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Will IRS outrage continue?

June 11, 2013

Democrats in Congress may well be facing a test of whether their allegiance is primarily to Americans and the nation’s ideals — or party loyalty....

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Jun-11-13 7:05 AM

I see the paper continues to do their part to present only ONE SIDE of the story in order to promote more MISinformation.

Paper cites Rep Issa who released PARTIAL transcripts citing an UNNAMED source who said the orders to look into conservative groups came from DC. "Cummings–the top-ranking Democrat on the committee–immediately ripped Issa’s claims, calling them “reckless” and “inconsistent with the findings of the Inspector General, who spent more than a year conducting the investigation.” an IRS manager–a Republican–is asked if the decision to screen Tea Party groups was made with the goal of “targeting of the president’s political enemies.” The employee responded, “I do not believe that the screening of these cases had anything to do other than consistency and identifying issues that needed to have further development.” The employee was also asked if he believed that anyone in the White House was involved, to which he said, “I have no reason to believe that.”

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Jun-11-13 7:18 AM

If this paper is so concerned with this huge scandal, why are you not DEMANDING that Rep Issa release ALL of the transcripts in their entirety?

Then we could all read exactly what was said by whom and when. Come to our own conclusions.

Which to me it is easy. Change this law. NONE of these groups should have been granted tax exempt status. (oh yea, only one was denied...the LIBERAL GROUP) Seriously anyone think that these TEA groups are more "social welfare" groups rather than political? Give me a break

But as long as we have folks in Congress who would rather stir up investigations like this rather than working on JOBS I guess this paper will to its part to keep the flames roaring.

The real scandal is that this is a DO NOTHING Congress.Eight weeks into 2013, the House had spent only 15 days in session, which is less than 40 percent of the 38 weekdays that had elapsed since New Year's.

And yet some of us are asking... Where are the JOBS BILLS?

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Jun-11-13 7:59 AM

judeye is apologizing for her beloved govt again. the order came from DC to target tea party groups.Hey judeye, when was the last time you heard of any liberal group being targeted for keep saying jobs judeye, have a short memory ? The stimulus bill was supposed to do that. The jobs right now are in the oil patch, high pay, steady and mostly union. They are changing the world energy scene with fracking judeye, do you know that ? Do you read anything but liberal drivel judeye ? And you want to deny exemptions to these groups. mommy judeye is deciding for us. How kind of you. The Observer lets you print the lib nonsense always by allowing you to post. Did ya miss that too ?

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Jun-11-13 8:06 AM

Hey judeye, the IRS is the enforcement arm of obamacare. Just think of the fair treatment americans are going to receive from it.another great achievement by our govt employees ! Lets hear it judeye .

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Jun-11-13 8:44 AM

Gudeye can not help but try to turn this into a Republican issue. The questions that the IRS asked of Tea Party and other conservative groups would have her outraged if they were asked of some other minority group. Instead, it's where are the jobs? Obama wanted to let the economy rebound on its own and now we know why... he was allowing the government bullies to harass groups, spy on them, and then control what the papers were saying.

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Jun-11-13 8:59 AM

I see this as an explosive issue that can damage both parties. Not only did the IRS target conservative groups, they held lavish parties, spending millions of our tax dollars at a time when the country is deep in debt. The incident clarifies why people are losing trust in government and if there is any good to come from this maybe we can get rid of the IRS and replace it with a system of fair and understandable taxation.

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Jun-11-13 9:20 AM

Outrage? What outrage? Oh right, the imaginary outrage that the little girls bring, along with their imaginary friends to tea parties.

...(sigh)...the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board forgot to add "BENGHAZI!! BENGHAZI!!" to their high school-seque Obama-Democrat vitriol. Who knew high school interns were running the place? Must be that the WVA Uncle Sugar Daddy needed a summer camp for his kids, nieces/nephews and grandkids as well.

Judeye, the ever-viligant, ever-accurate sniper, just blew away the logic(?) of the gaggles' gap-toothed minds.

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Jun-11-13 9:37 AM

cronig says nothing again. judeye the accurate sniper ? You are kidding. hey libs, what about tax exempt groups like sierra club and the enormous damage they do with their ever present lawsuits against energy etc.Thats ok right libs. we can thank Woodrow wilson for this tax mess. we have to bow before the govt to keep our own money ! Cronig, you gotta do better than all the flowery language. you say nothing and over. Its ok when the libs obstruct as they are doing now but if this were under Bush, cronig would be going nuts.

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Jun-11-13 9:44 AM

I have a question Judeye,if there is nothing to this as you keep insisting despite the IRS comish admitting there was wrong doing,WHY DID LORIS LERNER HIDE BEHIND THE 5th??????? Now again the jobs that you want the government to create. The stimulus bill was touted as just that,to stimulate the economy. President Obama said the money would be used to provide funds for "shovel ready" jobs and that the unemployment rate would not exceed 8%. The "shovel ready" jobs were not there and you know where the unemployment rate went. The government does not create jobs,instead it should create an atmosphere that allows the free market to do so. There are almost a dozen of those kinds of bills that your friends in congress are sitting on. Tell them to get off their butts!

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Jun-11-13 9:44 AM

judeye is so accurate she keeps looking for the jobs bill and or jobs. No sniper that I saw or read about could be that ignorant in identifying the target or lack of it. Cronig where are all the stimulus jobs ? ask the sniper judeye. Cronig , spent our way to govt utopia yet ? Judeye and cronig the most inaccurate, flowery language posters here. No sniper behaves that way, target id'd, shoot and target history. not for judeye and cronig.

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Jun-11-13 11:20 AM

"Democrats in Congress may well be facing a test of whether their allegiance is primarily to Americans and the nation's ideals - or party loyalty."

Correct that sentence to "Democrats and Republicans in Congress..." - - and you have the impasse that is Congress today.

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Jun-11-13 11:36 AM

Dcrack - always the one with flair with nothing substantial to add. Name calling is all he's got.

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Jun-11-13 11:36 AM

Dcrack - always the one with flair with nothing substantial to add. Name calling is all he's got.

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Jun-11-13 12:05 PM

"...the imaginary outrage that the little girls bring, along with their imaginary friends to tea parties."

Apparently as a kid, you had anger issues even back then. Outrage at an imaginary tea party? Some imaginary gaggle you must've hung around with.

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Jun-11-13 2:55 PM

Nathan -- when there is something discussed of evidential merit, consequence or policy substance, I do so. When there's nothing but GOP/RW/Nutjob fringe ideological, dogmatic Fox-News dogwhistling crappalooza, I give it back, even if its spot-on name calling. I mean, c'mon, if these simplistic OBSERVER spews are the best with which these guys can critically develop -- and then, having to resort to easy-to-read 28 pt type font and j u s t i f y their sentences...then they are certifiably pathetic: a clueless church lady gaggle of geese, crapping all over while loudly honking over nothing.

Which leads me to Local -- you're quite pedestrian, although in your imagination, you're amazingly sententious in your thought processes. Try, do try to stay up with me, Christopher, DK and Judeye.

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Jun-11-13 3:28 PM

Geeeez - how did I get dragged into this?! Someone squat in your Fruit Loops this morning?

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Jun-11-13 3:29 PM

Cronig says nothing but flowery language again ! hey cronig, civil rights history for you.The dems fight and lose civil war, start the klan, civil rights , democratic style. WW1 arrives and Woodrow wilson , father of modern democrats wants spy acts enacted.They are. people prosecuted for disagreeing with the govt. Yes! WW2 arrives and FDR inters the japanese. Obama arrives, makes health care mandatory and uses the ww1 era acts to prosecute the press at a level not seen in years. All of this by the civil rights minded democrats.If obama could run again, he would be interning the tea partiers in the name of protecting civil rights.Lets hear it cronig, more flowery anguage with no substance. Use that sniper scope that judeye uses.

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Jun-11-13 3:35 PM

hey posters, judeye and cronig are how democrats debate. nothing of substance , just shouts and adjectives. The list of cronigs adjectives and descriptions would fill many pages. But nothing of substance. Thats what liberals do when they have nothing ! rant. Rant cronig rant. how many times have we heard fox news, tea partier, church lady gaggle, imaginary friends, steinerzzz, etc. all bought to you by the mentally ill democrats.. And these people want to tell us what and how to live . institutionalize them quick.

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Jun-11-13 4:18 PM

geesh, they really DO have their panties in a twist, 5 times over.

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Jun-11-13 6:42 PM

Steiner..."the order came from DC to target tea party groups."

Please back that up. Provide the documentation for making that comment. That is exactly the point..people making things up and acting like they are somehow the truth.

By the way..the ONLY group that was denied tax exempt status was a liberal group.

No I do not think profiling is you?

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Jun-11-13 6:56 PM

I have to say it really is a living lesson in history though. I always thought the country would go down fighting. Instead it's being flushed while the mental giants of the PC world cheer. Anyone with a little "big picture" view can see the cult of personality taking over for intelligence. Our so called leadership is working their way to absolute control and a large percentage of the population seems to be not only fine with it, but can't get in line to be stamped with the party blessing fast enough. Big smile! Zieg Heil! Big smile!

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Jun-11-13 7:22 PM

There is no way any American will ever believe the IRS is on our side again. While I never minded paying my fair share, to see it has been wasted on spying on those paying the taxes is insane. My hope and vote is to abolish the IRS and go for the flat-tax on every item purchased. In this way everyone will be earning their keep as all Americans and our visitors adore shopping.

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Jun-11-13 7:30 PM

Steiner, Judeye is right the order came from Washington. Guess who is in Washington, lets see you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. So give credit to Judeye she is totally aware that the IRS targeting was politcal.

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Jun-11-13 9:35 PM

Will someone please please explain to Judeye that who was or was not granted tax exempt status has nothing to do with the scandal. It IS about the practice of subjecting groups to ridiculous scrutiny based on political beliefs.

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Jun-12-13 8:27 AM

The order did NOT come from DC. I asked for documentation from Steiner re his assertion that it did. He like Rep Issa is UNABLE TO DO SO...maybe cause it simply is untrue.

This type of profiling is wrong. However, to me, so is granting TAX EXEMPT status to groups that we all know are primarily political. Have you looked into any of the groups that were targeted?

Why are you not advocating to change the law ? Why are we giving tax exempt status to groups who conduct ANY political activities?

Ms Lerner HAD to take the fifth. They had threatened her with criminal charges. dont think her lawyer told her not to say anything?

How many of you have read the letter from Rep Cummings to Rep Issa dated June 9 2013? Wish I could post it least the link to it..but try google

Issa reminds me of McCarthy. He does not seem to want to get to the truth or seek solutions to prevent this type of profiling to occur again. Rather he is on a witch hunt. Disgust

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