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Breaking down the SAFE Act’s cost

April 21, 2013

By LIZ SKOCZYLAS OBSERVER Mayville Bureau It is too early to tell the kind of impact the NY SAFE Act will have on the Chautauqua County budge....

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Apr-21-13 3:43 AM

The gun shops seem to be enjoying this impulsive and ill advised buying spree of cold metal.Also , if more guns means a safer society and reduced crime as the lobby group nra and it's salesman wynee lapeeinair claims the law infocement agencys will have a easy job.- The gun buy back of Buffalo is in May, all welcome !

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Apr-21-13 7:52 AM

The "safe Act" is much like the AHCA,"pass it and then we'll see what's in it".(Nancy Pelousy) Gun show May 4th & 5th Erie County Fair Grounds 9-4 both days. Get rid of your old rusty inoperative piece at the Buffalo buy back and then head over to the show.

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Apr-21-13 8:19 AM

"The gun buy back is in May...." Curiously these "no questions" gun "buy backs" appear to be being conducted outside of the requirements of state Penal law. The voluntary surrender of long guns and "firearms" (handguns, machine guns and now, under the NY SAFE Act, those weapons foolishly mislabeled to be "assault weapons, are "firearms") is allowed under Section 265.20(f) of the Penal code, PROVIDED that the NAME & ADDRESS of anyone turning in "firearms" 1st be recorded. Additionally, before such weapons can be destroyed, the State Police, under Sec. 400.05(5), are to be provided with the data on all "firearms" collected. Such data to be recorded by the SP and a timely search made of SP records for any info on the weapon (ie. reported stolen, wanted in conjunction with a murder, ect..)

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Apr-21-13 8:48 AM

All the prospective gun owners have to say is they are a radicalizing citizen working for a jihad. they will not be judged and probably given coupons for pressure cookers and guns, nitrates too. look at the taking of guns in NY recently for mental health issues and you will see why citizens think now is the time to get a gun. the libs get it wrong again and again.

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Apr-21-13 9:07 AM

why is there an increase in pistol permits? Guess the fear generated by those who want to increase profits is working.

By the way.., Nancy Pelosi said “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” is the full quote. If you had watched any of the proceedings, including the heckling, the yelling, the insults towards lawmakers that was going on during the health care debate in Congress you would understand clearly what she meant.

What was in the health care bill BEFORE it was passed was readily available to anyone interested. I KNOW. I read it.

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Apr-21-13 9:22 AM

judeye - there is an increase in pistol permits because, despite what Cuomo & Bloomberg want you to think, there are a lot of people out there who really are pro 2nd Amendment. The number of permits issued each year continues to increase, even while the population of the state decreases. The NRA is accused of misrepresenting the facts, but the gun control folks seem more guilty of that than anyone. Did you notice how through the failed bill in the senate progressed, the number of americans that supported their "common sense" laws jumped from 80% to as much as 91%? Numbers that really are tied up in a huge misrepresentation of what they were trying to do anyway. I think the activity at the pistol permit office is a better indication, at least in rural NY, of what the people want.

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Apr-21-13 9:30 AM

judeye gets it wrong again, profits are behind the gun permits and sales increase. Huh ? fear of confiscation and or a repudiation of the 2nd amnendment is the driving force. Judeye cannot see that the gun owners are being demonized while the radicalizing people like the boston bombers are not judged.gun owners names are published and judeye is worrying about heckling lawmakers. great logic judeye ! Such mental mistakes, almost always committed by a liberal. judeye, do you know that the supreme court said we have a right to a gun ? There is no right to an abortion so clearfly stated like a gun right is. judeye, give us your analysis.

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Apr-21-13 9:43 AM

Not fear Judeye but concern,concern that our rights and our freedoms as "LAW ABIDING"citizens are slowly being eroded under the guise of "public Safety" or for the "greater good". Was the SAFE act written and passed that fast to avoid the "fog of controversy" as well? Saying you have read the AHCA is difficult to believe Judeye since even as we speak portions(as the Secretary shall determine)are still being written! Did you by chance see how many times while reading what you did that phrase pops up? One other thing,you read it but did you understand it,I seriously doubt that you do!

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Apr-21-13 9:52 AM

posters, you gotta remember that judeye believes islam does not hate america.all those demonstrations and bombings must be love then . right judeye? She says so under the manhunt is over posts. So if you believe that ,then legal gun owners are nuts. the health law is being modified as we go judeye. judeye, all those things you say about the hebrews in the manhunt post are intended only for them. for the greeks and the zoroaster stream were running parallel and no death threats, etc were ordered. You know so very little history it is fun to read your liberal, female writings.All you know is money because you always advocate more funding. Gun owners know more law than you judeye. I love liberal gals !

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Apr-21-13 9:57 AM

hey judeye, more science for you. You should be advocating restrictions on nitrates and nitric acid. , the father of many great explosives. It is avaliable in stump dissolver, tannerite etc. pure nitric acid is hard to make and purchase, but one can get close. So please lets see your science knowledge.try to judge the gun owners like you are judging islam. i know its difficult,being a liberal and confused.

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Apr-21-13 9:58 AM

I know its in the safe act that no costs for the act will be payed by new fee's. but what do you think is going to happen when money are needed to keep the act running. in the end a pistol permit will cost five hundred and to put a gun on or take one off probably fifty or hundred with most of that money going right to the state.

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Apr-21-13 10:24 AM

in the liberal eyes and judeyes, the NRA is the equivalent of a muslim cleric. The fbi is looking for the sleeper cell thet the boston bombers were associated with. One does not make a IED without some knowledge ,practice or training in chemistry etc. So the libs condemn legal gun owners as radicals all the while the real threat is ignored for political correctness. Thats is what our govt has descended to, demonizing its law abiding citizens and ignoring the real threats. Do this with chemicals and you will be seriously injured in the plant or refinery.How vocal the liberals are and how swift they want obedience from people who never did anything wrong in their life. The libs are truly insane or mad , pure and simple.

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Apr-21-13 10:37 AM

Judeye, Pelosi's mention of having to pass ANYTHING before seeing what is in it is insulting, if not entirely a precursor to a typical bait-and-switch, which is now what we are finding the ACA to be.

Were you able to read the SAFE Act before it was passed? NO. nobody was. That law was "passed" illegally, period. The only thing the SAFE Act did pass legally was Cuomo's colon.

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Apr-21-13 10:45 AM

Pelosi's comment was ridiculous and deserves the derision it garners from most who heard it, full quote or not. My opinion of people who blindly support her is much the sane I have about lockstep right wingers. The rush on guns, bullets and pistol permits is a result of mass hysteria. I know of people who purchased 6,000 rounds of ammo after President Obama's first election. The same thing is happening now, at twice the rate, and why bullets are so scarce, NOT government conspiracies. And yes, gun shops made a KILLING with the NY safe act, and actually immediately following the shootings in Newtown. I know a person who bought 6 AR-15 type rifles just after it happened.

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Apr-21-13 10:46 AM

Judeye, how could you have read the Health Care Bill before it was passed when even Congressional Staffers, on both sides of the aisle, couldn't do it? That thing was thousands of pages. The Catholic Bishops, Unions, and other strong supporters of the bill before it was passed are now against it. Apparently, their staffers couldn't do what you claimed to have done either.

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Apr-21-13 10:51 AM

Also, do you remember Obama's pledge of giving the American Public three (3) days to read any bills before he signs them? Well, with Health Care, he not only didn't give the Public three days, not even Congress got three days. But then, a lot of campaign pledges of his were thrown under the bus.

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Apr-21-13 11:03 AM

Paul,Judeye:I wondered why you haven't commented on the 3w dot policeone dot com polls and surveys gleaned from 15,000 police officers.They aren't wacky,wild-eyed crazies as you paint many of the pro-gun(ar-15,hi-cap mags)members on this board.Please check their Gun control survey,11 key lessons from officers perspectives and are legally armed citizens the best solution to gun violence?

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Apr-21-13 11:04 AM

christopher, the "hysteria" to purchase guns is based on the much observed knee jerk reaction of libs to guns . Ban them . from hysteria about fracking, global warming, tax the wealthy , public employee unions fighting choice and right to work, etc. anyone with any mind can guess that the libs are lunatics and have their mind set on eliminating gun ownership. It the libs who are the mental cases, not the right wing or gun owners.the right is just supposed to say yessir to the constant assaults on us by the left.

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Apr-21-13 1:07 PM

1laona..most cops are about as Liberal as Richard Nixon. That would not be a post I would consider to be the least bit unbiased. I do believe, argue specific numbers all you want to, that the large majority of private citizens support stiffer gun controls, at least relative to sales of all types and background checks. So no, you won't see me quoting that poll.

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Apr-21-13 1:11 PM

Hey stang, did you read the Homeland Security Act? Do you have any idea how many truly scary things are in that? Are you afraid of that senile John McCain's comments about trying the Boston bomber in a Military Tribunal!!? An American citizen!!? As I've said many, many times, my biggest issue with the staunchest of 2nd Amendment supporters is their total silence and even agreement with routine violations of the rest of the Constitution. A little hypocrisy there, I'd say.

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Apr-21-13 1:15 PM

By the way, the evidence against the Boston bomber is so ridiculously overwhelming, why play games with his Miranda rights, etc., etc. If someone can't get a conviction on this kid with normal court procedures, they're in the wrong line of work. I'd say a negotiation with his attorney for a Life sentence instead of the Death penalty ought to get them all the information and conversation with him that they want. I mean, there really isn't much else to bargain for. If not, he wouldn't have talked anyway, so why bother with that Miranda rule? Life in prison for this kid is NOT going to be pleasant.

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Apr-21-13 3:24 PM

Islam does not hate America. Remember that, learn it ! gezz you show your true colors fast. There is Islam and then there are those who are extremists in their beliefs, those extremeist and their actions are an issue. Islam is not the issue !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr-21-13 3:57 PM

Paul,why do you think most Police Officers are against the Lefts black gun/hi-cap mag ban and registration?Why are there so FEW liberals "TO PROTECT and SERVE"on our streets?If Liberals were in fact so "caring",why aren't there more in Law Enforcement?(Other than the High-level"Politicos" who do curry favor from the Left).

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Apr-21-13 4:15 PM

"? While law-abiding citizens will abide by the law that previously legal thirty-round magazines must be sold within one-year to an out-of-state resident or turn in to local authorities, do you really expect a criminal or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence to sell or turn in his thirty-round magazines? While law-abiding citizens will abide by the law requiring that they register weapons which they already do and which have been deemed “assault weapons”, do you really expect a criminal or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence to do so? Do you really expect a criminal or mentally ill individual intent on doing violence to be concerned about any increase in penalties for shooting first responders?" You can read the rest at ht tp://w ww.nysaferesolutions.c om/2013/04/17/albany-police-officers-union-local-2841-council-82-afscme-afi-cio/ as always just remove the spaces.

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Apr-21-13 4:15 PM

"Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen: The Albany Police Officers Union condemns and opposes the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (the SAFE Act). Substantively, we believe that it violates fundamental constitutional rights, that it is unduly and purposely burdensome on law-abiding citizens, and” that it will not deter criminals or menially ill individuals from plotting and carrying out bloodshed and violence. Procedurally, we believe that the way in which the bill was rammed into law via an unjustified and expedient “message of necessity”, which circumvents the right and the ability of the citizens of this State to voice their concerns about the bill and have them addressed, is an outrage. This flawed law and the way in which it was rushed and passed, shows the apparent contempt that those who govern have for the governed, and calls into question whether we truly have a representational government."

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