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Repowering or not, costs will rise

Publisher's Notebook

June 7, 2013

Last week’s announcement by the Business Council of New York State opposing the repowering of two upstate power plants not only blindsided Dunkirk and Chautauqua County, it also has impacted the......

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Jun-09-13 1:19 AM

Dcroning, in the case of the Business Council, you're right they're businespeople and a few of them on that council have something to gain by not repowering. But the liberal renewable green power at any cost agenda is a big push behind the anti repowering movement. Go to the PSC website and view the 2500+ indentical form letters submitted against this. Luckily the PSC isnt staffed by idiots and although their charter is to protect the ratepayer, they've got 2 decades of experience with National Grids greed and one sided stance, they ruined Niagara Mohawk!! Right now Grid's in a state of chaos, all of the smart people have retired and the company didnt have the sense to get their knowledge passed down prior to their departure.

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Jun-08-13 10:01 PM

You dumb butt clowns -- Here's the Business Council: "Though 72 percent of our members are small businesses, we also represent some of the largest and most important corporations in the world, including IBM, Verizon, Eastman Kodak, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Corning, Pfizer and many more."

These business people are telling you that investing in these plants is a bad decision.

Typical of your butt-hat thinking, but I don't see any libruls or Democrats within 50 miles of this group.

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Jun-08-13 9:32 AM

"It ultimately comes down to higher rates for users, specifically industry" said a spokesman fr the council. I have been saying all along that cost will be the determining factor. I hope the plant survives for the good of the community but I often think of the $8 million that te company pays annually in local taxes and wonder how they can survive and compete with that kind of burden. Local governments have been robbing the power plant for 63 years in the form of excessive taxes to subsidize excessive government.

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Jun-07-13 7:15 PM

Another point that these people fail to make public when they say that the 400+ megawatts "is more than needed" or that gas is still bad for the environment is that NRG has stated over and over that this will be the cheapest, most efficient power plant in NYS. Which means competitively, it would very likely displace older, dirtier less cost effective power plants that are still generating, including NRG's own coal fired plant in Tonawanda, which is old and not going to be around forever anyway... so whats the real net benefit to the ratepayer AND the environment. These liberal groups are more about misinformation to support their agenda than they are about doing the right thing for the community and ratepayers.

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Jun-07-13 6:22 PM

What needs to happen to wake these libs up is for the lights to go out. These same leaders are also stripping funding out of telecommunications infastructure in this country under the mindset that we're now a wireless society. What they seem to forget is all of this wireless technology is still ultimately transported thru landlines. The US is circling the bowl folks and the citizens are the turd thats barely clinging to the porcelain.

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Jun-07-13 10:42 AM

Mr Editor, I believe I have the real reason not to repower the plant.everyone knows the electric demand is greatest in summer for air conditioning. AC is a northern invention , c1920 in Buffalo, actually an Angola NY guy. but he did not do that. The libs, under the guise of global warming wish the return of the punka, those ceiling fans driven by human power, slaves and then plain people in the south. They always said the south shall rise again Mr Editor. it will with the democrats.

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Jun-07-13 10:41 AM

Brace yourself it's coming. They are like an out of control locomotive. They are on the track and going full speed ahead. As long as Democrats control it spells disaster for America.

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Jun-07-13 8:46 AM

Mr Editor, the Business council has been infected with dumbacratitis. Co2 is food for the plants and combustion has been around since the get go. Natural gas is best used as a chemical feedstock. coal can be too, but it takes more effort. The obama administrations campaign against coal or carbon is staggering. Carbon is the basis of all life. democrats are woefully ignorant of science on this and proud of it. the gas and oil boom is due to fracking, something NY opposes. First we were to run out of hydrocarbons. the huge rise in production we see was unforeseen. now the democrats are against it, all the while claiming we must reduce imports. The twisted , ignorant and proud mind of a democrat.

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