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Parents will file lawsuit to overturn Ripley plan

May 29, 2013

RIPLEY — A group of Ripley residents opposing the closure of the high school and who believe at least some of the members of the Board of Education are acting illegally have hired a Buffalo area......

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May-29-13 10:27 PM

Face it, Ripley's district is dying, just like many others - Sherman, Clymer, Panama, Westfield, Brocton and some others. Many won't be able to sustain much longer.

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May-29-13 6:48 PM

I would say its more the fact that nothing can get done in are area or state for that matter, without years of litigation, studies and countless other road blocks so I for one thought a school district was making a small step that in the right direction but wait a minute not so fast.

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May-29-13 3:24 PM

when will the politicians in New York State stand up and say no to the teachers unionsit's not about your jobs it's about the kidsteacher say they care about the kids most do but there are a lot of teachers that don't it is sad to see these teachers try to keep their jobs when the taxpayers can't keep theirs

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May-29-13 1:16 PM

Also, the headline states that this lawsuit is filed by parents, I take issue with that. I am a parent who fully supports the tuitioning, and I think that when the plaintiffs are revealed, we will probably find that many of them are not parents.

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May-29-13 1:11 PM

Do you really think the 60 people on the list are paying the lawyer? My guess is the teacher's union is funding the lawsuit, but that probably won't be disclosed. The woman heading up this lawsuit has taken action against the board on previous votes as well, and in those cases her complaints were proven unfounded.

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May-29-13 12:05 PM

Lets wait on some facts in this case before you make the decision there shouldn't be a lawsuit.

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May-29-13 11:03 AM

The fact is most people that cry about lawsuits are to cheap to spend their own money to protect their own rights. Its like gun control in NYS, if you don't like it file a lawsuit and change the law. People need to stand up and make a difference instead of crying about someone trying to protect their own rights. Why are people so scared of the word "lawsuit"?

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May-29-13 10:57 AM

First of all it is their right to file a lawsuit if they feel they have not been treated fairly.

Secondly, Board of Education members across this state have been breaking or bending the laws for years. Look at the problems we have had with school superintendents in the local area. What are you suppose to do stand by and let them do whatever they want, people have rights.

And third, who cares if 60 people want to waste their money.

For the people that are crying about the cost of this lawsuit to the taxpayers are you also crying because the cost to sent a student to school each year is $25,000 and it has nothing to do with lawsuits, it instead has to do with BOEs giving into the teacher's union.

By the way, do you know how much money each school district pays the school attorneys each year to skirt around issues?????? Check out your budget and ask what the attorney expenses are for???

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May-29-13 10:23 AM

The entire school should be closed. The lawyer will make money. The Ripley residents paying him will not win. Next year the rest of the school will close.

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May-29-13 9:06 AM


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May-29-13 9:06 AM

What a world we live in - - - lose a vote, so sue...

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May-29-13 9:05 AM

Why? What a waste of time and effort. There's always a small minority that can't stand to see change and want to cling to the past. They probably are members of the town's Hysterical Society as well.

Times are changing. The NYS business climate has rendered WNY a dying region. Part of the slow decay is gravitation towards one regional Chautauqua school system. God willing, we'll get there sooner than later, or my family and our tax dollars will be leaving as well.

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May-29-13 7:48 AM

The group is suffering from the Clarence High school syndrome. The area is declining and they think the school will save them. Ah those libs, faith in a public institution amid massive failure is amazing.

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May-29-13 6:27 AM

And how many of these people complain about high taxes?

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May-29-13 4:45 AM

NYS want small schools with declining enrollments to merge with nearby districts, so I don't see this petition/lawsuit getting any support from DiNapoli's office to stop this merge.

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