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Guns involved in ‘terrible crimes’

April 29, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: First let me state that I am not against gun owners — I own a couple of guns for hunting purposes myself. I have many friends and relatives that own all types of guns....

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May-03-13 12:29 AM

"What should Congress do about gun control?

Leave federal gun laws as they are (95%, 38,173 Votes)

Expand background checks, ban assault weapons and limit the capacity of magazines (3%, 1,053 Votes)

Only expand background checks (2%, 1,018 Votes)

Total Voters: 40,244"

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May-01-13 8:28 PM

Laws. Laws are only good as the oversight. so, that being said, hows the oversight working in Washington? I suppose, only what the Politicians want over sighted, the ends justifies the means oversight. We see how that works don't we.

We people are strange creatures, we are led by the nose to the devices perpetrated by the powers, they know the buttons, they know how to move people so the results land hopefully in their laps. They do what needs to be done to fulfill their agenda. Don't misconstrue their hollow verbiage," we care about you". They don't! They care only of the agenda the have meted out behind closed doors. The bottom line is: they play the tune and we dance. Right now, the tune the're playing is "gun violence" Oh, how we're dancing.

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Apr-30-13 10:30 PM

"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom." -- John F. Kennedy

"The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible." -- Senator Hubert H. Humprey

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Apr-30-13 8:04 PM

Where's Judeye?Hope she voted.The LIBERAL party line has been working SO well in Chicago,DC and NYC,you know those LOW crime areas.Yes,keeping the Honest blacks in the ghetto disarmed seems like the WRONG thing to do to us(Honest right-wingers),let those gang-bangers have all the weapons.(is that correct lefty's?)

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Apr-30-13 5:27 PM

"Leave federal gun laws as they are (94%, 16,637 Votes)

Expand background checks, ban assault weapons and limit the capacity of magazines (3%, 584 Votes)

Only expand background checks (3%, 465 Votes)"

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Apr-30-13 5:10 PM

Christopher, I'm surprised that you know that most restrictive gun laws were initially enacted to prevent blacks from owning firearms. One of the reasons Condoleezza Rice is against gun control as she tells of how her father and other black men armed themselves to protect their families against the KKK night riders.

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Apr-30-13 3:34 PM

I just took a poll in Alabama. They all signed their X for a signature to say they think everyone but black guys should have guns. I took the same poll in Laona, same result.

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Apr-30-13 2:19 PM

I just took a poll at PBS,they want to know if you want more gun control.Please everyone go check it out and cast your vote.

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Apr-30-13 12:49 PM

Also now we have this "Obamacare faces new legal challenge: Its 'tax' still violates the Constitution The Supreme Court saved Obamacare by deeming the law's individual mandate a 'tax.' But in that case, the law violates the Constitution's Origination Clause, which says all tax bills must originate in the House, not the Senate. Letting the law stand sets a dangerous precedent." It seems a tax can not originate in the Senate but only in the house according to the Origination Clause of the Constitution. " Even the Supreme Court’s liberal wing agreed that large parts of it were unconstitutional. In part of last June’s decision, Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan joined the conservatives to hold that Congress had illegally tried to force states to expand their Medicaid rolls."

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Apr-30-13 12:45 PM

TruthTeller says"Name ONE liberal politician who supports your ridiculous claim." So I did and then Christopher says this in reply to my comment "Yep, there are SOME LIBERALS who want to ban all guns, of this I have no doubt." Are they the same person or did truthteller just go into hiding and ask his BB to answer for him?

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Apr-30-13 11:43 AM

It is also not unusual to ask questions in such a way as to yield the desired response. The background check poll asked something to the effect of should all gun buyers be subject to a background check. Sure, no brainer. The issue is how to implement this. How will anybody guarantee that neighbors will follow this? Certainly the guy selling the old 38 special with the serial scraped off won't.

This brings up the question then, why pass a law that can't be enforced? We already have a law against murder, problem is it doesn't work, and that's why people die.

You can't legislate safety, until the mass population understands this, we are in trouble. Sometimes bad things happen, and invariably, bad people are to blame. Giving up the rights of good people will never change this.

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Apr-30-13 11:22 AM

Yes American, that is exactly what they do. When the poll is done without bias, it doesn't have the results they want.

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Apr-30-13 11:20 AM

Or do they get these numbers from the same place Cuomo must have gotten the un-SAFE ACT? Or Obama and his non-healthcare act, or Bush and his non-Patriot ACT.

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Apr-30-13 11:18 AM

I would like to know how they get the high numbers in these polls that claim people want more gun control. At least 70% of people I have talked to or articles and comments I have read say most are opposed to more. What do they do take a poll of democrats in Newtown only or something. It's the only way I can see liberals pulling numbers like 90% want more.

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Apr-30-13 10:11 AM

No Judeye, I knew the government doesn't listen to the people the minute obamacare passed. How's that financial train wreck working out for you? Has it lowered your healthcare costs? Has it lowered your premiums? But it will raise the working public's taxes starting this year. As well as their premiums and deductables. Oh wait, and the cut in hours for the working poor will REALLY help the economy, won't it? Another fine mess brought to you by the insanity that is liberalism.

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Apr-30-13 9:18 AM

Back at the time when airline hi-jacking was popular a commedian said "I know the solution. As passengers are boarding the plane give each of them a gun. No one in his right mind would dare hi-jack the plane if everyone was armed". Sure, it was meant as a joke but it makes you wonder. Our society depends on law enforcement to prevent crime but police usually arrive after the damage has been done. The truth is that we live in a violent society and the violence is promoted by television, movies and video games. If we are going to solve the problem that's where we should start.

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Apr-30-13 8:10 AM

Why when the vast majority of people in this Country want background checks for ALL gun sales did it not pass?

By the way,60% of the people in ALASKA supported this bill.

Is no one else concerned that our Congress can IGNORE the will of the people?

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Apr-30-13 8:07 AM

stangv8..hope you have NO grandchildren either with a loaded gun around.

" In 2010, unintentional firearm injuries caused the deaths of 606 people From 2005-2010, almost 3,800 people in the U.S. died from unintentional shootings Over 1,300 victims of unintentional shootings for the period 2005–2010 were under 25 years of age People of all age groups are significantly more likely to die from unintentional firearm injuries when they live in states with more guns, relative to states with fewer guns. On average, states with the highest gun levels had nine times the rate of unintentional firearms deaths compared to states with the lowest gun levels A federal government study of unintentional shootings found that 8% of such shooting deaths resulted from shots fired by children under the age of six"

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Apr-30-13 7:57 AM do you know they did not have guns in their home?

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Apr-30-13 7:36 AM

All my firearms are in a 500 pound safe except two of them which are kept concealed in other parts of the house. They're both loaded but only my bedroom gun has a round chambered. With no children in the house, there's only me and the wife.

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Apr-30-13 7:26 AM

My dogs will take care of the waking us up part, with plenty of time to load, probably get a few of the handguns out of the lock box (electronic keypad, mags loaded & ready) and ready to go.

BTW I'd keep the guns loaded, but I understand that in the event of a fire, the VFD is a little nervous about fully loaded weapons in the house.

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Apr-30-13 6:59 AM

By the way, an unloaded gun won't help much. IF you wake up and IF you have time to load, OK, but that's assuming a heck of a lot. How many people have no idea anyone is in the house until they wake to them standing in their bedrooms, or in their living rooms when they go for a drink of water? Or, do all of you load and take a gun when you wake up to go to the bathroom? Sort of ridiculous I'd say. A loaded gun in the nightstand, now that makes you safer. And of course, you lock it up in the morning. Now THAT'S safe. Anything else is pretty stupid.

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Apr-30-13 6:55 AM

Yep, there are SOME LIBERALS who want to ban all guns, of this I have no doubt. Are those LIBERALS a majority of the Democratic party? No, no way. Why does anyone but the clinically paranoid worry about registering all guns to control ALL gun sales? It's no different than getting pistol permits in New York and other places. I don't get that at all. If gun deaths were a disease, we'd have declared an epidemic and been pouring money into the search for a vaccine. As for Europe, comparing there to here is pretty unworkable in most cases, and MOST of Europe is doing just fine. Don't concentrate on Greece. (You know the main issue with Greece? They don't pay their taxes!! Look it up!)

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Apr-29-13 10:50 PM

Yes truth I see the happiness on the evening news. Riots and mayhem in just about half the European countries because their liberal "give me" attitude has driven their respective countries to banruptcy. Give it a couple of years, your man in the Oval office is working overtime to get the U.S. to that point. And yes it is a Constitutional right to bad mouth the country, the flag, or the military. Just don't bad mouth a minority, a gay, or an abortion. Because that is just un-American in the liberal vernacular.

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Apr-29-13 10:48 PM

Banning guns is an idea whose time has come...Joseph Biden, quoted by AP, 11/18/1993

Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of Americans to feel safe....Dianne Feinstein, quoted by the Associated Press, 11/18/1993

If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them ... "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in," I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren't here...Dianne Feinstein, 60 Minutes, 02/05/1995

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