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Lt. Gov. speaks on Tax-Free New York

June 14, 2013

A new approach to job development puts SUNY campuses at the forefront of growth. Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy was at Jamestown Community College on Thursday to discuss Gov....

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Jun-15-13 6:48 AM

That should read "40+%"

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Jun-15-13 6:47 AM

And more, Dcronk, one needs to compare things like costs for Electricity, where NY is king, even topping California by 40+5. How much does that cost a large business? Gasoline taxes, transportation costs (toll roads), Workman's Comp and Unemployment rates (NY among the highest)labor costs, I could go on and on why many places have huge advantages compared to NY. That's the problem with only looking for limited information to support a personal view as opposed to looking at all sides of an issue. Conservatives automatically disagreeing with any point made by a Liberal are no more wrong than a Liberal automatically disagreeing with any view held by any Conservative, they're both wearing blinders. And that is always my point.

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Jun-15-13 6:22 AM

Well Dcronk, once again you compare Apples to Oranges. There are so many things unique to the development of Silicon Valley, and the influence of Stanford on it's growth, I couldn't put it all in this limited space allowed here. It will not be repeated elsewhere, and hasn't in how many years? Compare the property taxes of any building in NC to any comparable building in NY, and you'll se that the assessed value has an awful lot to do with your taxes paid. But again, the biggest reason the plan won't work is due to a time limited tax break, but there are so many others I can't count them all. The bottom line, we disagree.

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Jun-14-13 10:42 PM

One more point, Christuufuu -- one more of the "wee bit of research and analyses before I speak -- sorry if that puts your panties in a bunch"...

According to the Tax Foundation 2013, NC -- that state of permanently LOW taxes in your opinion -- has the 44th worst tax climate for businesses. The 44th worst.

So, to coin your phrase: give me one reason why anyone would move to NC to set up a business on a college campus knowing full well their taxes will be among the highest in the nation?

If you were ever in business, you would know the answer: there is so much more involved in the decision processes to set up an emerging enterprise than just the taxes (ya think??).

The fact that you bark dogmatically ( pun intended) at "TAXES-TAXES-TAXES" as a simple solution to all the incredible complexities with economic and policy in this world says a tremendous amount on how smart you aren't, by gosh by golly.

Ditch the OBSERVER and go find yourself some new friends.

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Jun-14-13 10:25 PM

Christuufuu -- why, by gosh by golly, I do a wee bit of research and analyses before I speak -- sorry if that puts your panties in a bunch...

Yup, NYS has high taxes -- so does California (hello, silicon valley & Stanford?), as does MA (hello, Boston, Harvard, MIT, BD, BU & biotech industries?), as does NJ (hello, Princeton, Rutgers, Brunswick & big pharma industries?)...need I go on or by gosh by golly, do you get my point..?

which is, again, you don't know what you talking about. Disappointingly, its become almost chronic with you when you had such promise.

BTW -- NC doesn't have LOW taxes, they have AVERAGE taxes at 9.9% & they are at the highest end of AVERAGE taxes... By gosh by golly.

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Jun-14-13 8:49 PM

Ok Dcronk, ylou're so much smarter than the rest of us, give me one reason why anyone would move to NY to set up a business on a college campus knowing full well their taxes will be among the highest in the nation in 10 years or less. You mentioned Duke in NC. That's NC, the land of PERMANENTLY low taxes, and because you're so smart, you think that will work in NY with only a TEMPORARY tax break? Yep, you're sure smarter than the rest of us by gosh by golly!

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Jun-14-13 8:22 PM

Another government agency to promote more jobs created by an for the government. Why can't we get a tax break for the existing businesses in New York to compete with other states and the foreign markets?

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Jun-14-13 3:45 PM

Dicron: I think it's safe to say that many of the regular posters here think you're a pompous & condescending a-hole. Your self-proclaimed superior intellect annoys us (me, anyway).

Wasn't the FSU Incubator intended to achieve similar results as this latest job development initiative? I'm curious to know just how many private businesses and/or # of jobs (manufacturing or not) this "business development facility" has produced since it opened.

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Jun-14-13 3:05 PM

“Additionally, employees of the businesses would not have to pay income taxes.” You gotta be kidding me. This is about New York State controlling business and being able to pick and choose who has to pay taxes. I bet I would have lots of new “friends” if I had the authority to exempt individual businesses and citizens from paying state income tax.

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Jun-14-13 2:44 PM

Im curious as to what real estate qualifies as on campus? Its not like these universities are overflowing with undeveloped land for manufacturing. If they do annex land, how far away can it be? Due to the fact that universities primarily contain students, they tend to be located in a more residential area.

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Jun-14-13 2:06 PM

All you guys have to do is look at Research Triangle in NC with Duke, Wake Forest and Duke, or Silicon Valley with Stanford,UC Berkley, et al, or Columbus, OH with OSU, Capital, Otterbien, etc, etc -- and you quickly understand that $$$$$s follows brains, and in particular, $$$$$s follows the brains that create emerging technologies and sciences nearby the universities. Cuomo is simply doing a true-and-true cookie cutter approach to the two dozen SUNY campus.

But then again, I should know better -- I should know that when I say brains, science and $$$$$s, with a few notable exceptions, I'm talking to wrong crowd around here...

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Jun-14-13 8:40 AM

The "New New York" looks alot like the "old New York". After ten years the formerly tax exempt businesses will be taxed to death. How do you explain to a business like Dunkirk Specialty Steels that they might have to compete with a tax exempt steel maker in another part of the state? There is only one way to deal with the fiscal decay in New York State and that is to implement a comprehensive program to reduce the size and cost of government with tax reductions that benefit everyone in the state. If state leaders are serious about promoting jobs in upstate New York they should act now to preserve the jobs at NRG in Dunkirk.

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Jun-14-13 8:08 AM

Sure Captain,robotic artificial intelligence for drones.

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Jun-14-13 8:07 AM

Another gimmick from our democrats. Oh look, they chose a liberal haven, public schooling as a location ! . everyone needs tax relied, not just the select few . Simple things like that always elude the learned liberals.

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Jun-14-13 7:49 AM

This tax-exemption initiative is for new manufacturing "businesses geared toward the academic mission of a SUNY campus..." (retailers, professional services and real estate businesses are excluded).

Can someone offer examples of such manufacturing businesses that would qualify?

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Jun-14-13 6:10 AM

How about FAIR and REASONABLE taxation for ALL the citizens of New York?

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Jun-14-13 5:23 AM

Call a T-Bag to see why this is bad. - I love NY !

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