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Can real Reed ‘please stand up?’

June 12, 2013

Every time Congressman Tom Reed, (R-Corning) comes home to his district and holds town meetings or addresses his constituents in other forums, he speaks, with great apparent sincerity, about how......

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Jun-15-13 11:51 AM

Okay Judeye...use their figures and feel all warm and fuzzy. Please get back to us as to what it really cost you. I'd love low cost (or free) health care for all. But the reality is you get what you pay for in this world. Having my income stolen to pay for a life long welfare recipient or child rapist gets me a little angry. And a lot in the WTF is going on mood. I was born in a free nation. Now I have a nanny state that will put me in jail if I don't "give" enough of my income to the worthless, the illegal, and the can't get a job because they are a sex offender status of citizens. But that and all the other little tweaks and changes to your rights are just great in your book. I was raised you take care of yourself and yours as best you can, ask for help only as a last resort and pay that help back before doing anything else. To bad those ethics died with the rise of the nanny state the liberals love so much. It will take the country apart and then down...

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Jun-15-13 10:53 AM

"IRS scandals jeopardize agency funding to put in place Obama's massive new health care law" This would be the best thing for this non affordable non healthcare bill. Repeal or fix it. As it stands it is a detriment to Americans.

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Jun-15-13 9:33 AM

judeye is contradicitng published reports about the increases in cost for health care. The libs always said competition is good and monopolies bad til they want it. In judeyes mind, single payer, single party. Judeye, do you think the govt can solve all our problems ? If so , you are mistaken.

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Jun-15-13 7:57 AM

MikeDavis...I just wished that this Act was in place two years ago when we had to start to buy our own health insurance after getting it through our employers for years. YIKES it is very expensive

Now under the ACA I used their calculations and we would have been saved hundred of dollars each month in our premiums. Ask anyone who has been denied..or has to pay outrageously high premiums due to pre existing condition if they think this act does not help. Ask any parent whose child can still be covered until age 26 what they think. Ask any senior who got caught in the donut hole if closing that will help.

No this Act does not go far enough by any means. But it is a start to curb in the expenses of health insurance.

Single payer is the way to go.

Bills in our State Congress right now...Let us help them move it forward for all of us.

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Jun-14-13 1:50 PM

Judeye, that word affordable...I don't think it means the same thing to politicians and you and I. That is the problem I have with Obamacare. I refuse to call it "affordable care act", the only true word of the three is act. Why is Obama handing out exemptions to his major contributers and political cronies so their companies are exempt from this garbage if it's so good for all?

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Jun-14-13 9:00 AM

GEORGEB67 - I certainly agree with you about the need for tort reform. Ask any doctor what they pay for malpractice insurance and you will be amazed at the answers. So, who is to blame? We have become a litigation minded society. Anyone can sue anyone else for anything and they usually do with a lawyer getting one-third of the proceeds. So who do we put in charge of our government? Alot of them are lawyers. Incidently, don't let insurance companies off the hook. Their profits have been going through the roof in recent years. In the final analysis it's lawyers, insurance companies and drug companies that run this country so don't look for improvement anytime soon.

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Jun-14-13 8:41 AM

Joew, judeyye is our resident expert on everything. from climate change, tax policy, science history, fracking, coal, renewable energy,i almost forgot, womens issues, she has all the answers. It all just happens to coincide with the party of you did not build that and not actual history. Facts are irrelevant to liberals.

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Jun-14-13 8:34 AM

judeye, you are confused again. Other published reports tell of large rises in health care premiums due to obamacare. Another democratic triumph. Judeye, you and natalie remind me of what british gals did in ww1 era London. They put white feathers on any young man they saw with no uniform walking the streets. Not supporting govt policy or in the army it was thought by the gals. So along arrives Natalie and puts feathers on Reed.Look how far you gals have advanced in 100 years . You just have to agree with the activists. Judeye, look at europe to see what america will be like. Chronic high unemployment, even among the educated youth. education is our future they say. yep, educated unemployed youth. For this we are to agree with the liberals ? I dont think so judeye.

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Jun-13-13 9:27 PM

I wish hospitals would publish their master charge list. That might shed a little light on why medical costs are so high...

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Jun-13-13 5:45 PM

Judeye-the MA bill is 70 pages in it's entirety,as opposed to 2700 pages with Obamacare. Since you have read it and completely understand it(as you claim)can you please tell us why it takes 2000 more pages to get the job done? Even if you mention the 50 states(not 57)that only adds(do the math)how many additional pages?

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Jun-13-13 4:43 PM

Which party is the party who drafted ObamaCare.

Well as it was modeled after the health care in Mass...the one that passed while Romney was governor....

Have you looked into contributions to those who OPPOSED this bill? Hint...who is going to lose some of their outrageous profits when they must use at least 80% of premiums on patient care..

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Jun-13-13 4:40 PM

That is a lack of FAMILY doctors to provide primary care. That has nothing to do with their satisfaction with the overall health care system. By the way, we wait here as well, sometimes months to get specific test.

Phil while I disagree the aca will not at least help...I agree fully with single payer. Did you know that there is a bill right now in the NY house for single payer in our state. I am trying to get all the stats on just how much this would save us all if instead of medicaid, and paying for health insurance for public workers..there was a single payer health insurance. Check into this bill...Assembly bill 5389 Senate bill 2078

Tell me what you think.

And yes I agree...everyone should watch Sicko. It is an eyeopener for sure.

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Jun-13-13 10:27 AM

Phil - Don't kid yourself. The "evil" insurance companies are not the problem. The problem is predatory trial attorneys that are driving up the cost of everything, including healthcare. If the govt wanted to truly make healthcare more affordable, they would pass comprehensive tort reform.

But most of our lawmakers are lawyers themselves and trial attorneys are BIG campaign contributors. Mostly to the Dems, I might add. Which party is the party who drafted ObamaCare.

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Jun-13-13 9:51 AM

Hey libs, i was wrong, you libs did compromise ! You agreed not to target the islamic centers in the NSA sweeps. just the tea partiers . thats how the boston bombers were missed.(Among another noted errors by our govt leaders) the FBI agreed not to infiltrate islamic groups too.The spirit of compromise alive in the libs. i cant wait to tell those people that lost limbs.(All that phantom pain, just for liberals). A liberal did this to you in the spirit of compromise. You libs, always missing the mark, targeting the wrong people and think you are doing the right thing. Mental illness , right libs !Learned liberals , we need to hear from you !

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Jun-13-13 9:47 AM

GEORGEB67 - Just recently I spoke with a couple who own homes in both Canada and the U.S. I asked if they considered becoming U.S. citizens. Their response, no way would we consider giving up our Canadian health care and replacing it with the American system. Sure, Canada has a shortage of doctors. If you were an M.D. would you want to work in Canada when there is a fortune to be made in the U.S.? Many Americans buy their drugs in Canada. Why? Because the cost of drugs is about half the cost in America. I must say this one more time. Rent the movie "Sicko". It explains the situation much better than I ever could. Let me be clear. Obama care is poorly written and will likely harm the country. The only tink I liked about th proposal was the public option but insurance companies that run our country made sure the public option was removed early in the process.

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Jun-13-13 9:04 AM

They say if at first you dont succeed try again. well the libs and especially the gals are at it again. the gals at the EPA want to eliminate carbon from our lives. They are scientific know nothings, unyielding as Christopher would say. But that is OK as they are liberal. The libs goof up same sex, the union of opposites , target tea partiers , make a jobless recovery, control the public schools , no choice there, just birth control for our sacred cows, women and natalie says compromise. Learned libs that post here just cannot tolerate any disagreement. The right must compromise. I say no compromise to mental illness democrats. Lets hear your learned responses christopoher, judeye and that uncle fester poster cronig.

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Jun-13-13 8:56 AM

hey cronig, along came nate and he lost. I read where almost every anti fracker lost, like nate, saving the planet garbage and you still post uncle fester stuff. The democrats are mentally ill pure and simple and want to make all others ill too. I say no way.hey christopher, unbending ? take a look at your beloved teachers union, they fight every school choice initiative across the country. Thats OK eh christopher ?natalie is a classic activist women , just read history, Ida Tarbell, carrie Nation, Maggie sanger, the amount of damage these gals did is still going on. Judeye fits this too,claiming to understand Obamacare when i heard the bill is up to 20,000 pages now. Judeye, you are confused. Activists have a hard time realizing that, just like you !

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Jun-13-13 8:41 AM

The learned libs are at it again. I knew canadians that came to the US to obtain certain medical care. the wait in Canada was too long. Many months. So the libs in their classic democrat see democrat do thing just imitate what other countries are doing.This is called original thinking to a lib. reports now speak of large increases in premiums for health coverage under obamacare. natalie shows again that the only thing a liberal wants in addition to a single payer system is a single party system, the dumbocrats. natalie, why should intelligent people , like myself bow to the wishes and desires of mentally ill people, the democrats? Just read cronigs, judeyes , and christophers posts.

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Jun-13-13 7:51 AM

Judeye...huh? Huh? Since you can't post links here, below is the opening sentences from a Feb 25 CBC article...."An estimated four million Canadians still don't have a family doctor — a shortage that continues to plague small towns in Alberta." 4 million people is nearly 20% of the population of Canada. A much higher percentage than the questionable number the Obama administration claims are uninsured in the US.

Those Canadians are PAYING for non-emergency care at ambulatory centers is US border cities like Buffalo.

So even with incredibly high taxes and a small population, 1 in 5 Canadians don't have access to basic healthcare.

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Jun-13-13 7:48 AM

Judeye-AARP,big supporter of Obama,Health,"slightly" slanted. The act has yet to be finalized Judeye,lots of problems exsist. Thousands yes thousands of doctors who say they will not accept any insurance plans. Are you saying you have read and understand Obamacare? You must be a genius since my doctor is going bonkers trying to figure it out.

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Jun-13-13 7:26 AM


I have not met one person from Canada who would want to change health insurance systems with the USA.

Data backs this up as well... "A 2011 Gallup Poll found that 57 percent of Canadians felt “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their access to health care services (in the United States, that number stood at just 25 percent)." Wonkblog...Wash Post...July 1 2012

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Jun-13-13 7:18 AM are some places where you can get a summary of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Healthcare dot gov


Kff dot org...the Kaiser Family Foundation

Let me know if you would like more. They are fact sheets and actual calculators to help figure out just how much you can save under this act in insurance costs.

You might also look into California implementation of the Act, with exchanges...and how much it is SAVING in costs to consumers.

Take time to look at what is really in this Act and how it can benefit you and your family. I wished this paper would do a series of articles on it. hint hint..

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Jun-13-13 6:53 AM

Phil - you and I obviously know different Canadians. Virtually every Canadian I have met tells me how horrible their healthcare system is. Especially if you're not healthy. You see they have a severe doctor shortage in Canada. Especially GPs. Docs get to pick and choose their patients and since govt reimbursements are the same whether you're sick or not, docs only choose healthy people. The sickest people are left with the worst doctors who need patients to fill their practice. Obamacare will be far worse since our population is more than 10 times that of Canada.

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Jun-12-13 9:34 PM

When I talk to Canadians they say they would never leave the Canadian health care system and replace it with the American system. Health care is a big and profitable business in America and politicians are controlled by the industry. Rent the movie "Sicko" if you want to learn the truth.

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Jun-12-13 9:10 PM

What specific solutions should our Rep propose AND vote on to help our district Judeye? What is it you would do?

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