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Silver Creek meets with Sheriff, no decisions made

May 1, 2013

SILVER CREEK — Silver Creek residents filled the Hanover Town Hall as they waited to hear the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s proposal for police coverage in the village....

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May-02-13 9:16 AM

If the Sheriff does take over, does this mean that "Frick and Frack" will have to drive to Mayville to spec out new police cars?

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May-02-13 7:33 AM

Mikey gets it folks! The only way to run the Village is like a business and as Mikey says if the "total" expenditures are revealed costs of operation are way out of line for the size of the village. Perhaps the new board will redirect financial priorities for tax payers of a struggling small town Worries of higher crime as a justification sound like scare tactics as an attempt to justify personal politics.

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May-01-13 10:29 PM

I will finish by saying that I believe that this board is the best in a long time and will use all the facts to make a you can go after joining the town and village!!

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May-01-13 10:27 PM

I hope that the mayor will dig thru all of the budget and find the true cost of the P.D. Common sense will tell you that the true cost is probably double that figure.With a full compliment of full time patrolmen and officers,each one would be in the neighborhood of close to $100,000 each in pay and complete benefit package. Add in pay, insurance,clothing allowance,vacation and personnel time,cash benefit cards,etc: and 100K each is not far fetched. You can ask the state for exact numbers. Now add in the office and employee,I believe 3 cars at 30K each with a replacement of one every year,gas and maintenance cost,heat and electric for the office. Shall I go on? So, 545K is too low of a figure,that might just covers salaries.I believe that when a true cost is found it will be a big cost savings now and in the future. For the naysayers just look at the whole picture and you will see it. And to say that crime will rise is just saying the sky is falling. where are the facts??

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May-01-13 8:53 PM

bronski - your village taxes really cost $3,600 a year????

To the 6 disagrees on my first post, please list the communities that had their taxes go down.

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May-01-13 1:12 PM

Very nice presentation by Sheriff Gerace. What an eye opener in the amount of savings for equal or better services. As Mr Piccolo stated taxes will be lowered approx 20 percent, this would be a big boost for a dying town. As for Anna and her "Quality of Life Issues", yes this means the SCPD patrol car will not be stationed in her driveway anymore. Issues of high grass will be referred to the code enforcement officer, animal complaints to the dog warden. These are their jobs, not a police issue. Yes, Anna you can call the 7 digit number the next time you want to report a felonious car parked between the sidewalk and curb on Burgess Street.

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May-01-13 9:22 AM

I support the Silver Creek PD,the village is unique that we have a small village that is a safe and not anything like dunkirk ,mind you dunkirk is 11 miles away and has its problems but i would prefer that they stay there,you can guarantee that youll see a scpd car as you drive through silver creek,this my friends keeps the less desirables out of our town,if the sheriffs take control it would be like leaving your front door opened with a sign that says come on in nobody home,their are too many rentals folks and with the other problems the undesirables bring their are other costs too,lets keep the village safe and make silver creek a place to cherish rather than flush it down the county drain,my experience with the sheriffs dept are not too good,they worry too much about the scumbags rights than anything,they have no viable reason too get into silver creek besides they are already there ,WE PAY COUNTY TAXES for that reason, SUPPORT SILVER CREEK PD

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May-01-13 8:08 AM

Per the article in the Observer, the Silver Creek Village Board will meet tonight at 7pm to approve a Budget. Can this be done without a decision on the Sheriff's potential coverage of the Police Department? Possible this is a error. I as a former Village of Silver Creek resident/Businessman am concerned that a recent letter from a retired long time Village resident has exposed many valid concerns that need answers. Sadly it may be too late to fix the problems after excess misspent funds of the past several years. Example-DPW located on 5&20 out of the Village!

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May-01-13 7:32 AM

The Village PD is down to bare bones. No one wants to work with Tim Roche. Will it save in taxes? Not sure but it seems like it would. We would not have to pay health insurance, car insurance, upkeep on the cars or hefty pensions. I applaud Mr. Piccolo for looking into it. We also need to look at why we pay so much for our golden water. If it is the rates that Erie County has set then we need to renegotiate. We also need to look at how many employees we currently have for 1.2 square miles. Do we really need the size of the DPW? Do we really need to hire part time summer help? Last I new there are 8 weeks in the summer and 7 DPW staff. 1 vacation week per person. How hard is that. Seniority takes precedents. I love Silver Creek and don't want to leave but living her has become overwhelming with the taxes. On a $90,000 home the taxes will cost approx $300.00 per month. For what. Time to look at the whole picture to dissolve the village not just the PD

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May-01-13 6:38 AM

Biggest complaint I heard from communities that contracted with the county was that the car was always on a call somewhere else when you needed it. My advice to a community looking to discontinue their local PD - just drop it and get used to the loss of the service.

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May-01-13 6:35 AM

Ask anyone who lives in a town or village that got rid of their own police department how much their taxes went down. You'll discover the answer is none did.

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