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An ugly side to Facebook

June 2, 2013

Here are some pages that Facebook currently DOES NOT allow: “Breastfeeding” and “Reconstructive surgery.” Pages the site DOES allow: “Beat her up” and “Rape joke....

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Jun-04-13 7:24 AM


So should we apply the same standard to music, movies, books, videogames, speeches, etc...?

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Jun-03-13 9:16 PM

PR24601, interesting how "conservatives" like to call names and get personal. We are talking about deleting sites that advocate violence, nothing else. Your disclaimer not withstanding, what are you so upset about. It is conservatives who want to legislate how we live, who we can marry, what we can do with our bodies. And we aren't the ones advocating for the paper to get rid of columnists we disagree with. You are. So you really shouldn't go there. Darkstar, where do you draw the line? At advocating violence against people.

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Jun-03-13 8:51 PM

and the neo-con posters continue to have their panties in a twist.

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Jun-03-13 3:48 PM

I don't understand liberals. They want everything to be OK, yet they want rules against everything too. Oh I get it - they want to legislate how to live your life the way they want it lived. I got news for you libs - F off. I want to legislate against gay marriage and allow my friends to put Christmas decorations up at city hall. But no no no you say - I'm a hateful pro-religion bigot. Is that all you got? Name calling BS because I don't agree with the liberal drivel? I think most libs are worthless miscreants that lead to the moral decay of society. You are bigots against conservatives like me.

You can't legislate life. Stop telling me how to live mine.

Disclaimer: obviously I find the examples in the column hideous, as should everyone. But as another poster stated - where do you draw the line?

Sarah is the worst. OBSERVER - get RID OF HER COLUMN! Worthless feminist liberal hack.

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Jun-03-13 12:34 PM

The problem with something like this is where do you draw the line?

Are these pages offensive to me? Sure they are, but I'm sure many others would be as well, including some Judeye and Marcia would likely support.

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Jun-03-13 12:29 PM

Steiner, when i read this article I knew the first response would be from you. So you and American feel it is OK to advocate raping women? That is what these sites do. Sarah said nothing about passing a law. She is calling for a site to stop users from advocating for violent crimes. If they advocated violence against the elderly would it be free speech too?

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Jun-03-13 6:54 AM

I think the point of her article was that fb bans some things and permits others. Some that it prohibits are natural, healthy actions, like breast feeding. Some that they do permit..are crimes. HUGE difference.

Somehow the fact that rape is a serious crime..a FELONY by the way... is getting lost in too many discussions. It is not a joke, not just boys being boys, rather it is a very violent, very serious Crime. A fact that seems too often to be forgotten these days.

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Jun-02-13 7:27 PM

But I do agree, an awful lot of it is crude, and very, very ugly.

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Jun-02-13 7:26 PM

That blipped word was p o r n o g r a p h y.

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Jun-02-13 3:58 PM

Hell, why stop at just Facebook, the entire internet is FILLED with ***********, hate speech related to ethnicity, race and religion, instructions on how to make bombs, I could go on and on. fact is, they're all examples of Free Speech. There are a few, clearly defined limits to Free Speech, but none of what you've mentioned is even close.

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Jun-02-13 12:35 PM

wow, someone agreed with me ! sarah forgot the rap music lyrics, where women are, well, not spoken of too highly. Even obama was told to stop speaking down to the inner city folk or lecturing them when it relates to this subject. I actually agree with him, but the law is we cannot have feel good people telling us what to think and say. In my life, I have seen the govt grow and grow to a huge nanny or big brother due to well intentioned people , but misguided like you Sarah .

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Jun-02-13 10:48 AM

Don't like facebook don't go there. I don't like it so don't use it. It's a choice and while a lot of those things that you claim are wrong truly are, I believe what steiner says "I may not agree with your speech, but I will fight to the death so you can say it." as it is something my father taught me also.

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Jun-02-13 7:49 AM

sarah, how many laws will you feminists/libs be a needing ? I grew up with this statement drummed into my head in school. I may not agree with your speech, but i will fight to the death so you can say it. Now along arrive the libs , feminists, etc and they say, you cant say that. So Sarah, as a liberated women, you draw up a list , get it legislated into law and everyone will be happy forever. Whats your problem sarah ?

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