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Village already past ‘decline’

June 9, 2013

When you consider some of the comments made by residents at last week’s Silver Creek Village Board meeting, you begin to understand why Western New York’s taxes are some of the highest in the natio....

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Jun-09-13 2:42 AM

Yes, it's the high taxes. They consume money that could be better spent in the local economy supporting restaurants and other small businesses that generate even more business revenue. A home assessed at 100 grand in Silver Creak costs $412.00 a month in taxes, while the same home in North Carolina is only $54.00. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why people are leaving not only Chautauqua County, but the entire Western New York corridor. Fastest declining metropolitan areas are Buffalo #4, Rochester #7 and Syracuse #9. That's right, NY has 3 out of the top ten in the entire country and our elected officials are doing nothing about it. Voting with your feet seems to be the only choice.

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Jun-09-13 6:55 AM

"fedup" showing state to state differences is a very eye opening comparison, and breaking it down monthly makes it hit home. we need more of this type of comparisons to show what we are dealing with. I'm ready to move if I can only get my wife on board.

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Jun-09-13 8:12 AM

We should not be surprised at the resistance. The fear factor prevails when people are asked to change their ways. We should be asking why we still have full time police agencies in Dunkirk, Fredonia, Jamestown, Westfield, Lakewood, Ellicott in addition to the Sheiff's Department. The county has nearly 300 full and part time sworn officers along with over 100 vehicles. All this in a rural county of only 133,000 residents. Law enforcement is a drain on the county economy and it needs to be consolidated into the Sheriff's Department. Congratulations to Silver Creek for leading the way. It's only a matter of time and the rest of the county will either follow their lead or die from financial strangulation.

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Jun-09-13 12:56 PM

State to state comparisons are a good tool, but remember, there are other things involved. Quality of schools, public services, medical care, that sort of thing. NYS is taxed at way too high a level, no doubt. The odds of that changing are more than likely zero, there are too many people with vested interests in things staying the same. Somewhere, there has to be a happy medium. I'm not sure what or where that is. I know it's not California, lol!

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Jun-09-13 9:23 PM

Here in VA with my county's consolidated schools, fire, police, highway, water, etc., I receive just one tax bill that covers everything.

My total property tax rate is $1.245/thousand. It's down from $1.28 two years ago. Some neighboring counties a bit more rural are in the $1.teens.

Yes, housing is much more expensive here, so your "dollar figure" paid is comparable to some WNY areas, but wages are much higher here as well so the "net net" is much lower than WNY.

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Jun-09-13 11:59 PM

Comparing property tax rates is a pretty meaningless endeavor. It only works if you can guarantee that the services provided by those tax dollars is identical in the two locations. I somehow suspect that there are not too many snow plows in North Carolina. And do they pay for their school system from those dollars? Not all communitities do. Hawaii has some of the cheapest property tax rates in the nation but not a penny of it goes towards education which is funded 100% by state tax revenue. But hey, we all know that neo-cons flunked math and science in elementary school.

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Jun-10-13 7:21 AM

North Carolina funds schools with property taxes. The city of Hickory,NC which is middle of the state has 20 large trucks with snowplows and salt spreaders for a pop of 39K. N Carolina does not charge to use the interstate,gasoline taxes(state)are $.37 compared to $.50 here in NY.(does not include local taxes which averages about $.14 cpg) NY just(this year) raised the business tax on gasoline from 17.8 cpg to 18.6 cpg and diesel from 16.05 cpg to 16.85 cpg. In N Carolina welfare is not allowed to be a career but rather a hand up. Since freeloaders are choosing not to live there,(they come here) medicaid is also much lower.

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Jun-10-13 7:58 AM

Amazing to see people knock North Carolina and other areas that are way ahead of NY state for quality of life in all respects. But as the comedians say you can't fix stupid. High Taxes, welfare hand outs and entitlements have driven business and people to move out of New York to get a better quality of life. How many recent High School Graduates will be staying in the area? Why would they? How can they survive financially. No buses leaving Raleigh for NY lately.

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Jun-10-13 8:33 AM

The clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER wouldn't and couldn't exist by itself as a operating unit, were it not for the constant cash support and infusion by its rich West Virginia Owner.

For the OBSERVER to lecture others about "efficiencies" is like having an morbidly obese smoker lecture about healthy lifestyles while chowing down a cheese pizza slice and taking a drag...

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Jun-10-13 9:12 AM

DCRONIG - We should be glad we still have a daily newspaper. The internet and television have forced many daily papers out of business in other areas of the country. In our our community we have lost one third of our population and more than half of our employers. Credit The Observer for their survival and ask yourself how much local coverage you would get from The Buffalo News.

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Jun-10-13 10:21 AM

Well, my county's (consolidated) district has schools which are nationally ranked by The College Board, US News and others, so it must be doing something right. And yes, the $1.245 rate includes my school taxes.

The on-time graduation rate is 95.5%, 66% receive Advanced Studies (AP) degrees, and 93.2% go on to higher education. The district’s spend per pupil? $11,595. (Compare that to Chau Cty districts.)

What we do differently is show fiscal restraint.

The countywide school board does not set a tax rate – it merely recommends a budget to the county legislature, which approves school spending as part of the overall budget/tax rate. Example: The 2013-14 school budget as proposed would have increased property taxes – the legislature tossed it back and told the school board and superintendent to make some cuts to keep the rate flat.

What a concept...

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Jun-10-13 10:25 AM


DC would only support a local paper if the views published where to the left of Stalin's.

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Jun-10-13 10:44 AM

Basically, DCcronlg is first cousins to Steiner. If you make a circle to represent left vs right wing politics, and which way you're facing determines your political leanings, Steiner and DC are looking the opposite way, but their butts are touching.

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Jun-10-13 10:46 AM

DKexpat, how many of those good paying jobs with higher wages are dependent on Government spending and programs? Serious question, not "chain yanking".

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Jun-10-13 10:52 AM

Road clearing and repairs in the south can't be but a small percentage of those costs to ANY northern state. And please don't imply their road clearing is adequate, we've all seen the totally paralyzed areas of the south when hit with one inch of snow, or God forbid, an ice storm. I do know that's only one direct example, but I'm sure there are others. That being said, NYS is WAY overtaxed, has way too many political hacks running each and every state program there is, each and every program is too expansive, and bending over backwards to cater to each and every "minority" and voter bloc is behind much of that taxing. Trust me, if 2 kids are born tomorrow with purple skin with polka dots, NYS will have an agency to care for them, with 6 staff and 20 supervisors.

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Jun-10-13 10:55 AM

By the way, I don't think DC should ever be able to make any comments on any subject without supporting studies, treatises and statistics. After all, without them, nobody is capable of using logic, common sense and their own intelligence to formulate their own opinions on anything.

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Jun-10-13 11:39 AM

The decline started quite some time ago. It continues as young adults can not find jobs in the area to support their lifestyle....they must look elsewhwere. So decline beget decline. Western NY will always be there...just not as the "boom times" many of us can remember

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Jun-10-13 11:44 AM

Paul, you’re right on snow – 2-4” will paralyze DC and close schools.

Job-wise, I’ve read the VA suburbs of DC rely on federal jobs and spending for 26% of the area’s gross regional product.

Budget cuts and the sequester are having a local impact not seen elsewhere. There’s a huge tech and telecom sector here unrelated to federal spending, but if DC picked up and moved elsewhere, folks would be singin’ a different tune for sure.

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Jun-10-13 11:46 AM

"if 2 kids are born tomorrow with purple skin with polka dots, NYS will have an agency to care for them, with 6 staff and 20 supervisors."

Reminds me of something I found out about Fredonia State 10+ years ago. There was an administrator hired specifically to me a advisor for Native American Students, he has an administrative assistant and a secretary so they had three people to whose goal was to advice the single Native American student that was attending the school during those years.

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Jun-10-13 6:12 PM

I like how the biggest point the Observer makes is one that supports an omniscent government propagandizing the police department. Really? The to Observer is upset that Silver Creek doesn't submit police blotters to the Observer? First, the Observer is filled with crap, uninformative, no value crap. And now John D'adostino's feelings are hurt because Silver Creek doesn't contribute to that crap? The fact is the Observer is irrelevant. It is written by sc$mucks for sc$mucks. It lacks content, it lacks relevancy. But John D'agostino's main problem is the lack of police blotters and that silver creek doesn't contribute theirs to the paper. Good for Silver Creek. Boycott the Observer.

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Jun-11-13 9:04 AM

WOW! Silver Creek is dying a slow death and now it's The Observer's fault.

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Jun-11-13 9:57 AM

@ really need to be more analytical in your comments. Yes. I will say the Observer is not only responsible for the decline of Silver Creek, but also Dunkirk. How? How many times has the Observer endorsed candidates that are responsible for the decline of this area? They always endorse the same group of established people. You get what you allow and what you support. Business First has done some great articles on people from the Dunkirk and Fredonia who went on to do great things in the private sector. I wanna say the article I'm referring to came out in late January or early February but included 2 individuals who were candidates for public office in our area, didn't get endorsements or win their elections and became entrepreneurs in Erie County. Serves them right.

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Jun-11-13 9:58 AM

Really the main point of the editorial was the police blotter reports? sigh....

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Jun-11-13 12:18 PM


NY, Chautauqua County and Dunkirk and all heavily vote for democrats and all have basically been flushed down the toilet by left wing political ideals and yet somehow this is because the Observer has supported some GOP candidates?

Wow, someone's off their meds aren't they?

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Jun-12-13 7:46 AM

Dark Star gets it. Libs and Dems ruined the towns, county and this state. Don't believe it, check die hard Lib/Dem states that are in the toilet, for several years and need a good flush. Republicans lack an answer but Dems leave no doubt, stupid has no fix.

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