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Below the line

Panel delves into aspects of poverty

April 12, 2013

Many families in Chautauqua County are living below the poverty line....

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Apr-13-13 9:13 AM

Love that so many disagreed with my figures on poverty in our County and various cities and villages.

I do too.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that so many in our area live in poverty. How are we addressing this? Not blaming the poor..but helping them rise up above that "line" of poverty.

Too many ARE WORKING..many FULL TIME..and still make such low wages with so few benefits that they still qualify for assistance. Something is wrong with this picture. It used to be that if you were working full time you would make enough to support your family, even if just barely making it, you were making it. What has happened that you now can work full time and still not have enough money so you must rely on help from the government just to feed you children.

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Apr-13-13 9:09 AM

julieort..we need to help those on assistance get off. Why should anyone working FULL TIME still qualify for benefits? To me that is outrageous. Yet as the good paying jobs live our area they have been replaced with low wages, with few to no benefits.

Why are we not working on increasing skill levels of workers for the jobs that are available in this area?

By the way..drug testing in Florida COST the taxpayers much money..and had very little results. It is not cost efficient at all. Lowering benefits does not help people get off either...GOOD JOBS DOES.

Why are we not having an intensive training or retraining programs in basic math, grammar, and WORK BEHAVIORS that employers are seeking. We could be using facilities already here and get people..those on assistance and the working use them to increase their skills.

When working most employers told us they could teach the actual skills..they needed people with good work habits and attitudes.

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Apr-12-13 10:23 AM

There are those truly needing assistance and there are those making a career out of assistance. The govt has done nothing to encourage getting off of welfare. They continue to give more and more and more. Judeye is full of it. Welfare is more than 23k. For those single mothers with a passel of kids.....keep your legs crossed!! Stop producing kids you can't afford. Get birth control. For the fathers of these children...shame on you!!! But then again if you had any shame you wouldn't be in that situation. Until welfare is not better than work the situation will get worse and worse.

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Apr-12-13 9:51 AM

The minimum wage is only a part of this story. The housing, food, insurance, childcare and phone provided for those on assistance is about a 40k value. Most of these benefits are not counted as income. Two people working full time at $10 per hour can't match this complete benefit package. PA has lowered their benefits and FL has a random drug test included in their public assistance. Our county has increased the benefits and received failing grades on the welfare to work component. Poverty becomes a cottage industry and justifies more law enforcement, social work and school personnel. This area has fostered this situation and it is finally becoming the culture. Our kids relocate after college. Coworkers and friends move away one by one when they retire or lose their jobs. For some, poverty is low income and there is motivation to overcome it. To others, it is a lifestyle that is enhanced and protected. As for companies paying more, Judeye-count how many are leaving this area.

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Apr-12-13 9:44 AM

What would you expect, when most of the jobs available in this area for non-college educated individuals are in fast food places or Wal-Mart? Let me explain, as long as most of our manufacturing is shipped out of the country, the unemployment isn't going to change much, nor will the economy. I hate to tell you this, but College is not an accomplishment everyone can do, it never has been. And, even with a college degree, there's no guarantee of a job waiting for you, especially in this area.

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Apr-12-13 9:37 AM how are YOU going to try to change that?

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Apr-12-13 9:31 AM

The libs are at it again. poverty is an entitlement to a liberal. from the job destroying new deal, great society and food stamp increases we see the proof.judeye , you are quoting liberal success stories ! Raising the minimum wage destroys jobs.the libs support that. Envirohysteria from the libs and you judeye, drives business away. Judeye, have you saved the planet yet along with the LWV ? LBJ was known as a man not having any interest in the world or how it worked, unless he could use it to get reelected.So he gave us the great society , a rehash of the raw deal from FDR and spent trillions. Obama sees these "successes" and gave us obamacare. The libs, learning disabled as usual. Not fear or hate judye, just historical facts right from quotes (DK listen up )in history books. Now judeye, am I a hate filled, fear mongering person or just one who reads a lot ?

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Apr-12-13 9:07 AM

welfare breeds welfare

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Apr-12-13 8:42 AM

More data facts..from the US Census Bureau 2012

Chautauqua County..persons living in poverty...17.7% In Dunkirk.....22.9% In Fredonia.....19.8% In Jamestown....25.6%

This is OUTRAGEOUS. Oh..level of poverty for a family of four...$23,050.

Yep all those welfare folks must really be living high off the hog huh?

Last night the Commissioner also said that the vast majority of public assistance was in food stamps and medicaid that goes to WORKING PEOPLE. Pretty sad when we the taxpayers have to supplement the wages (through food stamps) and make up for lack of health insurance for people who are hard working people trying to support their families.

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Apr-12-13 6:00 AM

One in every eight families in our county are living in poverty. Yet our elected representatives won't vote to raise the minimum wage. Reed opposes a higher minimum wage at the national level. Goodell and Mrs. Young oppose it at the state level. Shameful!

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