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Save the music

CVCS teachers, students lobbying against further cuts

May 12, 2013

By DIANE R....

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May-16-13 10:54 AM

The school keeps buying iPads and iPods but can't afford some used instruments?

Music in school is just as important as sports. Both get students working together, learning how to solve problems and team work skills.

As for PE, all the students are brought down by the few kids who are too big to do anything. Gym class was usually crap unless the guys and girls split up. At least then the guys could have the option of doing something while the girls were stuck walking around the track.

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May-13-13 8:25 AM

By the way, I am IN FAVOR of music programs in schools. Always have been. I just find it disheartening when two teachers making close to $200,000 plead to the school board to not cut the music program.

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May-12-13 9:40 PM

Save the music? Our Second Amendment is under attack and they want to spend money on music in our schools? If we don't focus our resources and stop them soon the libs will see to it that America is no longer worth singing about!!!

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May-12-13 5:54 PM

Don't get me wrong, MrBear, I'm not absolving any BOE members from their well-known spending habits. To be fair, I must remind you that if any BOE was ever miraculously struck with a fiscally responsible idea, school employees would simply wait for talks to be declared an impasse, then they can confidently rely on PERB to gain most (if not all) of the pay raise(s) they seek.

If commentor doesn't mind, I'd like to steal one of his favorite lines (which I totally agree with): Bring on a control board!

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May-12-13 12:42 PM

Well said Captain except for one point. Obviously these BOE members up that way don't care about saving money. In the midst of all the cuts and layoffs they spend spend spend obviously. Third paragraph from the bottom of this article says much. ww.observertoday dot com/page/content.detail/id/580341/Committee-to-consider-closure-of-Cassadaga-Elementary dot html

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May-12-13 11:00 AM

D: enough w/the pity party, have you no shame? The problem is PS employees keep demanding more during every round of new CBA talks. Consequently, they're essentially costing colleagues their jobs while slowly destroying the entire system, hence the demand/need for consolidations.

Yes, all programs were fully funded back then, but taxpayers could afford it. Today they can't, and ALL public unions (not just teachers) selfishly fail to recognize this fact. As labor costs continue to rise, jobs must be cut to offset these rising costs.

D: Here's a simple question: If you were a BOE member and wanted to balance your district's budget w/o raising taxes, what meaningful cost-saving measures would you implement to cut costs?

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May-12-13 10:54 AM

They will just have to face the music.

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May-12-13 10:23 AM

$193,066 is the combined salary of Cross and Braeger......................that's not a typo........... they make a combined salary of $193,066.

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May-12-13 9:16 AM

Captain -- your suggestion is idiotic beyond belief. You yourself, and your peers would never, ever do likewise at your place of work. I'll bet when you went to school music, sports and all sorts of other activities were fully funded -- yet somehow, now, these kids and teachers are less important??

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May-12-13 8:49 AM

Captain hit the nail right on the head. Ask the Teachers how much they are willing to cut in pay like everyone else is doing now. Also, didn't this school district just give out raises to it's administrators after they shut down a school to save money? Raises with closings and we want more? Yeah ok guys. Think about it for one second. Your school found money to give raises but no money for a program for the kids? Priorities a little out of whack in CVCS?

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May-12-13 8:25 AM

if was football our baseball, they find the money,. keep the music!

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May-12-13 8:14 AM

What they are really saying is save my job and outrageous pension and raises. There are many many students who go through school with never having participated in music and the same for sports and turn out quite well and do quite well in life. If you want your kids to have music pay for it privately. If you want your kids to have sports pay for it privately like many many pay for hockey.

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May-12-13 7:15 AM

Here's a suggestion for CVCS music teachers John Cross & Joseph Braeger: Send all letters and direct all pleas to your colleagues. If the majority of your fellow union members didn't value pay raises more than the loss of teaching positions, those which don't affect THEM, maybe this wouldn't be such a common occurrence throughout the nation's public schools system.

If your union's president was a music teacher @ CVCS, I'm sure this particular issue wouldn't exist. However, the BOE would've simply chosen some other sacrificial lamb(s) to offset rising labor costs.

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