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Police back .05% blood alcohol content proposal

May 26, 2013

By ERIC TICHY Special to the OBSERVER A proposed reduction in the allowable blood alcohol concentration level for drivers is receiving widespread support in Chautauqua County....

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May-28-13 3:45 PM

Of course they think it is a good idea. They are immune to traffic regulations.

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May-27-13 12:09 PM

.05 is not drunk at all! Whats impaired going to be .01 ? This is nothing more than a money maker. The state police will run wild with this. The intersection of rt 20&60 will be avoided by everone! The state has it well covered as it is

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May-27-13 10:36 AM

Geesh, this means that the potential for a DWI exists by simply driving after taking a recommended dose of over the counter cough syrup.

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May-26-13 8:18 PM

Every time they psss snotherr law they are taking away more of your freedom. I am not suggesting that we don't need reasonable laws but I can't help but feel that many of them are simply fund raisers to finance a bloated government.

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May-26-13 6:40 PM

Frankly, while I do agree the accidents, fatal and otherwise, are often found among those with 1 1/2 to twice or more the present legal BAC limit, and that lowering the limit to .05% would crimp a fine dinner out and complimented by a cocktail or glass of wine, if driving under the influence, impaired, drunk is such a burden upon law enforcement and so forth, wouldn't it be more prudent to go to zero tolerance and end any sort of percentage of legal BAC and driving automobiles, motorboats?

I've been witness to the drunk driver of the lawn mower on a highway, the drunken bicyclist now being subject to operating the bike impaired, and in one instance read of someone on horseback being arrested for riding their animal intoxicated. And we know that walking while impaired is an issue all it's own, where BAC isn't even measured and simply the disorderly conduct or public intoxication charge is made (misdemeanors).

Zero tolerance. Designate a driver, call a cab.

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May-26-13 5:00 PM

NY State is very close to passing a law that will require any out of state boater to take a written test before they can use NY's waterways. This will effect all fishing tournaments, tourism, etc.

Now I read NY State is also close to reducing the amount of alcohol allowed while driving to .05 which means, if you go out to dinner and have a drink, you may not pass the test and could be charged with driving while impaired. Go out to a party and sleep it off, then drive to work the next day, you still may not pass the test. Bars, restaurants, even wine tasting will be effected.

So, Albany will effectively kill tourism and the bar & dining industry all throughout NY State.

They've already done a number on gun owners the their related business.

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May-26-13 1:41 PM

Give me a break. Hey cops. Just stick to what you know. Working over the taxpayers and padding your pensions. .05??? Wow

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May-26-13 11:45 AM

.08 was a politically motivated lowering of the previous limit, force by the Federal Government by threatening to withhold transportation funds. If you look at the alcohol levels of the drunk drivers in most fatal accidents you'll see they're usually at .13 and above. The people killing your children and friends are not driving at .08. A level of .05 is nothing but a huge money maker for the government and the police, no more, no less. It will not save lives. What it will do is close many legal, tax paying businesses, and drive already ridiculous insurance rates through the roof for many people. Nobody supports drunk drivers. But .08 isn't drunk, .05 is just nuts.

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May-26-13 10:11 AM

If it's illegal to drink and drive why do bars have parking lots? A .05 BAC is equivilant to two glasses of wine with dinner. Welcome to the police state taking your money, freedom and time for no good reason.

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May-26-13 9:38 AM

Well no kidding the cops dont mind lowering the Bac because they dont get DWI's they get let go unless there in a accident then they get them. Cops are your worst drunks out there on the road and they know there safe.Its not the lowering thats going to stop drivers its the punishment that will. But it all boils down to one thing its a money thing for the state and county. Chautaqua county is the worst for getting DWI because these cops out this way have nothing better to do there is no real crime out in chautaqua county.Just remember all them cops driving and drinking start giving your own tickets for DWI LOL

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May-26-13 9:06 AM

007-not to mention the lawyers.

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May-26-13 8:10 AM

Driving drunk is a choice. Just don't do it. No punishment is too great for a drunk driver killing someone.

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May-26-13 6:55 AM

The public supports THC testing NOW and it would carry a heavier sentence in court ! It's leagal It's affordable It's time !

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May-26-13 4:41 AM

"..Cuomo announced that more than 3,100 drivers had their licenses revoked for DWI.." Well big "whoop-de-do". So now they'll be appearing in local courts for "driving while revoked" & "aggravated driving while revoked", time after another. If the state was really serious about protecting the public they'd put a set of iron bars put between the drunk and a steering wheel with the first "driving while revoked" conviction wouldn't they? But no, that's not going to happen, and besides, those multi, post revocation tickets are BIG money makers for both the state and localities aren't they?

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