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Portland pot-growing operation shut down

May 9, 2013

OBSERVER Staff Report PORTLAND — A sophisticated marijuana growing operation was shut down in the town of Portland on Wednesday morning. At 7:15 a.m....

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May-13-13 8:44 AM


Sorry for the last response, I've been under the weather.

Here's the rub, if we want smaller government, which you seem to support, then we also need to back off trying to have rules and regulations to cover any actions you might decide on.

I'm not worried about someone smoking pot in the privacy of their own home, now if they get into a car under the influence they should through the book at them.

The GOP claims the DNC wants big government and total control of the American people, the GOP wants smaller government but isn't willing to give up and of the control they have over the American people.

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May-09-13 6:33 PM

Dark Star-my point is why legalize something which will create untold new headaches for law enforcement,business,and public safety,and if regulated and taxed,more bureaucracy.

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May-09-13 3:57 PM


Would more people get stoned and drive then do now simply because possession/use is legalized?

Also while I am far, far from being an advocate for legalization I believe that it's been shown to be lower in carcinogens than tobacco.

Finally, following your logic we should make tobacco use and sale illegal so as to save children from second hand smoke.

While the use of this, or any drug, has risks, alcohol and tobacco included, seperating one out for "special treatment" while having loads of other legal makes very little sense.

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May-09-13 2:17 PM

How much money for the increased healthcare costs,(more tar and carcinogens in pot than cigarette tobacco)how much money for having more impaired drivers on the road,what about the person working on the brakes on your car,the 18 wheel driver? How about those kids suffering from 2nd hand smoke?

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May-09-13 9:40 AM

DarkStar..oh I agree. you can get it for almost anything under medical. I too think it should be legal for all uses. I just cannot understand why it is not..except money. Big money to be made from incarceration and big money for drug companies, that if pot were legal would decrease.

Now if this had been a bust of crack, ******, or even the prescription drugs that are now used, that would be different.

Stop wasting our taxpayer money on trying to get pot growers. Anyone have any idea how much these type of busts cost? I would be interested.

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May-09-13 8:54 AM


While I am not totally against legalization I do need to point out that the whole "medical marijuana" movement is a shame being pushed by those who want it legalized for recreational use.

An interesting little factoid, there are more "medical" marijuana dispensaries in L.A. then they are Starbucks.

With that said I think it pot would likely have been legalized years ago if there was a quick breathalyzer type test to see if someone was under the influence.

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May-09-13 7:14 AM

Isnt there a better use of time, energy and most importantly money. What a waste of resources.

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May-09-13 7:05 AM

Just think of the money we would not only save but generate in this region if pot were least for medical reasons.

No more wasting of thousands of dollars searching for pot plants. No more wasting another thousands of dollars prosecuting people, and add on thousands upon thousands more dollars if we incarcerate them.

Compare that to the money that could be generated if this crop were regulated, and TAXED.

I think the time has come to rethink our position on marijuana as many other states have done.

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