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Funny what we can afford when it suits us

April 8, 2013

Does anyone remember when Saint Ronald Reagan began closing all of the psychiatric centers in California? His supporters were all staunchly in favor, and the results, good or bad, were meaningless....

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Apr-09-13 10:57 PM

Judeye - I can remember one incident where a resident of a Dunkirk group home wandered into St. Elizabeth school, walked into a class room and pulled his pants down. As a visitor to the one time Gowanda Phychiatric center I can remember the behavior of some of the more serious patients. I think most people can agree that Adam Lanza should not have been free to roam the streets and murder 20 innocent kids. I have nothing against the mentally ill and I know that most of them are harmless. I also think that as a society we do a lousy job of caring and controlling the mentally ill and we need to consider the character of a neighborhood and the investments made by homeowners.

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Apr-09-13 10:06 PM

MikeD - it's the safest place in town!

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Apr-09-13 7:41 PM

"Melissa Harris-Perry made headlines when she made the now infamous statement: “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents”

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Apr-09-13 5:19 PM

PhilJulian..back in the seventies..I lived in Pa..and operated a family group home. We were foster parents as well as group home managers. we got one child from a state institution and one from a family member who no longer could care for him alone. He was deaf. Both were developmentally disabled..mentally retarded.

Ya know..not ONE of my neighbors even knew we were a group home. Even when we took in a few more kids..did they ever suspect. It is all in the way you present it.

Right now, I live just across the street from a group home. Yes I am aware it is there. So what? Have to say they are not much different than most of my college student neighbors.

Acceptance not a bad thing.

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Apr-09-13 2:59 PM

Google Melissa Harris-Perry kids belong to their communities, watch the video, and tell me that isn't scary. I'm not talking about any Sarah Palin, Rush, Glen Beck analysis of the video, or any media defense of Harris-Perry, I'm saying just watch her video. I am afraid for what is happening in our society now.

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Apr-09-13 2:42 PM

hey Paul, it is an axiom of the democratic party that you did not build that, when refering to a business.By this token, adam Lonza and others could not have done all the shooting people say they did. It would violate one of the democratic commandments, the govt and its unionized employees are essential to life. So Paul, it would appear that your party, changes its position on matters when it suits them. I call it the democratic mystique , akin to the feminine one.It just matters how much political hay they can make out of it i suppose.

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Apr-09-13 1:49 PM

How cool is that? It would also keep the scared segment of society out too. Talk about a win-win.

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Apr-09-13 12:25 PM

Guns and gumbo: There’s a Cajun restaurant/bar about 8 miles from me, and Wednesdays are now “Open Carry Day” – 10% off your check.

I've been...and the owner says business is up!

Yes, you can open carry in Virginia in a restaurant or bar. (Holstered, of course, and in plain sight.) In fact, Virginia does not even require firearms registration – you don’t need a pistol permit to open carry or have a loaded gun on the dashboard of your car. (if you want a conceal permit, then you go through a background check.)

The owner has a sign hanging near the bar that reads “Guns are welcome on the premises. Please keep all firearms holstered unless the need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship will be greatly appreciated by all.”

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Apr-09-13 10:09 AM

paul, medical mistakes kill more people than guns. I do not hear libs ranting about that. You miss again and again who does the shooting. look at chicago for the facts. It is the inner city folk. The public shootings like sandyhook do not compare to what goes on in the inner cities all the time. obama knows this as does Rahm. Gun control did not work in chicago or in other big cities. why do the libs insist on attacking legal gun owners who have done nothing at all to warrant such attacks. what is it with you folks ? jealous of the private sector and private minds ? you just give me more and more proof that liberals cannot think clearly.

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Apr-09-13 9:59 AM

Dc, you are learning disabled . I am not collecting social security.I have said that over and over.hey dc, private enterprise came thru over and over and gave us the world we live in. It was most definately not the liberals. or even their unions. So Paul christophers solution is to punish all the legal gun owners because of the mental cases we have. Somehow that does not make sense. Paul, the libs spent 13 trillion on the great society . it did not work. Suggest you take some of that money and build mental hospitals.Is Reagan still mainstreaming mental cases now ? even the Colorado shooter was reported to the school and not much happened. paul lumps all gun owners as mental cases when it is Paul himself who cannot think straight. a classic liberal in action. they never do anything wrong.The supreme court said we have a legal right to a gun in this country. Libs do not like that.

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Apr-08-13 10:24 PM

paul now that you have shown 20/20 vision or (hind site) into all the failures tell me what is your solution to the problem "keep in mind the taxpayer's pockets do dry up eventually even if politicians think otherwise"

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Apr-08-13 9:05 PM

the anti-depressants caused a lot more 'side effects'. We have a long way to go to find answers in treating this population, but one thing for sure- they do not cause the great preponderance of crime and murders. The press does sensationalize these horrible crimes but it is not accurate to say that they are primarily caused by the 'mentally ill'. Most of them are caused by sociopaths who can act as normal as your next door neighbor.

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Apr-08-13 8:58 PM

Every society and culture has had to deal with those who for many reasons do not 'fit' in to the society around them- but especially those deemed 'mentally ill'. In many ways we have come a long way in how we treat these individuals. However, in many ways we have not. Where once we put them in shackles behind bars, we now use primarily chemical restraints. Most of the time we don't 'cure' them. Instead, we drug them into compliance without knowing if the drugs really help make them 'normal'. Anyone who knows anything about major tranquilizers (anti-psychotic drugs) knows that they are rift with horrible side effects that can cause a lifetime of something called tardive dyskinesia (odd involuntary movements). Even anti-depressants have many terrible side effects. And here's the kicker- we don't really know how or if they work. A study done by the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that there was no difference in outcome between anti-depressants and placebos except continue

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Apr-08-13 8:33 PM

"inverse proportion of his manhood to the sizes and numbers of gun barrels he owns" At least he shows he has manhood, something I don't think DC has or could claim to have.

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Apr-08-13 8:07 PM

Dc you truly have no socially redeeming value. Nothing of your little grade school rant addressed the topic nor made sense. But please keep yourself amused with your style of humor. I note there are less and less people that agree with you. As I've tried to tell you on a few occasions, your sad diatribes grow old and boring very fast. You once said you have a masters degree. In what, basketweaving? I wouldn't think you capable of taking out the garbage, much less thinking up an intelligent useful thought to share with people.

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Apr-08-13 8:06 PM

Like in "Escape From New York", the plot needs to become reality. Just drop all criminals, deviants, nut-jobs, etc behind the walls and let 'em all fend for themselves.

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Apr-08-13 6:20 PM

Would sebouhian be Paul's alter ego to comment on his own ramblings? Sounds a lot like him.

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Apr-08-13 6:04 PM

Sad to read so many comments that attack Mr. Christopher from an "ad hominen" p.v. Mr. Christopher is thoughtful, insightful in his analysis of the current situation--an analysis that takes us to the brink of failure: how can we make the mentally deficient into responsible citizens? His "answer"? A realistic sadness that tells us "we can't"--because of "totally conflicting demands." The implication, however, is that we must not give up; it is our responsibility to move above those "conflcting demands."

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Apr-08-13 5:17 PM

I love the way the article starts off by slamming Ronald Reagan right off the bat. Kind of sets the tone for what's coming. Lets see what the NY Times, who was no friend of Reagan, had to say about this back in 1984...

In California, for example, the number of patients in state mental hospitals reached a peak of 37,500 in 1959 when Edmund G. Brown was Governor, fell to 22,000 when Ronald Reagan attained that office in 1967, and continued to decline under his administration and that of his successor, Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Looks like it started before Saint Reagan was even elected governor.

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Apr-08-13 1:29 PM

Also see the California's 1967 Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Act (sponsored by a Republican and TWO Democrats, as I recall) which would eventually become the model for the entire nation as regards mandated treatment for the mentally ill. Under intense pressure from the ACLU, et al, the LPS Act hugely restricted California's ability to hold and treat persons. As the effects of this law spread through the state, and subsequently the nation, the numbers of persons held under state control dropped greatly as patients elected to remove themselves from state facilities, even though they often ended up on the street or in jail. Of course this development wasn't objected to by many state governments that were looking for a way to shut down the expensive mental facilities anyway. It would appear that in this case, BOTH the political right and left got what they wanted; but the nation eventually inherited the unintended, but foreseeable, consequences.

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Apr-08-13 9:37 AM

I have always been opposed to "group homes" because they do affect the character of a neighborhood. Maybe the large mental institutions were a better idea after all but one thing is certain, this is not a perfect world and it never will be.

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Apr-08-13 9:29 AM

Paul, starting out denigrating a past president isn't exactly a good way to win friends and influence people. Where would you suggest the money come from? Even your hero Obama is now talking about cutting the social safety net because of the cost. And his health care plan is now showing it's many drawbacks, with many more to follow. It's sad that you think the answer to any problem is to throw more money at it or make it even "more" illegal. It would be funny if it wasn't such a crock of hypocrisy. You are willing to pay for illegal aliens to stay even though they are breaking the law. And you want more laws to turn legal citizens, doing nothing wrong, into criminals. Now your cause de jour is mental health? I don't know the story of the young woman killed in Buffalo, but I am willing to bet with a .38 in her possession those two mental cases would have been suddenly been smart enough to not bother her at all.

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Apr-08-13 9:07 AM

See: "Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA)" AKA: "Mental Retardation and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963" One of JFK's "New Frontier" programs.

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Apr-08-13 9:02 AM

hey irsmart, would you include self defense in your comment, anyone who kills someone is mentally ill ?

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Apr-08-13 8:57 AM

"...Forget the fact that most gun murders are committed by people that are not mentally ill..."

Anyone that kills someone is mentally ill.

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