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Chief Meyers discusses Fred Fest with village officials

May 15, 2013

Fred Fest 2013 may be over but talk about it continued during the workshop session of the Fredonia Village Boar....

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May-16-13 5:10 PM

PR24601....there are reasons Dunkirk is the town it is. And you and the like minded are the largest part of it's problem. There is one HUGE difference between the two towns. The most obvious is those in the village take pride in their community and it shows. The little things like neighborhood preservation and pride in ownership. Your version of pride shows to what Dunkirk is today. The armpit of western NY.

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May-16-13 12:19 PM

"Public intoxication, nudity and tossing empty containers at police cars should not be considered acceptable behavior"......

Phil has obviously NEVER been to a Buffalo Bills game

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May-16-13 9:02 AM

I am hearing some real horror stories about student behavior during Fred Fest. Students are expected to have a good time but they don't have a right to jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the community or other students. Public intoxication, nudity and tossing empty containers at police cars should not be considered acceptable behavior. Appropriate punishment should be administered along with a serious discussion about the future of the event.

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May-15-13 4:33 PM

Bwaaahhh! You chose to live in a college town - get the heck over yourselves. If it wasn't for the college, Fredonia wouldn't be worth taking a dump on.

Just implement a goddam 24 hour curfew. See how many students decide to come to SUNY/F. See how quickly your town becomes a sh*tty version of Dunkirk.

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May-15-13 4:12 PM

The negative comments and ******** is a classic example as to why fredonia residents have a reputation as being elitists when in reality we're borderline trash to the rest of society. No Jobs, low income and high taxes, without FSU its just a suburb of Dunkirk so let the kids unwind for a weekend and get over it.

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May-15-13 1:52 PM

This would not even take place if it was not a money making event for the village. So of course it will continue and probably expand. Just think, food and alcohol sales for the local businesses and lest not forget the revenue from dwi's and other tickets it brings to the village.

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May-15-13 1:38 PM

The owners and or the owners representative(s) need to take the wheel here. The Village taking responsibility to police private property when no laws are being broken is ridiculous. Large #'s of students make the town their playground and unless those who rent to them take the lead, the outcome will not differ. Cooperation with school in regards to the open container or underage drinking citations is a no-brainer. Hundreds if not thousands of colleges are doing it, way not SUNY-FRED?

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May-15-13 12:41 PM

Fredonia has gotten old and crotchety. It happens every year once a year. S u c k it up folks. The college could cancel Fred Fest and there would still be parties at that time of year. The College could, however, have activities that would keep students on campus longer. As for the roof problem it is definitely a landlord problem. If you have a roof that can be a problem then the landlord should patrol that house and chase them off for as long as it takes for him to be there.

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May-15-13 11:27 AM

From the Chief's remarks, it seems like a "measured approach" was the way to go.

Ever been to a Bills game? The "adults" there behave worst than these college students did.

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May-15-13 11:06 AM

Get a grip people. The trash was gone by Monday night. Kids blowing off some steam before finals. If I was 30 years younger I would have been one of them. If some idiot takes a header off of a roof then so be it, the landlord can deal with the lawsuit. You can't sue the village for something that happens on private property.

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May-15-13 10:56 AM

Apparently none of you ever went a little crazy when you were young, or never attended the Red, White and Blues festival, where "adults" get smashed and walk all over town with open containers. The kids were stupid to get on that roof, they should have been warned of the danger, but it really was the responsibility of the landlord to stop it, since it did not violate any laws. And yes, the kids should clean up the next day. I was most upset with the broken bottle on the street, which can ruin tires, but Meyers is correct. Fredonia only exists because of the college kids, and yet many hate them.

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May-15-13 9:42 AM

Chief obviously is not a public speaker...."beauty is in the eye of the beholder?" how does that apply...."I'll take garbage all day long" you said it do take garbage....

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May-15-13 9:19 AM

what is it going to take, a death because some kid fell off a roof? never have I heard such stupidity from an otherwise educated individual. Underage drinking is just that, illegal, and those who supply it to the younger ones should be arrested, seems a double standard does it not?

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May-15-13 9:13 AM

I LIKE THE WAY BLOGGERS BABBLE, WE GET A LOT OF BABBLE HERE, babble about change the law here get more restrictive. The law regarding deposit is case law, well come on, fix that. Restrictive, please check your location, Yes we are still in the USA. I do not condone bad behavior but your complaining about FredFest time for you to grow up, either get the college to cancel FredFest or continue to do what has been done for years now, our best to keep it under control and not carry on like old people more restrictive, guess freedom is only for those we assign it to.

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May-15-13 8:40 AM

We can't expect good behavior unless there are penalties for bad behavior. There are already laws restricting littering and disturbing the peace. Maybe we need to put some teeth into those laws or pass laws that are even more restrictive with penalties that fit the crime.

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May-15-13 7:32 AM

I think the Chief did exactly what he needed to do. Far too many people have no clue about how to deal with these issues. They watch way to much TV and are not educated on how the legal system works. What they need to do is listen to the Chief and take his advice, trust me he knows what he's talking about.

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May-15-13 7:17 AM

Yes, Fredonia makes money off the college. Far too many students use that fact as an excuse to do whatever they want to, and to treat the entire village like it's their own private campus. (Notice I said "far too many", not ALL) Simple and easy answer, let landlords charge a huge deposit and allow for keeping that money if large parties are held that exceed the occupancy limits and/or damage is done. Perhaps the college might want to join is with internal disciplinary actions against students with "appearance tickets". They always talk a good game on cooperation. There are things that can be done. I think Chief Meyers outlined several of them.

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May-15-13 6:40 AM

Mayor Keefe should have disciplined Meyers on the spot for giving out to much information. The information he released will now be used against the village, kids will now know what they can get away with, and what the village police can and can't do. Nothing like giving out your plan of attack.

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May-15-13 6:37 AM

Is this Meyers guy for real? What a egghead!

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