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Sheriff deputies to cover Silver Creek Police shifts

June 2, 2013

By NICOLE GUGINO OBSERVER Assistant News Editor SILVER CREEK — Rumors have been circulating in Silver Creek recently that the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office is taking over police protection for......

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Jun-03-13 12:14 PM

Captain..I so agree on the alternative parking.

I got a ticket..while at a meeting for a group that I volunteer with. As we saw them writing the tickets (several on the board)..we ran out. He said 'too late" and wrote them. We then all went to the police station where the person behind the counter was unable to explain the parking regs to us in terms that made any sense. We did fill out complaint..and all the tickets were dropped.

What a waste of resources..and for what?

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Jun-03-13 10:47 AM


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Jun-03-13 9:52 AM

On one occasion I attended an estate sale on a street where at the time there were no alternate parking signs. There had to be 50-100 people at the sale and all those who parked in the street got a ticket. One fellow, from Ohio, approached me and asked "are you involved in city government". I replied "only from a distance, why do you ask?" He said I drove many miles to come to this sale and I got a parking ticket. He said "I will never again even consider coming to this f------- city". We can go to Wal Mart or the plaza and not have to worry about tickets. Maybe that's the best answer until our money hungry government wakes up.

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Jun-03-13 7:37 AM

Its a little hard to believe Major Piccolo when as early as Friday I have seen letters sent to full and part time members of the police department notifying them that they are being let go. I feel bad for the Village Residents that have Trustees and a Major who willingly hiding behind closed doors and make big decisions and then lie to the public about what they have decided to do.

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Jun-02-13 11:47 PM

I am confident the Board will address all the major issues that the community is getting overly anxious about. The Mayor has expressed several times that a contract has not been signed and a firm deal has not been made. Monday night's forum should help clear the air a little bit on SC's police protection plan.

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Jun-02-13 9:07 PM

you're right, baseball, I stand corrected. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear that parking tkts or speed traps are cash cows for local PDs, it drives me crazy b/c it's all about generating cash and penalizing otherwise law-abiding citizens, even though there is plenty of serious crime out there to keep the boys in blue busy.

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Jun-02-13 8:56 PM

Privatize ALL police departments. For-profit, non-socialistic security forces would be cheaper and better for America.

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Jun-02-13 8:03 PM

So did Roche retire?????

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Jun-02-13 8:02 PM

Captain, bigger Cities have parking enforcement officers that are more brutal on parking than regular police officers ever could be! Bigger Cities sure do go after parking BIG time! Big cash cow for them!

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Jun-02-13 7:45 PM

S&W: I was referring to DK's alternate parking law, but I trust you got the point, which is unnecessary fines for minor offenses. And God forbid you get caught driving w/o a seat belt. Between the fine and the additional court cost charges, it'll cost you $150! (FYI; "court costs" coincidently stay local and are NOT shared with ALbany...imagine that).

Local PDs make lots of money by fining residents sizable amts for minor offenses. And to top it all off, just before they retire, most participate in unethical OT scams for the sole purpose of intentionally inflating retirement benefits, which in many cases, earn them near, equal or ABOVE what they earned while employed.

Do we need law enforcement? Of course we do, but they've become way too big a drain on taxpayers, especially in Mayberry towns like ours.

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Jun-02-13 5:22 PM

Roach must be beside himself..

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Jun-02-13 5:14 PM

Silver Creek does not have an alternate parking rule. There is strictly no parking on streets after 2am starting sometime in November. The SCPD always gave out warning tags to everyone reminding them 2 weeks in advance no to park in the street. If anyone still does when the law is in effect, shame on them.

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Jun-02-13 4:33 PM

...small villages like SC thrive on it.

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Jun-02-13 4:32 PM

As Phil noted, minor infractions should NOT be a local PD's main focus, however, to help fund their own existence, this has become a common practice in just about every small community like SC. Advising people to "...simply obey the speed limit and then you have no worries..." completely misses the point.

Take alternate parking laws: Do you have any idea how much cash is raised in any given Oct, or any other month when there's absolutely no snow on the ground? Would those who vow to "Serve & Protect" ever consider knocking on an owner's front door to remind him/her to switch their car over? Of course not, it's that "gotcha" attitude that ALL local PDs have. In fact, most officers are strongly urged by their superiors to meet their monthly quota of arrests/citations. They rely on this to help fund their own salaries and/or any future pay raises. Bigger cities don't waste their time on such minor infractions, but as we all know, small villages like S

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Jun-02-13 3:26 PM

Mr.Jynx I agree with baseball, if your not speeding you have nothing to worry about. May I suggest stopping and letting them know they can sit in front of your house. Oh sorry, I forgot you don't live in the Village. All they are is being pro-active. One thing I have to say, at least they are sitting at Damon's and not parked in Anna's driveway, like Roach was all the time.

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Jun-02-13 1:42 PM

mrjynx, you don't need to worry about them running radar if you don't speed! Simply obey the speed limit and and then you have no worries about it!

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Jun-02-13 10:15 AM

It's not only Silver Creek that should be protected by the Sheriff's Department- the whole county should be under the umbrella of the Sheriff. Why do we need eight full time law enforcement agencies in a rural county of only 133,000 residents? We do not have big cities in the county and we do not have big crime. The time has come to merge all law enforcement activity into one centralized Sheriff's department with satellite stations located as needed. We spend far too much on law enforcement and the current structure is no longer affordable. It appears the focus has changed from public safety to raising funds through relatively minor infractions.

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Jun-02-13 10:10 AM

Well it didn't take the CCS long to fall into the SCPD old ways. While traveling thru "the armpit of America" yesterday, My wife and I seen not 1 but 2 CCS cars taking radar. One on RT 20 by Ehmke Well Drilling Comp when entering and 1 at the old Damon Motors on Rt. 5 when leaving the Village. Glad to see the old standards are still being kept in place.

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Jun-02-13 9:14 AM

Alright!!! Now we can save some money here to maybe hire some more family members..

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Jun-02-13 8:30 AM

SC has approx 2700 people living in it. For such a tiny village, does SC really need a full-time PD? Law enforcement needs/costs for ANY community should be based on actual crime (and I don't mean calls for things like a cat in a tree), NOT on "seasonal increases in traffic" (ie: a higher # of people driving thru SC during the summer mos).

SC is located within Chat Co, therefore, it's the CCSD duty to respond to calls when needed, and NOT be paid extra to do so. The problem is SC doesn't want to lose the large amt of revenue generated by "criminal motorists."

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Jun-02-13 6:31 AM

"Here's your sign". As comfortable as many in the village are with having the police department it is no longer feasible. Time to move on.

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