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Goodell says proposed boating regulations would hurt tourism

May 25, 2013

A bill that recently passed the state Assembly could cause major problems in Chautauqua County if passed by the Senate, according to Assemblyman Andrew Goodel....

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May-27-13 5:28 PM

A relative handful of states have no boater certification requirements and about an equal number require anyone operating a boat to have been certified/licensed. Generally speaking, if a state does require certification, it applies to persons under a certain age, usually 16-18, as is the case in NYS according to the DMV site. A significant number of those having requirements also have a "born after" requirement which applies to persons born after a date certain. Obviously, in due time all boaters in such states will eventually have to be certified.

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May-27-13 12:07 PM

In the interest of adding some light to the discussion. Remember GOOGLE is your friend. Entering "States requiring boating tests" brings up many sites with data. One site americas boating dot com offers a state by state listing showing 41 states requiring some kind of boating testing. Another, boatus dot org offers an interactive US map listing more detailed requirements by state. The take away from all this is many more states require boating safety and operation certification than do not. This pretty well demonstrates the recognized need for on the water safety education.

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May-27-13 11:14 AM

thank you Judeye, apparently you read The Journal News staff editorial of 23MAY13, "Tough boater safety rules needed" @ the lohud sight. I've contacted their Albany bureau chief Joseph Spector as to the source for that "30 state" business. Frankly, it sounds like some bs a politician would throw out in an effort to gain emotional support , but I can't imagine that somebody actually sat down and researched all the boating laws of the other 49 states, relative to those of NYS. We'll see what his response is, if any

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May-26-13 5:32 PM

kcw007..I read it in an editorial lohud dot com may 23 2013

but then I went to aboutboatingsafely dot com where you can look up states individually to see what they require. Now I did not look up all the states..but did see that Ohio, Pa, Mississippi, and Alabama all have requirements.

Maybe others will take a look at what other states..including our neighboring states...are doing.

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May-26-13 11:14 AM

judeye, Would you please cite your source regarding 30 other states having more stringent boat operator requirements than NYS?

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May-26-13 8:00 AM

Easy solution. Make NYC the 51st state.

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May-26-13 7:52 AM

I offered the reasons why this bill was introduced and then passed. Did you all miss that thirty other states have similar requirements?

Did Goodell offer any amendments to this bill, like the exemptions that are included in the similar bill in New Hampshire?

Oh, by the way New Hampshire's largest industry is TOURISM. The State does not have a sales tax or a state income tax. But they tax the heck out of anything and everything related to TOURISTS. The taxes have not slowed down the tourist business one bit.

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May-25-13 8:53 PM

First we are going to try to drive tourists away with higher bed taxes now we want to make them pay for a coarse and pass a test to operate their boats in our waters we will just be rolling in money!!!!! For those who need help this statement is sarcasm.

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May-25-13 6:58 PM

Current NY law requires that resident persons under the age of 18 obtain a NYS "Boater Education Card". An NASBLA approved "boater's license" held by an out of state resident of the same age group is currently recognized by NYS. Why shouldn't the same recognition hold true IF NYS should decide that resident persons over 18 should be required to have a "Boater Education Card"? Apparently the NASBLA course work is nationally recognized standard. If it's currently good enough for non-resident persons under 18, then it certainly should be good enough for their parents. You'd think that our state legislators would have more productive things to do than trying to make NY the national "restrictions/prohibitions" leader!

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May-25-13 5:12 PM

"Boats don't kill people people kill people".

Andrew NotsoGoodle (R)

Liability insurance and THC testing like the ones I am required to take by my employeer - Kudos to JUDEYE !

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May-25-13 1:33 PM

As an avid boater on lake Erie I can see the value of ensuring as many boaters know the "rules of the road" just as is required to obtain a driver's license. Nothing will deter the small percentage of drunks, dolts and idiots that drive on the highways or the waterways. The need is real however the execution *****. Reciprocity between states is required and it needs to address boaters in transit. Recognition must be given to National and Federal certifications. A Captain with a '6-Pack' license; or a sailor with a valid American Sailing Association and a safety certification from the Coast Guard Auxiliary must be recognized regardless of the place of issuance. Unintended consequences are the bane of good ideas.

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May-25-13 1:15 PM

What a great idea! We could charge $50 to take the test and require re-testing every three months at a cost of $50.00 per test. Just imagine all the fees that could be collected and we sure do need that money to run state government. Oh wait! here's a better idea. Let's require an I.Q. test for everyone elected to office in New York State. The test could have relatively simple questions like "write down all the numbers from one to ten". Or maybe "where is Niagara Falls?" Or maybe "what state is New York City in?" Anyone FAILING the test should be given a certificate that guarantees re-election. If they really want to make New York a safer state all they need to do is get rid of the politicians.

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May-25-13 11:57 AM

Localone...PERFECT answer! No course will stop drunks or idiots from operating boats (of cars) stupidly. With the number of boats in the water, I'd say those stats from Judeye are pretty reasonable, overall, and not much cause for alarm.

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May-25-13 11:13 AM many automobile accidents are there in NYS? Should you have to have a NYS driver's license before you can drive here?? What a ridiculous argument. A great example of the thinking of the dolts that make these kinds of decisions.

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May-25-13 10:46 AM

Judeye if this bill passes, boaters from those 30 other staes with more stringent laws would sill have to take NY's course to go boating in NY waters. How would you like to take a drivers test in every state you choose to operate your car? How poeple could agree with such a proposal is asinine.

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May-25-13 10:12 AM

Judeye-every boat has a certification label which gives the maximum allowable weight,passengers,and motor size. Passing a law is not going to trump the stupidity of the operator just as DWI laws don't deter that practice.If your purpose is to save lives and prevent injuries why would you exclude certain groups?

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May-25-13 9:51 AM

joew is right, this will turn into a money grab ,down the line.

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May-25-13 9:42 AM

"In 2010, there were 243 boating accidents in the state, according to the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, with 27 killed and 128 injured" and " According to 2011 Recreational Boating Safety statistics from the U.S. Coast Guard, 93 percent of boating fatalities involve operators that have not taken an approved boating safety course."

This is the reason for the bill, including the deaths of three young children last year when an overcrowded boat they were riding in turned over.

By the way 30 other states have more stringent boating requirements than New York.

Did Goodell offer any amendments to this bill for exceptions to out of state people coming in for specific events or day trips?

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May-25-13 9:26 AM

DC..for a state spending MILLIONS to promote tourism, since we have little chance for industrial jobs, this is too stupid for words.

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May-25-13 9:02 AM

Dcronig-the underlying reason is MONEY,you know fee's,surcharges,tolls,etc. There already are fines and penalties for intoxicated boating. In 2011 there were 173 reported accidents and 28 fatalities. Next thing you know we'll have to have seatbelts,wear helmets, install back up cameras,and airbags. We'd be better served passing a bill to teach people how to drive like not using the shoulder of the road to pass or as a turning lane.

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May-25-13 8:31 AM

The question Goddell should have asked but failed to mention is: what are the underlying reasons for his colleagues to develop this bill? Godell never says why -- there may be solid underlying reasons as to the cause of this legislation which could be handled another way, ie, drunk boaters? Easy -- double or triple the fines and other penalties. Kids under 18 acting like jerks with boats? Easy -- Confiscate the boat under the owner pays a fine ( for letting the kid operate the boat) and penalize/fine the kid.

Goodell never explains why or what -- he just does his boring, typical "Chicken-Little" nonsense instead of being a responsible, informational representative.

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May-25-13 8:01 AM

Why is it they don't THINK before they ACT!!!

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May-25-13 7:45 AM

Yet another welcome to New York State. Why would anyone in their right mind want to ever come here. How do such idiots get in high places to make such decisions. Oh that's right we elect them and once they get in they stay until they die on the job. People TERM LIMITS....PLEASE!!!

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