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Do gun owners deserve privacy?

April 27, 2013

I would like to give an opinion on the April 18 article headlined “Privacy of owning weapons debated....

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May-02-13 11:00 PM

The Government started the debate of gun ownership, (control); it's whether we as citizens are capable of using firearms. Apparently, Government feels they can provide a more stable environment without an armed citizenry. The only way for them to relieve its citizens of the devices is for the citizens own permission to do so. Thus, the intervention by Government to nudge the people in that direction; to use what ever means to achieve the end result. Privacy is part of the key for control, it's similar to a chess game, knowing what moves your opponent will likely to move. No privacy, Government wins control. People cloud the issues themselves, everyone pulling in different directions gives rise for something to be done to correct the situation. The people who don't own weapons have rights they don't use, means nothing to them. Try and take a right they use, now, there is a problem.

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May-02-13 9:04 PM

Im ok with it - let them know I own guns, then they will know YOU do not own guns and will know your an easy target and will choose you to violate - does any non gun owner truly advocate publishing that they have no way to protect themselves from gangs, would be rapists etc, logic has left debate we live in a terrible world I cant believe this topic is actually debated, the question is no longer what is wrong with this world, it is, what is right with this world?

so the same question worede deferently and your answer should be the same-

Should we publish a list of people and their addresses that dont own guns?

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May-01-13 7:29 PM

Personally, it is no concern of anyone whether you're armed or not, this is the reason for a ccw permit; concealment. Check Websters meaning of concealment. It is very impotent NOT to let it be known you have a ccw permit, reason is, some people will falsely accuse wrong doing to cause trouble, lawsuits etc. We live in a litigious society today!

We don't have a perfect world and a Government controlled world is no guarantee everything will be beautiful. All you have to do is look at our Politicians, something aren't they.

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May-01-13 7:09 PM

Judeye, FYI, The only ones who should be inform if you are carrying is: The police; incase you are stopped for any reason. This is for safety for you and them. You must have your CCW permit with you at all times when carrying. . Always check your state law as to where you may not carry. Of course this does not pertain to a criminal.

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Apr-28-13 3:44 PM

When Florida allowed concealed carry and enacted it’s Stand Your Groound law, people said it would become the Wild West in the streets. Funny thing, that never happened. Actually, according to the FBI and other Law Enforcement agencies, crime actually dropped. When a criminal knows a person might be armed, it makes them think about what they might do.

Speaking of Florida’s Stand Your Ground. You don’t hear any more about Trayvon Martin in the news. It seems the more people learned about Martin and what actually happened, the more it looked bad for him. Seems he was nothing but a trouble making punk who went back looking for a fight.

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Apr-28-13 11:21 AM

Judeye, The question you ask is HIGHLY subjective to a number of variables. stangv8 mentions the issue of placing window stickers on your home which state that you own guns (ie. "This Home Guarded By SMITH & WESSON Four Days A Week, YOU Guess Which Four!". Judeye, if you kept your gun for protection purposes, what thoughts would run through your mind as to the wisdom of putting a sticker in your front window? Does such a declaration serve to deter or attract criminal interest? Place yourself in the criminal's shoes; would all criminals have the same views about that warning? In short, there just isn't a pat answer to your question. Ask twenty different gun owners these questions and you'll get twenty different opinions based upon their views of the situation.

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Apr-28-13 10:47 AM

"If one of the reasons to own a gun is to deter criminals, then would you not want them to know you have a gun." No surprise is one of the biggest helps there is. Why would anyone want criminals to know they owned guns. Sheer idiocy it seems.

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Apr-28-13 10:30 AM

Judeye - You are remarkably frustrating. Do you do this intentionally? I answered your question, directly, see my post 4/27 8:02AM.

You responded, indicating that must be nobody read your post.

I said, ya.

You blah blah nobody answered my question blah blah.

I guess this is just like everything else you do on here. "What guns do you think should be legal" blah blah. I think we should all report abuse any time you pipe in on a gun related forum, you do nothing to contribute and seem to only be interested in getting people fired up.

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Apr-28-13 10:01 AM

Judeye. Do you want a criminal to know you own a gun? Now, that’s a good question. The answer can be a double sided sword. If a criminal knows I own a gun, he much less likely to break into my house or attempt to rob me on the street. On the other hand, if he knows I have guns, he may be likely to watch my house and break in when I’m not at home.

Personally, I don’t have stickers or signs on my door saying this house is protected by Col. Colt or Smith & Wesson. I don’t have NRA stickers on my vehicle or anything that would reference I own weapons. When I go to the range, I don’t make a big show of putting my weapons in my vehicle as they’re always cased and only those who know me know that I carry concealed.

So, in answer to your question. I would prefer to have as few people as possible know that I own firearms; especially the government.

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Apr-28-13 7:35 AM

RipleyResident..I was asking a legitimate question. If one of the reasons to own a gun is to deter criminals, then would you not want them to know you have a gun.

I see no one answered this.

I was not arguing, just asking a simple question to which no one responded.

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Apr-27-13 10:36 PM

Judeye - "If so, would you not want EVERYONE to know you have a gun in your home?" Did you read your comment?

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Apr-27-13 5:51 PM

"Yet, I do not think there should be a law requiring that this information be published."

Guess few read this part of my comment. made some good points. Something I really need to think on.

By the way, is it not true that if you have a concealed weapon, you must announce so if you get into an argument or fight? Or even if you are arrested?

I have a few friends that carry at all times. They told me that they had to declare that they had a gun..if they got into a fight.

Ha ha...yes our home was empty..and the guns were here..but in this mess I hardly think anyone would be able to find them even if they knew.

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Apr-27-13 2:52 PM

The true, but unspoken purpose of poll taxes ( also including literacy tests ect.), was to discourage poor blacks from exercising their right to vote . Such laws typically "grandfathered" people whose family (father's, grandfathers ,ec;. which were all white of course) had voted prior to the end of the Civil War from paying the tax. The intent of state and local taxation of slaves was merely a property tax that was commonly levied; nothing to do with purposely discouraging the holding of slaves.

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Apr-27-13 1:23 PM

Right, KC, right...while you are at your crummy "poll tax" justification point, why didn't you include the property taxation of slaves?

Simple minds.

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Apr-27-13 11:03 AM

Yes Dconig, high taxation has often been used by government as means to discriminate against certain behaviors, including the desire to avail oneself of his constitutional rights. An example would be the poll tax.

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Apr-27-13 10:24 AM

I've no idea why this info needs to be in the public domain -- the intent behind this requirement is neither clear nor purposeful. There is a plethora of other unused means, especially economic, if controlling guns is the objective, ie, taxing the heck out of them and the ammo.

But invading one's privacy is nonsensical.

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Apr-27-13 10:14 AM

The basic root of the whole problem hasn’t been addressed: The Pistol Permit

You are required to have a permit...a license...from the State in order to exercise your Constitution Right to keep and bear arms. The State becomes the grantor of this right in defiance of not only our Founding Fathers who said rights were given by God but even great leaders of recent times like JFK who said this in his inauguration speech; And, what you may not know, your neighbors also decide your fate when it comes to your right to keep and bear arms. Law Enforcement interviews your neighbors when you apply for the license and if they object, you’re refused the license.

Can you imagine having to have a permit to attend church, buy a newspaper, or even speak freely at a public gathering? How about having a permit requiring law enforcement to get a warrant when searching your home; not permit, no warrant needed.

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Apr-27-13 8:49 AM

I really hate to even mention this, but if, for whatever "purpose" someone might believe that the identity of pistol permit holders should be published (from what I've heard thus far, mostly so that the neighborhood knows that there's guns in that house) wouldn't it also make sense to likewise publish the ID of everyone having a hunting license issued to them? Or for that matter, the name of everyone who might have a firearm in the house for whatever reason?! Judeye, you claim to have shotgun in your home; will your house be empty while your family is away on vacation anytime in the near future? If so, what dates are you planning to be away?

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Apr-27-13 8:42 AM

We need to vote Mr. Coughlin out of office this November. He does not represent our interests.

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Apr-27-13 8:42 AM

Hey Steiner!! I want to know what you collect in Federal benefits!! It's my tax dollars!!!

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Apr-27-13 8:40 AM

Well put, Ripley.

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Apr-27-13 8:22 AM

The libs want us to genuflect before the govt.we should only publish names of right wing causes , right libs ? The right to privacy is only for abortions and left wing causes, especially women, they are special needs.besides, guns kill people right ? The left hides under the public employee thing. hey christopher, it is called PUBLIC employee in case you missed that. judeye, the best weapon is a stealth carry like an attack sub. How is it you goof up such simple things ? Judeye wants to decide how much companies can pay. wow, such a liberal, having the solution to all things by mandate.You libs are so confused.

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Apr-27-13 8:02 AM

Judeye - I'm not home all the time. I'm not worried about somebody trying to break in when I am, but there are criminals who may be interested in stealing guns, and they are likely smart enough to do so when the armed home owner is not at home. I also don't wear a T-shirt that says "I'm carrying a gun" when I concealed carry (which is nearly all the time).

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Apr-27-13 7:43 AM

GeorgeB67..oh you mean all those companies who get our money year after year, pay NO taxes, and still make huge profits? I say YES publish their names

Oh then again, they did..and most of us still did nothing but complain about the family who might get food stamps because the company they work for does not pay them enough.

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Apr-27-13 7:41 AM

I thought part of the point of owning a gun was to deter criminals? If so, would you not want EVERYONE to know you have a gun in your home?

Kinda like putting up those signs that say your house is guarded by security.

Yet, I do not think there should be a law requiring that this information be published.

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