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‘Tough week’: Horror, sadness fill nation

April 22, 2013

For many of us heading back to work today, it is the start of a new week. Thank goodness. We can all agree it was a trying week — locally and nationally....

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Apr-22-13 8:03 AM

There is a common thread to the bombing and the explosion. Nitrates were in both. here is a chance for the envirowackos to really goof it up big time. Ban ammonia production and thereby ammonium nitrate. We would be dependent on earth mined nitrate salts like the good old days. Going green and back to nature.gals at the LWV who are apparently afraid of trucks and fracking, here is your chance to use that feminine intuition ! remember prohibition ? You could prohibit ammonia production Another "nobel prize " for the gals !

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Apr-22-13 8:27 AM

How noble of Steiner to (once again) try to politicize human tragedy...

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Apr-22-13 11:51 AM

While I agree that Steiner is pathetic I do find it interesting that in many other stories that who have been using the Sandy Hook shooting to promote a political agenda are some of the first to complain if someone else used a different tragedy to promote an agenda they disagree with.

Let's be real, if these two had gone on a shooting rampage with AR-15 is anyone foolish enough to think that the anti-gun people in our country wouldn't using it to promote their agenda?

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Apr-22-13 11:52 AM


My last comment isn't directed at you, just a general observation.

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Apr-22-13 5:00 PM

Lack of regulation that allowed anything and everything to happen in the fertilizer plant is why this tragedy happened. You can accuse me of politicizing for my "liberal agenda" all you want, but the fact is, we can't strip away regulations as the tea party wants to do and not have tragedies happen. I also think the fertilizer plant should re-build on its insurance payment rather than on tax dollars. I'm for helping the residents of the area with federal dollars, despite my disgust at people like Rick Perry, who proclaim their desire to secede, and Rand Paul, who wants help for West but didn't want it for New Jersey.

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Apr-22-13 9:27 PM

Truthteller-could you be just a bit more truthful about Rand Paul(whom I'm not a big fan of)and why he voted against the 50 billion dollar sandy aid package? Could you please? Do you think maybe just maybe it was all the "goodies"included in the appropriation that had nothing to do with the relief? I know it was a big storm but never realized it effected Alaskan fisheries?

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Apr-23-13 7:29 AM

Sure, I'll be even more truthful. Rand Paul consistently opposes federal control of ANY monies--incoming or outgoing--as fervently as he opposes federal regulations. I don't understand why he feels he has a right to be part of the federal government, which pays him out of federal funds. It would be consistent for him to vote against Sandy relief REGARDLESS OF its add-ons or not. That wasn't his reasoning. After Sandy, several senators expressed their opposition to using federal money in NJ--and he was one of them. Nothing was said about "goodies." We're talking about an anti-government, anti-tax, anti-relief, anti-regulation mindset. And if we keep voting these people in, we'll be voting for a lot more trouble.

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Apr-23-13 7:35 AM


Don't waste your time since you will never get a straight answer from them and when you present a fact they will change the subject to try and avoid the truth.

The only truth you will find in truthteller's posts are in the nickname they chose.

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Apr-23-13 8:31 AM

“I would have given them ($)9 billion and I would’ve taken the ($)9 billion from somewhere else," he said. "I would have taken it from foreign aid and said you know what, we don’t have money for Egypt or Pakistan this year because we have to help the Northeast."

This is why he opposed the money for Sandy relief. He wanted cuts somewhere else in the budget to offset it. Only problem, do we always have to make cuts before we spend, particularly in an emergency situation? He is for isolationist view of our foreign policies. Does he not understand the political reasons why we give foreign aid?

Wonder why he did not say to take the money from the defense department? We surely have lots of money in there that could..and cut

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Apr-23-13 8:43 AM

dk, the left is politicizing the tragedy. You always miss the obvious. All sorts of right wing reasons were given for Boston. The left is dancing around the fact that it was a jihad. Thank god there was a smoker going out for a cig, to keep 2nd hand smoke out of the house or we would not have found the bomber suspect. Dc , of course says that it was a triumph of govt . No way. the govt messed up. Ammonium nitrate is stored in thousands of buildings in populated areas.There had to be an ignition or fire source. Once it goes it is the end. So libs, please tell me how i am politicizing this when the libs do it everyday.

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Apr-23-13 9:40 AM

To all learned posters, here is a good example of life in a small town. A fertilizer storage place is across the street from an oil storage place which is adjacent to an electrical substation. It has been that way for 70 years. Must be lack of regs here, right learned liberals. On the way there i saw a 22 wheel tanker truck parked in a driveway of a residential area . The truck had flammable placards on it. Dont forget the 1000's of miles of underground pipelines feeding our way of life. hey dk, a large trucking firm got wind of my energetic fuel. they want the secret. Have you and your learned woman friend figured it out yet ? Please tell libs, how pathetic i am. Learned posters , let me see your minds in action !

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Apr-23-13 9:44 AM

Hey judeye, the fed govt has got to do what silent cal coolidge did in the face of natural diasters. the fed did nothing as it was not the fed govt job to do. The states were responsible. judeye, tell us you care ! And spend other peoples money too. Be a good liberal .

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Apr-23-13 12:06 PM

Is that your evidence, Darkstar? Pretty wimpy.

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Apr-23-13 12:53 PM

Funny how some of the people who wanted to do away with FEMA yelled the loudest for federal aid after Hurricane Sandy...

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Apr-23-13 3:03 PM

Classic example of leftwing idiocy "Carbon tax to keep U.S. safe from terrorism?! NYT’s Friedman urges carbon tax to fix America post Boston Terror!"

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Apr-24-13 7:35 AM

libs, you can ban fireworks ! On tv they showed a firework store clerk saying that the boston bombers asked for the biggest things in the store. Lets see, fireworks banned, waiting periods for pressure cookers, for the background checks for middle ground as ms westlake is advocating. carbon tax thrown in for good measure. Ah, the mind of a liberal, confused and convoluted as always ! remember islam does not hate us !

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Apr-25-13 8:26 AM

libs, the boston bomber was a triumph for libs. he hated america and was on welfare. these are two key elements of the democratic party.

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