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Tax-free zones

Cuomo: Breaks for businesses around SUNY campuses

May 23, 2013

ALBANY — High-tech businesses from other states and abroad that move onto or next to college campuses in New York would operate free of all business, property and personal income taxes for 10 years......

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May-24-13 3:27 PM

"No government is ever so poor or broke that it won't increase the welfare subsidy giveaway to landowners."

New York State and its decades-long history of providing sweet subsidies and privileges to connected landowners and speculators, at the expense of every other business and citizen have shown the futility of these sorts of programs.

This hoary tradition has run its course.

These are Band-Aids used at a time when a major intervention is required. Someone will get rich, a few people will get some jobs, but New York State must change its entire structure of both revenue collection and revenue spending.

Everybody's taxes on business, wages, and commerce ought to be reduced in favor of a nondestructive tax based on land value to pay for public services with no favor given to anyone. ****urbantoolsconsult****

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May-24-13 7:35 AM

Judeye & Marcia,

Yes my issue is with the tax code that allows these things, I don't know of a single person who doesn't take every allowable deduction and/or any other methods to reduce their tax burden.

Yes companies lobby Congress for breaks for themselve, just as social groups do, such as the AARP and groups supporting transfer more money to "the poor."

Lastly I find it ironic that you view a company trying to keep more of what they earned as greed, but an individual wanting larger and larger handouts isn't.

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May-24-13 7:18 AM

Darkstar...I am so glad you support all those people who end up paying NO federal income taxes because their incomes are so low. Will you come to their defense next time someone bashes them?

Difference between them and GE is that GE makes a HUGE profit so they can hire many accountants to find every loophole to reduce their taxes..for more profits....while a working poor family, makes such low wages that they are not required to pay federal income taxes.

One motivated by by trying to support and feed a family.

Glad you support both.

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May-23-13 9:22 PM

Overtime is plentiful at jobs in Bflo. - Will Poultry ,US Foods, and UPS drivers work 12 hour shifts.40-60 HOURS A WEEK, 1 1/2 X $ AFTER 40 ALL UNION ALL TEAMSTERS !

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May-23-13 7:16 PM

Darkstar said: "The problem isn't the companies, it's the 74,000 page tax code that Congress has saddled the country with." What you don't understand is Congress created the 74,000 page tax code because of the corporate lobbyists, who do it to get the tax breaks created just for them. Do you think middle class citizens are asking for those tax breaks. Think about it.

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May-23-13 2:33 PM

Cuomo has no chance at all to be president, in my opinion. I doubt he'd even make a top 10 list of Democratic party frontrunners.

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May-23-13 1:18 PM


parasites don't care about the hosts survival, they just consume one host and when that one dies they try to latch onto a new host.

This is much the way NY operates, and they now need to line up new hosts to feast on once NRG has been sucked dry.

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May-23-13 12:16 PM

Ok, our illustrious leader is going to bring business here. Then why are we still planning on buying power from Canada while closing a perfectly viable power plant right here? And guess what? We don't have to lure them here, they're ALREADY here!

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May-23-13 12:12 PM

There is no place for business near Fredonia State. The only place is near JCC and that depends on how near is defined. The other thing is that after tax breaks expire they will simply leave. Just think how wonderful Coma (Cuomo) will be as president. Help, help!!!

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May-23-13 11:53 AM

Here's another thing to consider, Cuomo's proposal is for moving on to or next to a SUNY facility. Is there room at Fredonia State for new business to build? How about adjacent to it? Not much infrastructure in place is there. How hard will it be to deal with zoning and code enforcement? Cuomo needs to relax the red tape regulations and Chautauqua County has to go back to a three year property tax rule. When times and regulations get tough, people have a choice and it's to move to a better living and working environment. The shrinking school systems are proof that it's happening. This all sounds great for an out of state/country business but does nothing for us!!!

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May-23-13 11:37 AM

Does this mean that we move the INKDUBATER further sounth on Central Ave? Marcia...If companies paid NO taxes the main worth is the jobs they create. Those jobs create wealth, spending and yes taxes at the local level. Take a look at Dunkir and the toll no real job opportunities has had on the community.

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May-23-13 11:01 AM


First last year Apple paid in excesss of $6 billion in federal income taxes, so your 100% wrong that they paid nothing.

Also Factcheck dot org says that GE did in fact pay federal income taxes last year, despite all the lies told by the left.

When it's tax time do you claim all your deduction, and use the tax code, to minimize your taxes? If so then your a hypocrite for ranting against a company for doing nothing different then what you do.

The problem isn't the companies, it's the 74,000 page tax code that Congress has saddled the country with. It's time to burn the current code and put a flat tax in place so politicians can no longer use the tax code as a weapon for their friends and against their enemies.

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May-23-13 10:21 AM

There is a middle ground, and we need to go there. but when extremely profitable companies like GE and Apple pay no federal taxes, that is not a middle ground.

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May-23-13 10:13 AM

Yes Marcia because we all know there is no middle ground being being opposively high taxe and no taxes at all.

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May-23-13 10:04 AM

yes, let's get rid of all of those pesky regulations, like Texas, where the plant exploded wiping out the entire neighborhood, and the companies that rape the environment. And let's get rid of corporate taxes, leaving the middle class citizens to pay for roads, sewer systems, police, fire, schools, etc. So corporations can make millions and not contribute to society at all.

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May-23-13 9:18 AM

This is just Cuomo' poll numbers have fallen through the floor because of my gun regulation gimmick. Why not an across the board 30% reduction in all property taxes so those who have been carrying the state can get some tax relief? Imo, even that isn't enough to stop the bleeding. Just look at all the school budgets that failed to pass and the shrinking school systems. Did I mention foreclosures? Who is going to pay for this?

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May-23-13 9:07 AM

New York is called the 49th. worst state for business - is anyone listening? Short term tax breaks will not work because any straight thinking businessman will know that it is simply a trick to lure them in. The right answer is re-structuring the public sector for long term cost-effectiveness but don't expect Cuomo to do that. He will be too busy protecting the special interests.

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May-23-13 8:38 AM

Maybe NYS needs a Cuomo-free zone?

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May-23-13 8:08 AM

This is basically Cuomo and those in Albany admitting that taxes are to high in the state, but also showing they wont do anything about it long term and will only try and entice new businesses in so they can rape them when the tax breaks end.

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May-23-13 8:08 AM

cronig gets it wrong again. the governor is trying .New york is growing too cronig says. All those govt initiatives, right cronig ? we already have a tax free zone its called Ireland, the emerald isle, green with money. Success trumpets cronig !

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May-23-13 7:08 AM

Hmmm...Manhattan Institute is a libertarian think tank so they're in make-believe land and CEO magazine has only 42,000 subscribers, so there's a reliable source...whereas Fortune, FastCompany and other larger, diverse business publications have NY ranked in the middle or top half of ease-for-business, and other operational metrics.

The governor is trying, trying, trying instead of whining, whining, and whining -- big difference.

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May-23-13 5:08 AM

Wal- mart makes NO excuses and just comes to NY ang gets it done $$$$$$$ - Save money Live Better Locations in Fredonia and Hamburg !

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