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‘Staffing changes’ coming

LERHSNY?officials confirm layoffs, but are mum on specifics

May 23, 2013

The Lake Erie Regional Health System of New York, which oversees Brooks Memorial Hospital in Dunkirk and the TLC Health Network, is refusing to state how many people they are laying off, but did......

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May-24-13 3:47 PM

Brooks was doing fine until Johnathen Lawrence hid behind closed doors, hired high level managers to over see very competent managers who have been there for years doing a great job and the worse part is the hospital BOARD allowed him to do this! The Board needs to fire ALL the people JL brought in to both facilities and let the very capable managers do run their departments! This would save a TON of money!

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May-24-13 2:11 AM

Very sad for employees and the residents of the nursing home.It,s a shame that "quality of care" are just words scribbled on all documents pertaining to employment at TLC.They really didn't adhere to that before the layoff's and they sure won't be able to accomplish that now.

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May-23-13 6:45 PM

My understanding is that Brooks was ok until the merger, then all of Brooks money was poured into a black hole of wasteful spending at Lakeshore, and now you have the results of a lot of BAD management. And typically in this country, bad management leads to the reduction in staff, making it very difficult to meet industry standards, while the management continues to rake in big bucks.

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May-23-13 5:38 PM

So...where is the justice? The COO's sister is hired from another state and long term employees are laid off? Doesn't sound like things are moving in the right direction Hamot. Who is responsible for the financial demise? The leaders who still are there. Spare me the excuses...there are hospitals thriving across the country. Incompetent, greedy, inhumane leaders continue there...wake up Hamot.

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May-23-13 3:03 PM


I heard 90 people, but not what their positions were.

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May-23-13 2:56 PM

Rick The Hospital was in terrible shape when he took over. They made a huge mistake when they let him get away.

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May-23-13 1:38 PM

i heard rumor 90 LPN's in lakeshore laid off.... is this true ??? I hope not

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May-23-13 12:39 PM


You partially wrong, Dunkirk could save itself, to a certain extend since no matter what they do Dunkirk will still be in Chautauqua County and In NYS.

But Dunkirk could save itself from the portion of the mess it is responsible for, but no one is every going to do it because taking a stand against the public workers unions would be the kiss of death politically.

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May-23-13 12:18 PM

He embezzled??? I hope he is in jail. Was there a front page article in this paper?? If there was I missed it. As for Dunkirk saving itself I'm afraid it just can't do that. They have reached the point of no return. They can only spend themselves into bankruptcy.

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May-23-13 10:44 AM


Using just one department, Brooks looses money on every medicare and medicaid patient they give a dialysis treatment to, which is why they are looking to sell the unit.

Whoever buys it will get rid of most of the nurses and replace them with "techs" who get a few hours or days training on hooking people up to the machines.

As for the studies you mention, first I have to question their accuracy, and secondly they've cut the rates since then as well to pay for Obamacare.

Seems to me that the government is setting up healthcare to fail so they can swoop in and take it over.

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May-23-13 10:19 AM

Did they forget to add the money that was allegedly embezzled by the recently released head of the hospital, or does that have no bearing on the issue? And Darkstar, medicare has done studies ascertaining the real cost of everything that is done, including the cost of staff, supplies, training new doctors, and that is what they pay. As a taxpayer, do you want to pay for bloated CEO salaries and profits? I don't. Everyone should read the March 4, 2013 issue of Time magazine, which thoroughly explains why medical bills are so high. It is enlightening, and scary.

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May-23-13 10:16 AM

True to form, our local paper FAILS to investigate and accepts verbatum the pitch offered by the deposed CEO's marketing representative. Obviously, there is much more to this story, but if left to the crack investigative staff at the newspaper, the community will remain ignorant of the facts and misled by rumors.

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May-23-13 8:36 AM

"Thank you for your dedication and continued support."

Yeah, right...

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May-23-13 8:00 AM


This has nothing to do with the local politicians, this is 100% the fault of the even decreasing reimbursement rates for medicare and medicaid.

This has been an issue for awhile but was made worse when Obama raped reimbursement rates to help cover the cost of his healthcare plan.

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May-23-13 7:46 AM

Wow, that's a lot of management doublespeak to be held in a single story.

I feel sorry, not only for those laid off, but also those still there because with comments like this I doubt any of them feel secure in their jobs, well except those in the ever increasing management and administration areas.

At the rate they are going these hospitals will be have no patient care staff but their management and administrative groups will be second to none.

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May-23-13 7:44 AM

How many more people must lose their jobs before city officials wake up and see there is a problem? Here is a heads up. There are not to many more employers left in the city. What are the mayors thoughts? Dolce has said nothing. Perhaps he is unaware of what is happening in his city. But for heavens sake press on with the first ward beach wall repair.

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