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Forestville appoints White as new clerk

April 10, 2013

FORESTVILLE — Village of Forestville residents will be seeing a new face in the village offices. Their village board approved a new village cler....

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Apr-16-13 12:20 PM

I have to add my two cents to this crazy village upheavel. The new mayor of Silver Creek took a lot of heat for conducting an illegal meeting. How have major business decisions been made by this new board and mayor? There has been a lot talk that the new board and mayor have been holding illegal meetings since April first!!! Wow, one of the new board members left work early to attend an unadvertized meeting. When the new board member arrived for the meeting nobody was there, and upon going to the new mayors home was told the meeting was over and that the new board member would be filled in later.

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Apr-12-13 4:03 PM

Wyatt corrects my spelling, then screws up himself. That's like an oxymoron, or just a moron. but yes I'm am an old fictitious idiot I guess. if Mr. Aures is really behaving like this and saying the stuff that is being said, he should be ashamed of himself. Does it really matter where a person lives? I personally don't know White or the two village streets employee's but it seems to me they are doing a great job.

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Apr-12-13 1:46 PM


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Apr-12-13 1:15 PM

Looks like WyattEarp should be careful before giving spelling lessons to mattdillon. I think WyattEarp was trying to spell smart, instead of smat.

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Apr-12-13 10:41 AM

As for the budget, it has been stated that it is a work in progress and not final. If I am not mistaken, there will be a meeting for the budget on 4/15, ask questions there like others will instead of posting it here where the board cannot address it. Makes sense to me.

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Apr-12-13 10:39 AM

Nope, no ties to the board and not a board member, just someone who is sick of seeing all the trash talk, mine included. But it goes to show how childish we all look slinging mud. Honestly, maybe if given the chance without the pressure this board might do something good for the village. Move forward not backward people.

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Apr-12-13 10:21 AM

WOW, WyattEarp, do you have some personal ties to the new board? Because you sound like the newly (appointed) board member or Mr Aures. Your recent comment is VERY rude!!

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Apr-12-13 9:43 AM

SamCrow has posted the best comment on here yet. Sure we can say hire from within the village and force our board to do so, but we would have to fire John and Chuck and that would give all you complainers something more to whine about. Spot on quietresident, that's if he/she has the proper working parts.

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Apr-12-13 9:40 AM

All you people are so smat. Matt, you're a blind, old, fictitious idiot. And you can't spell, I before E except after C. RECEIVED.

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Apr-12-13 8:53 AM

I heard the budget was cut and also lots of things didn't get put into the budget that need to be. What happens a year from now when there is no money? OUCH!!!!! Looks like they will need to merg with the Town of Hanover after all then there will be no need to worry about the new mayor or her cronies. Keep calling it like you see it Mattdillion.

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Apr-12-13 8:19 AM

I just call it as I see it.

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Apr-11-13 10:03 PM

Mattdillon, you are always right and WHY does your comments always get taking off? The truth hurts I guess! You people in the village I feel sorry for. She hung herself the first six hours of being mayor when she appointed the new trustee that is hated by 650 village residents out of 680 and fired the clerk! Now giving the clerks position to Mr White! I thought our village was bad but forestville beat us.i heard about Mr Auries how he is rude, swears and talks to women nasty, that won't help the mayor! Wake up forestville!

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Apr-11-13 7:18 PM

Preference should be given to a local taxpayer. Someone who lives in the community who knows everyone who comes into the clerks office. Maybe the mayor and board should have made it a stipulation of his employment to move into town.

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Apr-11-13 4:11 PM

You are all making a big deal about the clerk not being from the village. Did you realize that the other two village employees do not live in the village? One lives in Charlotte Center while the other lives outside the village. It doesnt matter where anyone lives as long as they do their jobs!!!

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Apr-10-13 9:49 PM

Jeanne Polisoto keep an eye on Mr. White.

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Apr-10-13 7:15 PM

Mr Aures the husband of mayor Aures has a foul mouth. He has been heard calling former board members foul names in the past. Too bad. He should be excused from the meetings!

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Apr-10-13 6:11 PM

Beth Bowker also asked when a motion was made to have the locks changed to the office and what it cost. Mr. Aures rudely interupted her and said shut up you old *****. Is this what we now have to contend with? Real classy!!!!

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Apr-10-13 5:54 PM

How shady is this? I guess we can all figure out why Carol Woodward resigned now. She must have seen this coming. Hire someone from out of the area, no previous experience and give them a raise. Mr Brewster, I hate to see who your going to be replaced with. At least Aures will give them a raise.

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Apr-10-13 4:58 PM

Wow, if Matt isn't picking on one person, he is picking on another. Sounds like no one makes him happy. Must be a self-gratifing person...

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Apr-10-13 4:45 PM

Excuse me???

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Apr-10-13 12:40 PM

The ad in the paper for these positions stated that resumes must be submitted by Friday April 5th and they've interviewed all possible candidates and hired someone by the 10th? The fact that the two people are friends has nothing to do with this I'm sure! Why bother posting for these positions?

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Apr-10-13 12:36 PM

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Apr-10-13 12:30 PM

So what do you know about James White,rumblefish? My biggest question would be, why would they hire outside of the villge?

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Apr-10-13 10:18 AM

A village board that has a clue. Nice to see they have nothing to hide and all business is done in front of the taxpayers.

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Apr-10-13 9:14 AM

from candidate for mayor of Dunkirk to clerk for the village of Forestville, wow what's next

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