-their-bedroom personal business.

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Apr-07-13 2:34 PM

Actually Steinerdzzz...the WSJ and Labor Dept has it that women are: 27% of all CEOs, 31% of lawyers, 34% of doctors & surgeons, 50% of biological scientists, 54% of pharmacists, 81% of teachers, and in 2011: 57% all BA or BS degrees, 51% of all PhDs, 48% of all MDs, 47% of all JDs/LLBs and 45% of all MBAs...need I go on? And they all of this since the early 1970s...

As obvious, you are as out-of-date and out-of-touch as your Neanderthal exist would imply.

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Apr-07-13 8:42 AM

So this is the war on women I keep hearing about. A woman enlightened me. pro life heartless ? lets see. 50 million abortions, half would have been girls . Guess what gals ? there might have been a woman genius in there to win a nobel prize in science ! Instead the guys just plug along. sarah sounds like an abortiom nut , a type of so called gun nut, but reserved exclusively for the women. Come on sarah, you do the activism and the guys will do the science and business. gals 50% of population, 4% CEOs and 14 % of boards. How liberated you have become in the last 40 years. is there anything at all you gals need from your man, the govt to help you succeed ?Those feminists sure know or (kNOW) how not to succeed. Please continue as I love watching the weaker sex led by even weaker minded vessels, liberated women ! what a record you have ! Excellent .

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